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    Westwords with Spencer: Les Écorchés

    Greetings everyone! Welcome to another “Westwords with Spencer”, the only Westworld recap that seems to really matter. This week’s episode, Les Écorchés, was a big one especially if you enjoy beautiful women robot leads with an affinity for big machine guns! Get on your poncho, because it is about to get bloody. Freeze all motor functions, we have no time left to lose.

    Um, I think your Computer has a Virus?

    So this episode picks up where it left off. Bernard is exploring the Sweetwater simulation where he runs into Ford. As expected, my predictions from last week were correct. The new found freewill exhibited by Dolores, Maeve, Teddy, etc. is essentially just an illusion. This new narrative that Ford was always talking about start with his pre-programmed death by Dolores. So what does that mean? Well everything that has happened so far has been a part of Ford’s plan and the Delos team and guests were never the beneficiaries of that plan. Westworld is really just Ford’s experimental playground and the guests are just a means of collecting data. To make matters worse, Bernard speaks to Ford’s uploaded consciousness and learns that Ford is very much still alive and more in control then ever. On a scale from 1-10, how much trouble are we in? If you are a human, I would say about a 12.

    The Goddess of Death

    Remember Cate Blanchett’s character “Hela”, from Thor Ragnarok? Well I am pleased to tell you that Cate’s character has basically been resurrected through Dolores in Westworld. The only thing missing is the helmet, outfit, and large undead dog which all seems quit attainable. Dolores leads her robotic Host army right into The Mesa, and they are pissed! The militia begins to establish a secure perimeter, but they really have no idea what is about to hit them. Turns out the Host army killed off a bunch of Delos troops and stole their outfits. That means, the Hosts are all around the  building. By the time the militia figures this out, it is too late. There was blood and gunfire everywhere. My dear Clementine was taking down troops left and right. Sadly, she took a few bullets and started to fall but made sure to take down as many troops with her. Clementine  was giving me Boromir at the end of the Fellowship of the Ring realness. Angela fought her way through the troops and ultimately sacrificed herself to blow up the Hive room. That battle concluded with Dolores fighting her way to her father. After shaking Charlotte Hale to her core, Dolores decided to have her father’s core forcibly removed from his head. Hale escaped with Stubbs while Dolores’s team continued to cleanse the building of anything human. Basically Dolores’s whole story-line can be summed up with this Hela quote, “I am not a queen, or a monster. I’m the Goddess of Death. What were you the god of again?”

    Boy, I Hate Mondays

    If you thought you were having a bad day, you clearly did not see Maeve and William’s scenes in this week’s episode. This story picks up with Maeve running away from the Ghost Nation with her sort-of child. Maeve picks a terrible looking building to hide in. At the same time, William and his boys are running from the Ghost Nation as well and end up in the same ghost town as Maeve. Unfortunately, Maeve still suffers from a PTSD where she remembers William killing her and possibly her kid in a past life when she was a functioning host. So at the first sight of William, Maeve goes into full defense mode and uses her powers to turn William’s boys against him. William ends up with many gunshot wounds, yet Maeve’s daughter still gets taken by the Ghost Nation. Girl did you forget something! During the panic, Maeve starts to run after her daughter but gets shot down by a sand-buggy with more Delos troops. It appears Lee has double crossed Maeve once again! Lee instantly feels like a jerk and has Maeve brought into the vehicle. The group then decides to head to the Mesa of all places. As you might have thought, Dolores had a grand welcome party that left basically everyone dead except for Lee who was hiding somewhere. Maeve and Dolores have a moment of respect for each other which was really quite touching and Dolores then parts ways.

    In Conclusion

    Well I am exhausted. That episode was straight up crazy. When you think it about it, everything in this show moves in one continuous loop. Maeve ended up battling William once again, her daughter was taken, Dolores ended up back in the lab, and Bernard once again is working under Ford’s rule. Some things never change, and perhaps that is exactly Ford’s plan. Luckily for us, it looks like next week’s episode is pretty chill. It appears to be centered around the Ghost Nation? I guess everyone has a part to play in this madness. I hope you all realize we only have three episodes left of the season. So strap yourselves in because it is about to be a bumpy ride! Thanks for reading, and I will see you all next week!


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