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Drag Queens

New York’s Best In Drag is Back!

New York's Best In Drag is Back! 77

Tomorrow night New York’s Best In Drag returns, bringing their pageant-style drag extravaganza which benefits The Alliance for Positive Change and GMHC to NYU Skirball! Chiffon got a chance to ask a few *questions to the gurls in advance of the event.

(* Carlos the Uber Driver and Ruby Fox were unable to take part in this interview)

Congratulations on being selected to a part of New York’s Best in Drag! What inspired you to want to compete in this event which benefits The Alliance for Positive Change?

Lady Quesa’Dilla: As a queer person of color, living with HIV I have first hand experience of what it is to navigate a positive diagnosis. I know the fear, isolation, and loneliness of seeking treatment and making a conscious decision to live a healthy life as a positive individual. Although HIV is no longer a death sentence, it continues to disproportionately affect in large numbers people of color and trans women. It is important that I contribute in any way I can to ensure that comprehensive and affirming care is accessible for all.

Mini Horrorwitz: Its such an honor to compete for such an amazing cause. There is nothing I love more than helping other queer people. I am so inspired by our community here in NYC. It’s why I started performing as an artistic outlet. So I love giving back to the people that help me blossom into the Monster I am today.

Mariette Moure: I was inspired to compete in this benefit for The Alliance for Positive Change because I feel it’s important to be apart of a event that helps strengthen our community, but also to relive my childhood of performing on the NYU Skirball stage!

Champagne Bubbles: In the current political climate, fighting for what’s right is of utmost importance​​.  I was honored to be selected to compete in a pageant raising funds for GMHC & The Alliance for Positive Change as their diligent work, specifically in the LGBTQ+ community, has been instrumental with HIV prevention and treatment.  Since 1969, drag queens have been fighting for our community pushing boundaries and standing for change  Raising funds for these organizations allows for this legacy to continue!

Didi Cumswell: I was inspired to compete in this event because it’s an opportunity to spread love and to show the pride we have as a community. Coming from a small rural town, I never knew that a community as diverse and caring as ours existed. So I want to help be a part of the outreach that touches lives everywhere.

Sasha Davenport: I find great joy when I’m able to use my drag to raise not only awareness but money for a great cause. The alliance for positive change is an amazing organization and I’m honored to have been asked to contribute my talents.

Can you give us the brief Cliff’s Notes version of your bio?

Lady Quesa’Dilla: Lady Quesa’Dilla is a native Tejan@ from the El Paso and Ciudad Juárez border. Their work is at the intersection of cultural identity, drag, and community. “The Brown Queen”, an autobiographical solo performance about growing up queer in the southwest, premiered at HERE Arts Center in the spring of 2010. Most recent solo performances include “My Tia Lupe” and “The Faggot in the Pink House”. Alejandro has performed in New York City, El Paso, Texas, Chiapas, Mexico, and Montreal, Canada. Alejandro is a member of Bushwig, as Lady Quesa’Dilla, duties include Volunteer Coordinator for the annual Bushwig Festival.

Mini Horrorwitz: Mini Horrorwitz is Brooklyn’s own Garbage Pail Princess. I am disgustingly beautiful and your best nightmare. My performances, while comedic, bring to light topics which we tend to push into the dark. Well I say, let your darkness shine baby!!

Mariette Moure: Mariette Moure started her drag career over more than 5 years ago both on the professional stage and club scene. She is currently a leading ballerina who performs under the name of Nadia Doumiafeyva with the world renowned Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. She received the Gold medal at the Youth America Grand Prix (one of the worlds largest student ballet competitions) in 2009 and is a graduate from the prestigious School of American Ballet in Lincoln Center. She has performed in over 17 countries since joining Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo in 2012.

Champagne Bubbles: Champagne Bubbles is known for her fierce looks, fishy body, and sassy style topped off with a side of camp.  An advocate for equality in healthcare, she has a Masters in both Nursing and Business Administration and works at NYU Langone Health, where she’s a Registered Nurse and co-chairs the LGBTQ+ Advisory Council. A New Yorker since 2009, she entertains all over the city, from neighborhood bars to the Facebook NY holiday party. She’s also built a name for herself from her looks, producing a line of 100% duct tape dresses featured in a fashion show in NY.  She’s also not a stranger to the pageant scene, being the reigning Miss Fire Island 2017!  Let’s face it, there is no angry way to say ‘Bubbles’; you know you tried!

Didi Cumswell: Didi Cumswell is New York’s up and coming Golden Age Hollywood, vintage inspired drag queen. Having recently won The Ultimate Drag Pageant: All Stars competition hosted by Marti Gould Cummings and Nedra Bell, Didi is looking forward to broadening her rays of sunshine onto more people.

Sasha Davenport: Sasha Davenport has been around for 4 years now. I started by performing with The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus.  Since then I’ve appeared on stage and television. I’ve also raised thousands of dollars with my live singing drag cabaret called “Chorus Girls”, which just celebrated a sold out run at Feinstein’s 54 below.

New York's Best In Drag is Back! 78

What can we expect from you when you hit the stage this Monday?

Lady Quesa’Dilla: My performance will be an homage to disco queen Sylvester, remembering where we came from, to where we are, and how we can make a positive impact on future generations.

Mini Horrorwitz: When I stumble onto the stage, you can expect a hearty laugh, maybe a spooky toot, and a STUNNING gap tooth.

Mariette Moure: You can expect poise, beauty and glamour! But just wait for the Talent portion of the competition and be sure to brush up on your Greek mythology!

Champagne Bubbles; Heartfelt pageantry for a good cause taking you on a Broadway extravaganza showcasing some of the best drag in New York.

Did Cumswell: When I hit the stage on Monday you can expect to be quite surprised. I don’t want to give anything away, but I will be serving you a 50’s Gingham Housewife Fantasy.

Sasha Davenport: I’m known for my live singing capabilities and that’s exactly what you can expect Monday night….SINGING!

Best of luck in your quest to become New York’s Best in Drag! Where can people find you online?

Lady Quesa’Dilla: Instagram @ladyquesa_dilla.

Mini Horrorwitz: @Spookytoots.

Champagne Bubbles: Website: IG: Champagne Bubbles Twitter: Champagne Bubbles Facebook: Champagne Bubbles.

Did Cumswell: You can find me on Instagram and Facebook (Venmo, too, if you’re feeling fancy) at @didicumswell.

Sasha Davenport: You can find me on instagram @SashaDavenportNyc.

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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