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    Westwords with Spencer: Virtù e Fortuna

    Hello friends! Welcome to another brilliant edition of “Westwords with Spencer“! This weeks episode of Westworld; titled Virtù e Fortuna, was straight up crazy! Just when you think you are getting a grip over this show, you are slapped with a big case of reality. This weeks episode gave us a full on host vs. human war, a new park, a Dolores terminator moment, and tigers… oh my! Oh come on, you must have saw that coming. Let’s break this all down, shall we?

    The Raj

    So…. you know how we have all been talking about this upcoming Shogun World? Well Westworld just dropped a major surprise on us… a third park! This park is officially being known as The Raj. I had no idea this was coming, but I am excited it did.  The show opens as we follow the story of these two guests who are enjoying the park, but also like not enjoying the hosts. Long story short, the lady shoots her new male friend to make sure he isn’t a robot… then has sex with him. The very next day, they go out to explore more of The Raj and quickly find out that the Hosts have began their revolution in The Raj, similar to Westworld. This opens up our story to a whole world of possibilities beyond just the small town of Sweetwater. The mysterious lady runs away in a panic which then leads her into a stand off with a tiger. That tiger was not at all happy and chases the lady right outside of the park boundaries, and into a lake. This basically catches us up to where we were two episodes ago when we found the “beached tiger”. Hmmm… I never thought I would ever type the words “beached tiger” in my life. This scene was extraordinary and really excites me for not only the rest of the season, but the seasons to come. Westworld is so much bigger then what we originally thought!

    Winter Is Coming?

    Along the way, Maeve picks up a few more team members like Armistice for example. Eventually the team ends up in a part of the park where it is beginning to snow, which is oddly giving me Game of Thrones vibes. After one of the lab techs finds a head lying around in the snow, Maeve gets run up on by a man carrying a katana! What happens next… we don’t know. We will have to wait until next week. However I believe this will definitely be what directs us into Shogun World? Perhaps that park fell apart just like Westworld and The Raj, and it’s inhabitants are slowly moving into Westworld. This is going to be crazy! Now every time you leave your house in Westworld, you run the risk of either being shot by a cowboy, mauled by a tiger, or cut down with a katana.

    We are Kicking Names and Taking Ass

    Remember when I mentioned that Dolores will become Westworld’s very own Terminator. Well, tonight Dolores proved that very theory. Finally the armed militia shows up in Westworld to take on the robotic threat, but apparently these troops had no idea what they were getting into because Dolores kicked ass. The militia crashed upon the walls of Dolores’s keep like an ocean wave, yet she prevailed. I felt like I was watching The Two Towers, except the orcs never even made it inside Helmsdeep… that is how bomb Dolores was. At the end of the battle,  Mr.Abernathy is taken, which sends Dolores into full pursuit. The whole time Dolroes is being pelted with bullets and she doesn’t stop. DOLORES IS THE TERMINATOR! Thank you Westworld for this moment, and probably the best gif ever!

    After Dolores proves she has the power to rule this western kingdom, Bernard gets beat down by a pretty beat up looking Clementine. She then proceeds to drag Bernard off the battlefield. Well, this of course made me incredibly jealous because I have a huge crush on Angela Sarafyan, the actress who plays Clementine.  So I did what all jealous people do and went on Twitter and made this fabulous tweet about my want for Angela to use and abuse me the way she abused Bernard. To my surprise, guess who retweeted it!

    Oh yeah, Angela retweeted it. Are you kidding me!? I think Angela and I might be in love? Be right back, I have to start planning our honeymoon.

    This week’s episode was insane. The Hosts and Humans are now at full-on war! Tigers are roaming freely around the parks. People are running around in the dark with katanas. Westworld is in absolute chaos! I can not get enough of this damn show! Well that is all for me this week. Check back in next week as I am sure the story will throw us for another ride. You need me, admit it! Don’t forget to leave your tiger traps and I will see you all next week! As a thank you gift for reading, enjoy this preview of next week’s show! You are welcome!

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