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    Westwords with Spencer: Reunion

    Well howdy partners! Welcome to the second installment of “Westwords with Spencer”! I am your non-robotic host, Spencer. Tonight’s episode, Reunion, takes us here and there to gain some insight on why this beautiful nightmare was created in the first place. Where did this idea come from, and what was the idea for Westworld’s future?  Well we have answers to all of your pressing questions so let’s get to it!

    “Have You Ever Seen Something So Full of Splendor?”

    One of the more interesting revelations we unearthed this episode had to be within Dolores’s story line. Dolores is actually very well traveled. Apparently Arnold loved taking Dolores everywhere. In that, Dolores got to be in the world outside of Westworld. It was actually quite heartwarming to watch this scene because it reminded me of someone or something seeing something beautiful or the first time. Dolores was literally starstruck when she saw the city. Repeatedly, Dolores keep asking Arnold if he has “ever seen something so full of splendor”. Dolores did not get to stay in the city however we learned she was able to keep these memories. In ways that’s a great thing because we know  Dolores has a happy memory she can look back at. On the other hand, Dolores now has the perfect visual map of who, what, and where about are her enemies.

    Coming Soon

    This episode also unfortunately brought back our favorite sleazeball, Logan. Within Logan’s scenes, the show creators give us some insight on the beginnings of the park. Logan is introduced to the Hosts for the first time. In a sort of sweet way, Logan’s jaw basically drops as he is is brought into a room full of hosts without his knowledge. This surprise basally changes Logan’s life which of course leads to Logan’s first of many robot orgys. Ooh how fun! Throughout the episode we visit back to Logan and William to learn more about their journey before the park. With the death of Mr. Delos rapidly approaching, William and Logan both take turns trying to be apart of Delos’s business dealings. William ends up being victorious, leaving William heir to the foundation that Delos built. One of the most profound moments in this weeks episode must be within Williams’s attempt to sell Mr. Delos on investing into Westworld. “This is the only place in the world where you get to see people for who they really are. If you don’t see the business in that, then you’re not the businessman I thought you were.”  That is such a terrifying concept to me. Banking on the unchallenged and unchecked freewill of man is incredibly dangerous and perhaps the main theme to this show. While William get’s his life together, Logan falls to drug addiction.

    Thank You For Being a Friend

    Lastly it has been interesting watching how our hosts are beginning to interact with each other. Dolores is in a place now where she is built of her memories from the past unlike any other Host in Westworld. For example, after Logan is done having his way with host Angela we see Angela serves as one of Dolores’s executioners in the coming revolution. Even more fun was the encounter between my Maeve and Dolores. Together, these two women serve as leaders but for different causes. Dolores is at the head of a revolution while Maeve is trying to defend what she loves which is basically just her family. It will be interesting going forward to see how the Hosts continue to react with each other, especially after the park regain control. If I were to guess I would say Dolores could probably kick a lot of ass though if that ever happens.

    What a though provoking episode! Well I am beat, what about you guys. Tell me what you thought about this weeks episode in the comments below. That is it for me folks, I look forward until next week where we can do this all over again! Enjoy this preview of next weeks show and I’ll see you then!

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