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The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers)

Chffon: “There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people. To see if they could write something more. So when I needed them, they could write the articles that I never could.”
CD: Sigh. Well so much for my dramatic intro. Everyone please welcome the Loki of…..assuming Loki was played by Johnny Gargano….Sidney Stokes.
SS: That’s oddly the nicest thing I’ve ever heard
CD: And our own Ghostbusting God of Thunder, your friend and mine, Crunk Panda!
Crunk Panda: I’m not sure if I can wield the Soul Stone because I’m a ginger, so don’t expect some clutch play.
CD: And I assume if I suggest she is anyone but the Shuri of, she will beat my ass, the one and only Milan Cook!
MC: *Posts GIF of guy pointing at his brain*
CD: Sigh, we can’t use gifs in an article dear.
MC: Why not? Wrinkle the website!
CD: And last and potentially least, the SHIELD Agent who was playing Galaga of, Spencer Williams!
SW: I mean I was hoping for more like Hela, The Goddess of Death… but I guess the couch potato might work best… Sidney… pass the mozzarella sticks please?
The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers) 73 
CD: So I’ll go around the table to start, on a scale of one to the President’s cholesterol number, how excited are you for Avengers: Infinity War?
MC: I’m furious middle of the night tweeting excited.
SS: I am more excited for this movie than I was the last two Star Wars (not including Rogue One). That’s not a read but that should say a lot. The build Marvel has created is first of it’s kind and the historic moment for both comic and movie fans should not be lost.
CP: I’m all in. I remember forever ago casting people in movies with Wizard magazines and stuff, the Gauntlet just always looked amazing to me, and who is this dude that like literally EVERY super hero had to take on. I mean, this is such a massive culmination, nothing like this has happened before. The scale is just amazing.
SW: I’m about as excited for this movie, as T’challa gets excited for a car chase. I feel like I’ve been preparing for this moment as long as I can remember.
CD: To be fair, your memory isn’t very good as  exhibited by the constant “Spencer Williams has reset his password” notifications I get.
SW: What was the question?
The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers) 74
CD: This epic journey is really amazing when you look back at the last ten years. What has been your favorite moment to date in the MCU?
CP: I really don’t know, I know that’s such a cop out but there is just so much. I think Guardians entering the mix. I knew of the Guardians but not a ton, and next thing I know I’m relating to a damn raccoon. It’s been such an amazing ride so far.
SS: My favorite moment has been realizing that this massive undertaking, this strategy of film making and, most importantly, releasing worked. I realized it when we got to Thor: Ragnorak and Hela knocks over the Infinity Gauntlet and says, “Fake.” They found ways to fix hanging issues and never feel like anything was forced and outta place.
MC: Honestly my favorite has been seeing the films become so distinct and seeing the creatives find their stride. Ragnorak was amazing and finally hit the perfect balance for Thor and Ryan Coogler came out the gate swinging with Black Panther making it distinct and well thought out. #wakandaforever
CD: Mine will always be in Avengers when Cap tells the cop what to do and the cop responds with “Why should I listen to you?“. Cap then proceeds to kick some alien ass and the cops does precisely what he said. It set the table for why the kid from Brooklyn with a shield is the clear leader of a team with a god, a monster, a tech genius et al

SW: My favorite moment has been with Guardians expansion of this universe. Just looking back to when we started in that small cave that Tony was held captive, to this universe that sees no limits. It’s quite beautiful actually. Aside from that, Black Panther and Thor Ragnarok has pushed beyond the limits of creativity that I don’t think I will ever get over.
CD: So we’re all super excited for this but how much dread is there too? I can’t imagine everyone is walking out of this one unscathed.
SS: I think we are bracing for impact. I know everyone is banking on Cap dying but I think it’s gonna be Iron Man meeting his end. He’ll be who they are avenging. I feel even if that happens…or if it doesn’t….someone big is leaving and i’ll be unwell walking out of that theater.
MC: As long as Tony gets killed and Cap makes it I’m fine. I know T’challa is in no permanent danger so I’m at peace unless Mbaku gets taken out. I think and hope it’s Tony. He makes my damned teeth itch.
The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers) 75
CP: Oh I think it’s going to have all kinds of curveballs. Swerve here, big death here. It’s going to leave people feeling all the emotions.
CD: I think it would be kind of amazing if they brought back Coulson finally and then killed him again. lol
SS: If Mbaku dies that’s gonna be really really sad. I agree with Milan that Black Panther is gonna be fine. They’d be fools to end Shuri, Maybe they go for the heart and kill Queen Ramonda. What if they kill Black Widow? She’s a hugely popular character and should have her own movie but doesn’t and they have no plans to?
SW: Honestly, I don’t see the Vision walking away from this..Considering he has a target on his forehead. I don’t want anyone to die, if I had to choose between Cap or Iron Man, I hope that they choose Cap.
MC: I think I read that it’s legitimately in the pipeline for Widow right now so I don’t think she will go and I don’t see them doing a full origin for her.
CD: I mean if Thanos can wipe out half the universe with a snap of his fingers, shouldn’t we be bracing for more than just Cap or Tony dying?
SS: Considering there is a part two,  I think the deaths will be split up. I think Tony and Cap both die but maybe not in the same movie.
CP: Yeah, there is a lot of murder left to occur in round 2. Anyone think Loki dies right away?
MC: I think we should, but my faves are safe I’m pretty sure and with the time augmenting stone everybody doesn’t have to stay dead. I’ve read lots of convincing stuff that it’s Loki and Iron Man and that Loki is gone in the first fifteen and that like most of the Avengers movies it kinda leans into one heroes storyline more than the others. I think this is going to be a Thor movie and Loki’s death is going to shape Thor.
SW: I think the cast of Black Panther is safe. I’m more worried about the Guardians since I keep seeing that glimpse of Gamora crying… Take Mantis!!!
SS: I think Nebula will die.
SW: You are cruel!
SS: With a third Guardians film in the works I think they are safe.
MC: Yeah agreed, home girl is fuuuuuucked.
CP: I hope this doesn’t interfere with Groot’s prom
MC: She got a nice little resolution with her sestra and pretty packaging and wrapping things up doesn’t look good for longevity.
SS: It makes sense for her to die trying to kill Thanos
CD: That actually leads to my next question, I don’t think Thanos gets resolved in this movie BUT, of everyone involved, who deserves to finish him off the most…Drax, Nebula, Gamora, someone else?
SS: I recently rewatched the Guardians movies and no one on earth seems to have a right to kill him other than them, however, we dont know what Thanos is about to do to earth.
SW: I think it would and should be Gamora. Nebula will likely die and Gamora will finally stand up for her sister.
SS: Plus if Thanos kills the guy who started the Avengers, they all have a desire to kill him.
SW: I hope Queen Ramonda finishes the job but I guess the chances are slim.
MC: I think Nebula deserves it most but she’s getting the axe. I’m not convinced thanks will die though. I think Death may end up shading him and telling him his feeble offering is making her yawn and he just rolls off on his own accord.
CP: I’m still trying to think on this one, the Dad side says Drax but I mean Nebula and Gamora have had this curse for so long.
SS; I agree with Milan from earlier. They have Stones that can undo death so I’ll be curious to see how those factor in and if they bring some back and not others.
The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers) 76
SW: Gamora has such a deep story that we have barely touched on. I think it would be incredibly fun and interesting if Infinity War made this about her.
CD: There are already a boatload of characters in this movie but is there anyone outside of the main players that you’re hoping to see?
SW: Oh I’ll take this one… ahem….Okoye, Okoye, and Okoye!
SS: I do hope Coulson shows up. I think he HAS to. I would also love to see Jessica Jones or a TV character show up at some point. Okoye is on the posters and in the trailer….I have a feeling you’ll get your wish.
CP: Darkhawk. I will always want Darkhawk. My all time favorite character, not entirely obscure, came back a couple times and would work.They still make toys of him too, I got one this last fall. So, I’m holding onto hope. Darkhawk is confirmed for a new series in May so it may be me over thinking it but it would be a good way to sell some books too
SS: I could see them MAYBE giving Adam Warlock….but it would feel super rushed for this one.
CD: I think James Gunn already put the kibosh on that.
SS: Good.
SW: Oh, well I think it would be fun if they maybe gave Wasp a few seconds. Just to give me a little taste of their movie coming out later this year.
MC: Hmmm, I wouldn’t be against a Storm cameo if we could get a properly hued non mixed actress to come and unsettle the shit outta T’challa and fuck up the atmospheric pressure and piss Nakia off this doing her dark arc.
CD: But touching on what Sidney said, I would really love to see the Netflix characters brought into this. Those shows have been so well done and I feel like they deserve it.
SS: I mean Daredevil is still dead and he, of all people, deserves it. But if New York is gonna face danger and Cage, Jones, and Iron Fist DON’T show up….how could they possible explain that?
CD: That’s what I’m saying. Especially in light of how important an Avenger Luke Cage has become in the comics over the years
SS: So yeah the TV people, Netflix and I think some of AOS should be there. Daisy, May, and Coulson at least
SW: Do we think Nick Fury is going to come out of hiding for this? I know he does some narration but I haven’t really seen any imagery.
SS: I heard he isn’t in this one along with Hawkeye. Hawkeye makes sense at least, Fury not being in it makes less sense.
CP: I think Fury should stay away until part two. Make it dire then come out swinging.
CD: I come back to you now at the turn of the tide mother fucker!
CP *laughs*
MC: I think there have been pics of Hawkeye in his dark costume
That is a big source of speculation online though, just WHERE is Hawkeye?
SS: Agreed with Panda.
SW: Hot tag to Fury.
SW: Hawkeye is over it after Civil War. He is at home watching Family Feud with his family.
MC: He’s locked up with Falcon and shit and going to go all Ronin, new costume and a new attitude.
CD: Let’s cut to the chase here, how much do we think this is going to make? Can it pass The Force Awakens and become the all time (domestic) box office champ?
CP: Oh the numbers are going to be ridiculous. The presales are forcing more and more screens. This is going to be one that is talked about for a while. I can’t wait to see the numbers
MC: I don’t know, I’m on the fence about the earning potential of this one. I think it’ll be top ten for sure and I think it will have a bunch of casual black panther only fans that otherwise wouldn’t be interested. Disney was verrry smart to lean on the Wakanda scenes for the previews.
SW: I mean in my heart I feel like it will  take the trophy. It should after literally making seventeen movies (plus Hulk) in preparation for this one film. But who knows?
CD: The only thing is that is could be butting up against the Solo movie and other summer flicks before long?
CP: It’s also stacking up in time for free comic book day events so a lot of extra viewings are happening in conjunction going into May. Same with Deadpool 2. I think it’s going to surprise people.
CD: Spoiler….Spencer dies…..from eating too much candy.
SS: Fair
SW: Hey I gave up movie candy… it’s all about sneaking In N Out burgers into the theater.
The Avengers: Infinity War Preview (No Spoilers) 77
CD: What is your favorite MCU movie everyone?
MC: Black Panther and The Winter Soldier are tied for me.
CP: I’m going to say the first Iron Man. I remember the buzz and thinking how Robert Downey Junior was Stark. Then it happened and it kind of gave me that same feeling I got when I saw the original Blade on screen. Just that magic, something you always kind of imagined in tangible form. I think this is going to give me similar feeling, you know they aren’t going to slouch. Safety off.
SS: Captain America: Civil War. It showed why the marvel films work incredibly well. The stories they tell are about incredible beings but the stories are always about their own humanity (or whatever -manity fits their planet, realm, or species).
SW:My favorite has to be Guardians of  the Galaxy Vol. 2. Not only is it the most hilarious movie ever, but it is so colorful and creative. I love the fact that every character is different from one another. I feel like everyone one of us can find some way to relate to each of these characters including yes, a raccoon who likes big guns.
CD: The Winter Solder was my absolute favorite. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that Robert frickin’ Redford was in a Marvel movie…..AND he said “Hail Hydra!”. Dead…still dead.
SS: I honestly debated hard between Civil War and The Winter Soldier. So if we can say tie id like to say tie between The Winter Soldier and Civil War.
CD: Last one. Close with your favorite Marvel quote from the MCU so far.
SS: UGH! FUCK! FUCK! That’s so unfair
MC: “Bury me in the sea with my ancestors that knew that death was better than chains.”
SS: ”Compromise where you can. Where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right. Even if the whole world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye, and say, ‘No, you move’.
CP: Rhomann Dey : He said that he may be an… “a-hole”. But he’s not, and I quote, “100% a dick”.
Nova Prime Rael : Do you believe him?
Rhomann Dey : Well, I don’t know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick…
SW: ”He may have been your father, boy. But he wasn’t your daddy.”
CD: I love “Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.” and “Does anyone have any orange slices?” but I’m going to go with the classic, “I can do this all day.”
MC: Damnit Chiffon that was my second! I cry every time he says it.
SW: *Laughs* Chiffon that is one of my favorites too.
CD: Yeah, Drax makes me emotional
MC: Don’t forget, “Don’t scare me like that, colonizer”. Gold
CD: Well that’s a wrap kids! Thanks for making the time to kiki about this movie! I think we’re all going to be saying, “Make mine Marvel” this week! But until then, Panda, do you want to make like Stan Lee and take us home?

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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