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Drag Queens

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 97

This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 sure was a good one! The girls had to construct three different looks for the last ball on earth. There was drama, there were laughs, there were some bad outfits, this episode had it all.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 98

As usual, the episode kicked off with all the queens rehashing the runway on the couch. Monique Heart was upset that Mayhem Miller called her out on the main stage. Mayhem explained her side of the story, but Monique was not having it.

RuPaul’s opening message to the queens was about global warming, which was a little too real since the challenge was an end of the world ball. The mini challenge this week had Ru behind the camera to take photos of the queens photobombing celebrity photos. The best part of this challenge was all of Ru’s celebrity puns. Or maybe it was Blair St. Clair‘s impeccable makeup look. Aquaria took home the win! Also, welcome back pit crew alumni Shawn!

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 99

This week on the main stage, the queens are having a ball! An end of the world ball to be exact. They’ll have to come up with three original looks inspired by climate change: Alaskan winter realness, Miami summer realness, and Martian eleganza extravaganza. Only on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The queens were given several different fabrics and accessories to work with. Asia O’Hara was offended queens were grabbing things they couldn’t work with. Monét X. Change took some fabric she wanted and struggled to do anything with it. Kameron Michaels got to work on some headpieces, her favorite thing to make. Miz Cracker thought maybe she was taking a too literal approach to her look. Meanwhile, The Vixen and Eureka O’Hara couldn’t stop saying Miss Vanjie.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 100

Asia was given the title of “black Martha Stewart” after taking on a motherly role and helping the other queens with their outfits. Aquaria was feeling incredibly confident, stating that ball look was right up (or on, if you’re Kandy Ho) her alley. Eureka’s zipper popped on her dress so Monique prayed over it. So inspiring!

Dusty Ray Bottoms got some gnarly hot glue burns trying to put together her outfit. Asia gave Ru a rundown of her drag family and Ru asked if Eureka was one of her sisters, to which she replied, “I don’t think so” and I couldn’t stop laughing. What an answer. She also got to explain her seamstress day job. She’s designed looks for several queens. She’s definitely going to crush this challenge. Ru also exposed how Aquaria was getting into clubs while she was underage. What a narc. The Vixen got to fill us in on the political aspect of her drag back home. She hosts a Black Girl Magic show, all about empowering womxn of color in Chicago.

It was elimination day and the queens were back in the workroom to get ready for the runway. We got a very emotional moment between Blair and Asia. Blair opened up to Asia about how she misses her mom at home and felt a motherly vibe from her. Asia mentions how she lost both her parents and now she finds it pretty natural to take on the motherly role. It was very sweet. Meanwhile, Cracker asked Aquaria about rumors that she had a sugar daddy. Aquaria said she built her career from the ground up with no help from a sugar daddy. Cracker made sure America knew she was not opposed to getting a sugar daddy of her own. Also could not get enough of the great British accent debate between Monet and Monique. I could not stop laughing.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 101

On the main stage, RuPaul comes out in the most amazing look. She was joined on the main stage by judges Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews, and guest judges Logan Browning and Tisha Campbell-Martin. Now raise your hand if you believe in climate change.


Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 102

The queens showcased their three looks. Mayhem, Eureka, The Vixen, Monique, and Blair were all safe and went backstage to untuck. Here were the judge’s critiques.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 103

Monet X Change: Ross liked her Miami look, but thought her other looks seemed too homemade. Michelle thought her Mars look was a bit too sloppy.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 104

Kameron Michaels: Ross loved how she gave something completely different for each look. Logan loved how fabulous her costumes were. Michelle thought it was a great night for her.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 105

Aquaria: Logan loved how cohesive her looks were. Ross said she was a show stopper. She won the challenge!

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 106

Dusty Ray Bottoms: Ross thought her Miami look was well thought out and executed well. The other two looks the judges didn’t get. The judges thought the looks were gorgeous, but they didn’t fit the theme well.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 107

Asia O’Hara: Tisha asked if she liked balls, clearly she does. Michelle thought the look was a bit basic, especially after last week. Ross thought the looks were cute. Asia couldn’t finish her looks because she ended up helping everyone else with her looks. She thought her time was spent better helping them. Asia is so endearing.

Racing With Haley: The Last Ball on Earth 108

Miz Cracker: Logan loved her looks. Tisha thought her looks were perfection and great at telling a story. Michelle thought she took the body suit look further.

The judges deliberated and two NYC queens Dusty Ray Bottoms and Monet X Change found themselves in the bottom. They lip synch for their life to Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj. They were both so fun to watch, but Monet pretending to do the splits and then not doing them sealed the deal for me. RuPaul made sure to tell the queens in the back that were safe that THIS is how you lip-synch for your life. Monet X Change was safe, while Dusty Ray Bottoms sashayed away.

We will certainly miss seeing Dusty on our TV’s every week. What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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