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    Haley’s All-Star After Party: My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Wedding Trip

    Has everyone recovered from last week’s shocking elimination? Trixie Mattel‘s face, when the queens returned to the workroom, is EXACTLY how I felt. Morgan McMichaels commented on how she thought she wouldn’t be the queen to return. She’s determined to break the curse we all know so well on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The queen who returns typically goes home the following episode. Spoiler alert: the curse still holds true.

    The remaining contestants were all shook by BenDeLaCreme‘s shocking self-elimination. Dela had the most wins under her belt and it was clear none of the other girls had any intentions of sending her home after the performance she had. Bebe Zahara Benet mentioned how she noticed Dela was acting strange, and Trixie reminded everyone just how much she struggled having to eliminate her fellow queens. Kennedy Davenport and Shangela had a few conspiracy theories about why she left, mostly around the idea she wanted to stay Miss Congeniality.

    It was lipstick o’clock on the infamous couch, and Bebe pulled a move we haven’t seen yet. She refused to share who she would have sent home, and who she would have brought back. Her claim was it was out of respect for Dela, but no one was really buying that one. Everyone had to share their lipstick, and the others were upset about it. Bebe didn’t want to stir the pot, she wanted allies instead of enemies. I was confused by that but mostly entertained by Shangela calling the lipstick reveal the “bra titty”.

    It was a new day in the workroom and congresswoman and Democratic minority leader in Washington Nancy Pelosi came walking in with RuPaul. It was powerful in our political climate to see a representative on such a powerful show for those being marginalized by our current administration. Trixie was crying (as would I, sister!) and mentioned how getting in drag is political within itself. It absolutely is. What an inspiring movement!

    Time for the challenge! This week the girls had to play award-winning female stars in the raunchy, girl comedy, My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Wedding Trip.  Say that five times fast, please. Each character in the movie had a very distinct personality. Morgan got to assign the roles as a welcome back gift. Morgan decided to assign the roles based on who she thought would be good at them. Shangela was vocal about wanting to have a big role because it was the final challenge before the final four. Morgan asked the girls what roles they wanted, and gave some their top choice. Bebe would be The Queen (fitting), Shangela got her choice Actavia, and Kennedy would be Lala because she’s a singer and dancer. Trixie asked to be either Lala or Beige Swan but was given the role of Sharon, and she was a little annoyed by it, mostly because she has to wear brown hair. Bebe was also not so stoked on being the queen because she is a bit uptight. That leaves Mogan with the role of Beige Swan.

    It was time for the girls to film the movie! Ross Matthews was there to direct the girls. Kennedy was given the job of introducing the challenge in the confessionals, but could not for the life of her get the movie title right. I don’t think any of us could blame her, but it was so funny. Bebe was playing her character very proper and quiet because she was the queen. Bebe was a little too Bebe. Trixie and Shangela were HILARIOUS in their roles, while Kennedy and Morgan struggled quite a bit with theirs. Morgan’s character was supposed to be a bit off her rocker but was doing this weird hissing noise, and Ross wanted her to be more camp than method.

    It was elimination day, and the runway theme was ‘red for filth’. While getting ready, Trixie brought up how her dry sense of humor can come off as standoffish and how it made Adam Lambert feel. Trixie isn’t super social, and queens in West Hollywood confronted her on how she behaved around them. Bebe said she gets the same reactions, and Shangela said maybe it’s because she thinks she’s bougie. Kennedy brought up how she was a second thought queen, her meet and greet lines were small compared to other queens. It broke my heart to hear, and I hope All-Stars gets her there.


    On the main stage, the judges were joined by Garcelle Beauvais and Glee‘s Chris Colfer. Here were the critiques of both the performances and the runway!


    Michelle wishes she was bigger and more ridiculous in her role. The judges thought a British accent would have been funny. She thought copying an accent would have been rude, to which RuPaul replied with my favorite quote this episode, “On this program?!”. She was bottom three.


    Kennedy was regal on the runway. During the acting challenge, her performance was a bit one-note. It didn’t really go where the judges wanted her to go. She was bottom three.



    Giving us Judy Garland in Meet Me in St. Louis, the judges loved her runway. Ross commented on how she gave herself the hardest role. She was the one who had the most direction during the filming, and how she had a hard time.


    The judges LOVED her inflating dress. Ross commented on how he didn’t give her any directing because he enjoyed watching her perform so much. Chris said she would have made Octavia Spencer proud! She was top two.


    Ross asked what her favorite book was, just off the top of her head. Love a good dad joke! Ross commented on how much he loved her performance. Michelle said she was finally pushing herself and coming out of her comfort zone on the show. She was top two!

    The girls went backstage after the critiques. The bottom three girls thought they didn’t do a bad job, which is true, it’s just the environment that is All-Stars. Bebe was upset about her critiques and was very proud of what she did. Bebe thinks she has been the most consistent. Bebe didn’t know who queen Ornacia was! The girls all laughed about how she stopped watching the show after she won. Kennedy also called a meme a me-me, which was BRILLIANT. Trixie asked if anyone wanted to sit on the couch and possibly cry. Bebe went with Trixie, and Kennedy went with Shangela so Morgan got to enjoy the couch to herself.

    Bebe pleaded her case to Trixie, while Shangela asked Kennedy who she thought she should send home. Shangela straight up said she wasn’t sending Kennedy home. Kennedy said Morgan should go home because she struggled the most, but Shangela also said she thought Bebe did poorly and won’t admit it. Morgan had a feeling she was going because she wasn’t there throughout the whole competition. Trixie could relate. Meanwhile, the judges were calling and writing their congressmen and women.

    Time for the lip sync! I couldn’t find video, but this gif is the only one that matters anyway. The song was RuPaul’s Freaky Money, and I loved every second. Especially because Shangela was dressed in full grandma drag and then stripped out of it?! I couldn’t have asked for more. Both queens were incredible. I love nothing more than watching RuPaul lip sync her own song from the judge’s panel.


    Shangela killed it, and won! She chose to send home Morgan.



    So here’s your top four! Who are you rooting for?! Make sure you tweet RuPaul’s Drag Race and let them know! Leave what team you’re on in the comments below!

    Next week’s finale looks INSANE. They’re doing the most intense finale performance, PLUS they have to meet with all the eliminated queens! We’re in for a real treat!

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