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    Westwords with Spencer: Journey Into Night

    Hello everyone! Welcome to Westwords with Spencer, the new Westworld recap series at I am your host, Spencer Williams and I am so excited to be here recapping this amazing show.  The first season was riddled with beautiful imagery, thought provoking messaging, and dark-twisted fantasies. If you watched the first season you would likely agree with me that this show literally takes us through a psychological maze. That is why I decided it would be beneficial to create this recap series so we can all come together and figure out what the f**k is happening! So grab your cowboy hat and strap in, we have a lot to talk about!

    The Introduction

    First of all, I will never not remind everyone how beautiful the opening song and graphics are. If this is my last article to be written on this Earth, I want you all to remember that I want Ramin Djawadi to play the Westworld theme song at my funeral. Anyways,  the show opens up on Bernard talking Dolores’s ear off as always. I am sure they are saying some profound things, but really at this point we just want to see what the heck is going on outside of this room. After this scene we are given what we wanted…kind of.  Bernard wakes up on a beach looking like a drunk mess and what we saw when he woke up was terrifying. A wave of militants have made camp on the beach.  Their mission, to secure the park. As this story progresses, we see these troops executing hosts everywhere. This was a pretty dark scene. I wasn’t mentally prepared for the show to get this serious in such a fast amount of time. They even executed Steven Ogg’s character and if you read my Walking Dead recaps, you would know that I am not okay with this! As the troops progress through the park, they arrive to whats left of that fabulous cocktail party we watched at the end of season 1. I was horrified to see that there were bodies everywhere. The worst part was that all of these bodies were rotting! Anthony Hopkins literally had maggots falling out of his cheeks. I was not ready, oh my god!  Season 1 never felt lighthearted so to say, but I never felt scared watching it. However just the first episode of season 2 made up for all of that fear. If this episode is to give us any sort of idea of what the rest of the season will be like, sign me up because I am scared!

    The Revenge of Dark Dolores

    In season 1, Dolores was the sweet rancher’s daughter of Sweetwater. Dolores’s character was scripted to be that stereotypical damsel in distress. Fast forward to season 2, and Dolores is now showing qualities that feel comparable to Lord Voldemort! Guys, Dolores is freaking scary! The guests from that party have been scattered all over the park, just running for their lives. Then here comes Dolores and she is shooting down the guests. If she isn’t shooting them, she is gathering them up so she can have them hung from a tree. I get it, Dolores is going through a lot right now as she has to sort through all of these narrations in her head. However, Dolores is losing it! I am not sure what Dolores’s role in this season will be, but I am going to guess she will be kicking ass and taking names. I would not mess with Dolores right now if I were you.

    The Man in Black

    So it is yet to be determined if The Man in Black woke up in a dream, or a nightmare. Though surrounded by a field of dead bodies, all of this chaos has basically provided a holiday for The Man in Black. For years, he has searched for the hidden secret within the park. With the complete shutdown of the park and the hosts running off track, I am sure The Man in Black is even more motivated to figure out what this all means. Plus, he loves a good challenge. I have no idea where this story will take us, but I am sure it has to be super dangerous and full of adrenaline so I am here for it! The man basically had the biggest smile on his face when he started getting shot at by hosts who now have the ability to actually kill him.

    Maeve’s Unexpected Journey

    The beginning of Maeve’s story opened with the scariest looking cannibal I have ever seen. Seriously, I watch The Walking Dead and this guy made me want to jump out of my skin! Luckily, Maeve showed up with a very big gun and saved Lee from the terrifying jaws of that cannibal host. Maeve had every chance to escape from this screwed up world, but she ultimately decided to stay. I can’t say for sure, but Maeve’s daughter seems to be the big influence. Either way, It was fun to see Maeve show off how big of a badass she has become. My favorite part had to have been when Maeve made Lee strip naked. We have grown accustomed to watching our hosts get taken advantage of so it really shows how hard Westworld has been turned on its head in this chaos. The hosts are in control now.  Maeve is my favorite character so I am just so excited to see where she ends up going in this show!

    Hey Look… A Tiger?

    So the militants are checking out the area and they find a dead Tiger! Now at first you might not have realized it, but I am here to tell you that tigers don’t often show up in The Wild West. I am excited about this however, because this feels like a signal that the Shogun World is coming. Westworld is bigger than just Sweetwater and the surrounding areas, there are other parts of the park that we have not yet discovered. I am going to guess and say that these other parks are probably falling into disaster as well which would explain the dead tiger. Plus from watching the trailer, we know at some point Maeve ends up in a kimono with a katana so that would be pretty bad-ass. I hereby suggest they provide Maeve with a pet tiger. Stay tuned, I am sure we will have answers soon!

    In Summation

    Bernard is that drunk girl at the party who just talks forever and you can never escape. I haven’t been this afraid since Trump was elected. The only thing more dark than this episode is…well nothing! Dolores went from sweet rancher’s daughter, to giving Cate Blanchett a run for her money as Hela, The Goddess of Death in Thor: Ragnarok. I was really feeling like I was starting to warm up to the idea of cannibalism, but that guy really ruined it for me. I think it’s time for the Man in Black to take a vacation. Uh I am not a priest, but the young Ford bot sounded as though he needed a exorcist. Maeve is basically the Westworld version of The Terminator. Even surrounded by death, Maeve was able to lay down a penis burn. Why the hell is Bernard shaking so much! It is bothering me! In summation, I loved this episode. By far one of my favorites to date! It had a new level of terror and mystery that I am really looking forward to exploring throughout the season.

    So I loved this freaking episode! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for the rest of this season. Sunday can not come soon enough. Well this has been fun, I guess I should return next week to do it all over again! Tell me what you though of last nights episode in the comments, or message me on any of your favorite social media platforms. As a reward, enjoy this preview of the weeks ahead in Westworld! Until next time everyone.

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