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RuPaul's Drag Race

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 108

Everyone loves the makeover challenge and the season 10 makeovers certainly were not disappointing. This season the queens had to transform social media stars into sickening drag queens. Miles Heizer of 13 Reasons Why and hip-hop artist Lizzo joined the judge’s panel this week.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 109

The girls returned to the workroom fully intact, seeing as neither Kameron Michaels or Eureka O’Hara sashayed away last week. It’s always a little weird when the mirror is clean. The queens jumped straight onto the couch and discussed the lip-synch. Eureka and Kameron talk about how they hit the splits at the same time and Aquaria made a comment how that was the part of the song where anyone would have hit the splits. Aquaria was upset that she feels she’s been dominating the competition and isn’t moving forward to top five because there was no elimination this week. Asia O’Hara called her out for being narcissistic. She was angry that Aquaria made it about her and her perception of drag is limited only to what she’s seen on Drag Race. Aquaria felt that the “one magical save the season” was wasted and maybe she wouldn’t get that mercy in the future. Thankfully, all this drama was ended and we got to see Monét X. Change play with her saggy boobs before the queens got out of drag.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 110

It was a new day in the workroom and Aquaria apologized for the comments she made post-elimination and thanked Asia for keeping her in check. It was a big moment of maturity for Aquaria. For the mini-challenge, the queens had to turn into rugged men to star in the ad campaign for a body spray called “Trade” because of course, they did. Kameron was the most convincing trade, imagine that. Meanwhile, Monet was hilarious. This mini-challenge was completely ridiculous. Eureka won the challenge.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 111

Following that insane mini-challenge, RuPaul introduced the girls to the social media stars they would be making over. These queens in training included Tyler Oakley, Chester See, Kingsley, Anthony Padilla, Raymond Braun, and Frankie Grande. Since Eureka won the mini-challenge, she got to pair queens and social media stars together. She was passionate about putting some sort of strategy into it, which backfired, especially online. We’ll get to that in a second. She paired Tyler and Monet, Chester and Miz Cracker, Kingsly and Aquaria, Anthony and Kameron, Raymond and Asia, and Frankie for herself. Pairing Kingsly with Aquaria because of their skin tone in order to sabotage her was a very poor and inappropriate move.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 112

The queens got together with their queens in training. Raymond and Asia completely hit it off. Raymond was so excited to be there and it was so fun to watch. He said that he viewed drag queens like Latrice Royale as saints in the LGBT community. It was an adorable moment. Tyler Oakley and Monét X. Change got together and came up with the best name for Tyler, Short Change. Their personalities seemed to hit it off, but Asia doubted her ability to pull off a makeover.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 113

Chester and Cracker started working together only to find out Chester is a heterosexual. Yikes, not everyone can be perfect. Thankfully he had an accepting partner in Miz Cracker. She had to introduce him to the idea of tucking as well. Cracker began doubting his ability to be a drag queen, but not her own ability to be a drag ambassador. Kameron also was paired with a straight guy, which made her very nervous. There didn’t seem to be much chemistry between them.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 114

Can we talk about how sassy Ru was during his walkthrough? One of the first things he said to Tyler Oakley was that he has a fat ass. He was hilarious with the two straight men, really going over the top. During Ru’s walkthrough, Anthony’s personality started to come out, making Kameron more comfortable with her partner. She also encouraged Kingsley, who was nervous about what others would think, to let loose. Oh yeah, and she announced each pair would have to make a video for her song “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, Talent”.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 115

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 116

It was elimination day and we got to watch the queens put their boys into drag. It was so cute how into it some of the new queens were to be up in drag. Can we talk about Miz Cookie? She was LIVING for herself and I think we were all living for her. Plus, Cracker’s reaction to her creation was adorable. Although this was all overshadowed by the ridiculousness that is Monét X. Change. Why is she SO funny?!

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 117

On the main stage, RuPaul started the runaway off with a wonderful ode to Miss Vanjie. Was this the most fun Ru has ever had on an episode of Drag Race? Honestly, I think so. The runway started off with family resemblance drag, followed by the DIY video for Ru’s song “Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, Talent”.  Here were the judge’s critiques.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 118

Asia and America O’Hara: Lizzo loved the video, said she couldn’t tell the difference between who was the actual queen on the show. The judges were impressed by Asia making a second jacket because America liked the one she brought with her so much. Michelle thought their family resemblance was amazing. Asia was safe.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 119

Eureka and Eufreaka O’Hara: Both Eureka and Eufreaka have big, dominating personalities, so they were worried it would be a bit too extra. The judges loved their chemistry and thought it seemed as though they had been working together for years. Eureka was safe.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 120

Aquaria and Capricia Corn: Lizzo’s favorite make up on the runway came from these two. Michelle thought Capricia looked beautiful, but the storyline was off. Aquaria was far more regal than Capricia and the story she was going for wasn’t portrayed on the runway. Aquaria was safe.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 121

Miz Cracker and Miz Cookie: I truly died when Cracker was asked how her headpiece was and she answered, “so many complaints”. The judges were so impressed by Cookie’s transformation. Cookie also turned into some Marilyn Monroe impersonator, singing happy birthday to a dead JFK. She also admitted to wanting to date herself. So, it’s safe to say this win was well-deserved.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 122

Monét X. Change and Short Change: When told she was thick, Short Change replied “down with the thickness” which I greatly appreciated. The judges loved the long hair on Monet, they thought she looked beautiful. They loved Short Change’s energy and how much fun she had on stage, but the family resemblance just wasn’t there. I really loved the theories of how these two got together. Michelle said they were two co-workers going out, while Ross said they looked like they were two girls working the same car show who decided to go out after because they looked good in the uniforms. Unfortunately, Monet was bottom two.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 123

Kameron and Kelly Michaels: The judges really couldn’t find a family resemblance here. They felt their looks weren’t telling the same type of story the other pairings were. They thought it was a bit too simple. Kameron was bottom two.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 124

Kameron and Monét lip-synched to “Good as Hell” by Lizzo. Both queens are SO fun to watch perform. Monét has so much personality and it really shows in her performances, while Kameron has so much energy she incorporates into her performances. This one was really neck-to-neck. Ru’s reaction to Monét walking backstage and sliding back across the stage was HILARIOUS. This may have been one of my favorite lip-synchs. Kameron Michaels was safe, while Monét sadly sashayed away.

Racing with Haley: Social Media Kings Into Queens 125

What did you all think of the episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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