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    Westwords with Spencer: Phase Space

    Greetings friends, I come in peace! Welcome back to another edition of ‘Westwords with Spencer”, your favorite Westworld recap series! I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I sure did. Well, I think I did? I don’t really remember if you know what I am saying. This week’s episode of Westworld was pretty awesome. I loved it actually. We witnessed a pretty rad sword fight, beautiful visuals, and learned more about some pretty dark plots. Lets not waste anymore of your time and get this train rolling! See what I did there?

    Daddy Issues

    Have you ever traveled to a robotic amusement park to have a good time with your boys, shoot people, lay back with some prostitutes, get drunk, and your daughter shows up? That is basically what happened to the Man in Black at this point. His daughter was at the Raj before she was chased by a Bengal Tiger and  into the lake. Now she is in Westworld and just kind of over him being here. Basically she tells him he needs to bring his ass back home because he a grown adult and she does not wanting him to die in this robotic wasteland. William replies with a sure babe, whatever you want. The next morning she wakes up and her dad is gone. Well that was rude?

    All Aboard the Dolores Train

    The day has finally come! Team Dolores is ecstatic to begin their train road trip over to The Mesa. The Mesa of course being the Delos headquarters where Peter Abernathy is currently being held captive. Delores and Angela are interrogating this Delos employee but the new Teddy gets bored and shoots him dead. If I were to guess I would say the new Teddy is kind of a impatient jerk, just like Dolores wanted. The train goes full speed ahead toward The Mesa. As they get closer, Teddy unhitches the front car of the train… sending it slamming into The Mesa, creating a pretty big explosion! Next episode, there will be war!

    I Want My Mommy

    Maeve and her combined Westworld and Shogun crew are slowly trying to escape Shogun World. Of course, there was some retaliation after a rather gruesome decapitation last week. So we witnessed a pretty awesome sword fight! It’s not really relevant to the story at this point, but it was pretty fun to watch. After making it to this beautiful village and put the soul of Sakura to rest, the two worlds split up and Maeve returns to Westworld. Maeve makes up for lost time in Shogun World and basically fast travels to her original destination. Maeve is finally home. As Maeve makes it through the rolling hills, she finally spots her daughter. Maeve embraces her daughter in a very tear-jerking scene. However, here comes the record scratch.  Another Host appears and is asking why Maeve is touching her daughter? Get your hands off my baby! It is obvious at this point that Delos replaced Maeve with another mom without even blinking an eye. Well, duh! I don’t really understand why Maeve is surprised by this at all? Just when we were about to witness the Jerry Springer episodes of all episodes, the Ghost Nation shows up and all hell breaks loose.

    Ghost in the Machine

    Probably the biggest story line in this episode had to revolve around The Mesa. First, the cavalry has arrived and they mean business. If I were a Host, I would want to be as far away from these soldiers as possible because they seem to be in a pretty bad mood. Now that they have Abernathy apprehended, the militia begins to regain control of the parks with The Mesa as their home base. Somewhere in The Mesa, Bernard and Elsie are trying to get a hold of the Westworld system but something within the programming is blocking all attempts to control the system. Bernard says the only way to find out whats going on is for Bernard to enter the controlling hive system himself. So much like the film Tron, Bernard is inserted into the system by means of a machine pulling his robotic brain out of his skull and into a computer. If you are still with me at this point, we are almost there. Bernard wakes up in what appears to be the lovely town Sweetwater. Life is pretty normal here, and not littered with bodies like the real Sweetwater. Bernard made it successfully into the hive system and begins to explore. Bernard steps into the bar and instantly realizes who is controlling Westworld from within. Playing the piano is none other than Robert Ford.

    To me, this feels a lot like the movie Captain America: Winter Soldier. Remember in the film when Arnim Zola uploaded his consciousness into the S.H.I.E.L.D/Hydra system? This is the same idea. Ford’s body may be dead, but his subconscious lives through the the hive system controlling the park. So if I were to guess, I would say everything that has occurred so far has been a part of Ford’s plan. Even the free will Maeve and Dolores think they are experiencing are likely being controlled by Ford’s oversight. If that is the case, everyone that is not a Host needs to leave immediately because who knows what devious plan Ford has cooking up next. The only way to retake Westworld, is to destroy it from the inside…

    Well that was certainly a lot to take in at once! What a great episode. However next week, it looks like it is going down! Dolores’s crew will be inside The Mesa and there will be blood. Dolores is not leaving without her father. Thank you all for reading and I will see you next week. As always, please enjoy a preview of next weeks episode. See you then!

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