Haley's All-Star After Party: Pop Art Ball 1

Hey, hunties! Last night’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 was a lot! Between the show AND the season 10 cast RuVeal, the drag gods were smiling down on us. This week’s challenge was an Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art ball! Not to be confused with Lady Gaga’s Artpop. Here’s how it all went down.

Haley's All-Star After Party: Pop Art Ball 2

The queens returned to the workroom after Chi Chi Devyane’s elimination. Kennedy Davenport bid her practical drag daughter farewell. Since both Shangela and BenDelaCreme won the lip sync, there was no boob lipstick to be RuVealed. Trixie Mattel offered to buy Shangela a round of shots for keeping her in the competition. To which Shangela replied she’s keeping an eye out on Trixie’s station to make sure there are no more notes. All in fun of course. We all thought Shangela was going to eliminate Trixie, and Trixie greatly appreciated her judgment. I think they’ll be allies now!


The girl sat on the infamous couch and discussed the elimination. DeLa pointed out that this was the easiest elimination to date. Chi Chi had continuously been on the bottom, and it was clear based on the judge’s critiques that it was her time to go. DeLa again is insisting the eliminations be fair and just. Shangela broke in saying that though it’s a nice idea to think everyone is on the same page, it just doesn’t work like that. Everyone is going to make their decisions based on their own personal criteria, it’s naive to think they are all on the same page.

Haley's All-Star After Party: Pop Art Ball 3

It’s a new day in the workroom and as Shangela put it, “Back in the mix with the top six!”. The oooh girl came right off the bat, followed closely by Ru in full Andy Warhol cosplay. We got a mini challenge today! The queens had fifteen minutes to get into quick drag to take a polaroid that would be turned into an Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art piece. I love when the queens have to get into quick drag. Trixie noted that she looked like she was in an albino cast of Chicago, while Shangela walked around spraying the other girls with perfume because you are definitely not a real woman if you don’t have perfume on. Aja won the mini-challenge, and rightfully so because she looked beautiful! She won a year supply of hamburgers from the fabulous Hamburger Mary’s and $2,000!

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Then it was time to find out what was in store for the maxi challenge! The girls have to put together two original looks inspired by Andy Warhol. The first look was inspired by Warhol’s famous Campbell’s Soup can piece. Each queen would have to become Soupermodels, making their own soup can look that encompasses the flavor of their drag. The second look is one inspired by Warhol’s favorite club, Studio 54! The theme was disco queen couture!

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The queens got to work on their costumes. Trixie struggled in the Snatch Game last week but was excited about this challenge. She prides herself on her ability to make costumes and brand herself, and she was right! More on that later. Aja’s look was inspired by her sweetness, making her soup flavored with sugar. Sis, I love you because of your sweetness, but the idea of sugary soup made me gag, and not in a good way. Bebe Zahara Bennet’s soup was called Oucho, it was spicy and surprisingly not a sneeze. DeLa still doesn’t know how to sow, but we saw how that worked out for her in season six so I don’t think anyone was worried. Shangela took two months of sowing classes but still couldn’t master it. Kennedy singing “there is a glue gunnnnn” to Shangela was my favorite part of the episode. Trixie helped Shangela make her outfit, only to find out the fabric didn’t stretch. Yikes! Aja was a bit too overconfident, which would come back to haunt her later.

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As they were getting into drag, Shangela asked how each queen was planning on making their decision if they were to place in the top this week. DeLa talked about making a list of how each queen placed each week and doing the math to make her decision. She wants to take a more technical approach so she didn’t have to make the decision personal. Kennedy said she doesn’t think it should be based on track record. She wants to play the game and make her own decisions. The two of them started to get into it a bit, to which Trixie said: “you guys should fight”.

Haley's All-Star After Party: Pop Art Ball 7

On the main stage, Ru looked BEAUTIFUL. Her dress was amazing. Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Shay Mitchell, and Tituss Burgess joined her on the judge’s panel.


Category is Soup Can Realness!


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Category is: Disco Queen Eleganza Extravaganza!


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Time for the judge’s critiques:

Aja: They thought her outfit was a bit all over the place, as well as her references! They thought her soup can was cute but didn’t portray her personality enough. Francis Jolie is proud, at least. She was bottom two.

Shangela: The warm fish soup was not a hit, but she still looked fish! Ross loved her branding. Michelle wasn’t even remotely a fan of her runway look. The dish on her head covered her face. Ross thought it looked a little homemade, to which she replied: “with a hot glue and staple gun you can too!” She was bottom two.

Trixie: RIP to this challenge, because she killed it! Ross said she could have been backstage and he still would have known it was her can. The branding was perfect, and her disco look was completely on point. The Trixie the judges were looking for finally arrived! She was top two!

Kennedy: Michelle didn’t understand why she was a granny for her soup can. Ross thought the soup can completely miss the mark but loved her disco look. Shay said her look was her favorite for the disco category. She was safe.

Bebe: Peanut soup is a thing in Cameroon! Michelle thought the branding of her can was perfect. All the judges loved her look, and thought she looked beautiful. Nothing negative to be said! She was top two!

DeLa: Michelle thought her soup can was perfect. It showcased her terminally delightful personality. The judges were not as thrilled with her disco look. Tituss said she was definitely not a disco queen, rather was someone waiting in line to get in. This is the first-week DeLa has had negative critiques. She was safe.

Haley's All-Star After Party: Pop Art Ball 20

Backstage the top two had to decide who they were going to eliminate if they were to win the lip sync. It was Shangela’s first time in the bottom, and she had a hard time coping with it. Aja was read harder than she ever had been. She pulled Trixie aside to talk. She thought Aja’s runway was the most beautiful, but the judges did not. My how the tables have turned, Trixie had the chance to save Shangela now. She thought her outfit was the worst, but Shangela worked the ally aspect of it. She also thought her soup can wasn’t great, and she knew that had to be put into her decision. Aja was frustrated that she didn’t really get to plead her case to Bebe, she felt talked over. Kennedy and DeLa addressed how tired DeLa was. Kennedy thought she wasn’t her usual self on the runway, her energy was lower. She explains that she is emotionally drained from having to make the decision of who goes home. Aja was completely broken and terrified that she was going home. It was so tough to see because she has come so far from season 9.


Time for the lip sync! Bebe and Trixie faced off to The Boss by Diana Ross. Trixie was determined to win the lip sync since she lost to a partially sedated twink from Brooklyn on season 7. Well, Bebe had the perfect look for a Diana Ross lipsync and took home the $10,000 tip. She chose to give Aja the chop. Aja, we are all so proud of you. You are a true All-Star.

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Aja went back to write her message on the mirror when she got the grim message every eliminated queen has. The day of reckoning is upon us! Chad and Alaska came out on the main stage with three eliminated queens! It was time for their revenge!

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Next week’s episode looks amazing! They have to audition for Ru’s new girl group, The Kitty Girls! It also looks like some eliminated queens get to audition as well. I can’t wait! Let us know what you thought of the episode and if you think an eliminated queen will return to the competition next week in the comments below!