Everyone’s favourite Barbie girl, Trixie Mattel is back with new music! Originally, the All Stars 3 winner announced that her new album One Stone would be released on 16th of March. However the powers that be, the country queen surprised fans by dropping a day earlier than expected!


Trixie Mattel’s new album One Stone, which is a follow up to the successful Two Birds album, features her debut single Moving Parts is here. The One Stone cover takes on new 60’s aesthetic, a diverse look from Two Birds which was pure country. This is a slight nod to Trixie’s more recent looks, which focus more on 60’s floral prints, white knee high boots and gorgeous long flowing wigs.


It's Trixie Mattel's World, We're Just Living In It 1


One Stone is a combination of raw emotion along with some pop bops and while most fans wouldn’t consider themselves country fans, Trixie has made believers of her fans. Two Birds changed the game with the incredibly catchy (and WERRRK.com’s 2017 Drag Queen Song of the Year!) Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again and the heart wrenching I Know You All Over Again.



One Stone was sitting pretty at the top of the pre-orders list and sure enough, it debuted at No. 1 on Heatseekers Albums Chart and in the Top 20 on Americana/Folk Albums! Appearing on BillBoard Pride that Monday, fans got to see Trixie perform new songs such as Little Sister, Moving Parts, and the gorgeous Soldier. Introducing the song Trixie proclaimed “This song is written for a friend who is riddled with anxiety constantly….me.” And yet in listening to the lyrics, one can’t help but think that it’s been written for her good friend Katya.


Music was just one reason why 2017 saw Trixie Mattel’s career jump to a new level of the success. Her UNHhhh partnership with Katya led to them developing from YouTube stars to becoming the first Drag Race alumni to score their own TV series with Viceland’s The Trixie and Katya ShowWhile Katya just returned recently from a drag hiatus and some well deserved rest, the show has carried on with season 8 Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen filling in for her. The Viceland show which struggled a little bit initially as fans compared it to their incredibly successful UNHhhh has finally found its feet. The Trixie and Katya Show had huge shoes to fill and when the fans spoke of some of the issues such as the choppy transitions not working, the channel listened and we now have what looks like a winning format! Fingers are crossed for a the show getting picked up for a second season! Come on Viceland, bring back our gurls!


It's Trixie Mattel's World, We're Just Living In It 2


Meanwhile the internet was rife with rumours that she would finally get her time to shine in the spotlight on All Stars 3 and from the start, her fans have been rooting for Trixie to show the world why they love her. When she was announced for All Stars 3, many fans assumed Trixie was the favorite for the crown. The variety talent show proved to be a perfect forum for Trixie’s as she, complete with an autoharp, performed her debut single Moving Parts. The next day it was available on iTunes, a good PR move designed to capitalise on new fans from the show and to kickstart her UK tour aptly titled Now with Moving Parts.


It's Trixie Mattel's World, We're Just Living In It 3 

Trixie’s time on Rupaul’s Drag Race has always seemed to be plagued by self doubt, but that same vulnerability caused many viewers fall in love with her initial run on the show. Her second ride on the Drag Race machine proved even more stressful than the first time and her loyal supporters got to see her personal struggles on display once again. Whilst the journey on All Stars has been a slow mover, we’ve seen her at her highs and lows (Snatch Game shall not be spoken of). But her determination and drive has seen her on top of the game in the last few challenges due to her witty humour. However unlike season 7, Trixie was able to overcome all of the pressures and challenges of the show and walked off with the crown and a spot in the Drag Race Hall of Fame!



With her shiny new crown in hand and her new album well on it’s way to being another big success, Trixie Mattel departs for her US Now with Moving Parts tour poised to become an even bigger superstar than she already is. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year and it looks like its pretty darn good to be Trixie Mattel.