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    Westwords with Spencer: Kiksuya

    Surprise! I bet you thought you saw the last of me. Welcome back to another edition of “Westwords with Spencer”, the only Westworld recap you should actually care about. Especially if you love unsolicited Lord of the Rings comparisons. This weeks episode, “Kiksuya” was by far one of my favorites we have seen on this show. Let’s not waste any time shall we? I am practically bursting at the seams with excitement.

    The Journey of Akecheta

    As I mentioned last week, Kiksuya is focused largely on the story behind one of the parks more mysterious characters. We have seen the Ghost Nation’s Akecheta many times before, but we have never taken the time to look behind the mystical curtain his characters sets in front of him. One thing Westworld did which I love is that for the past two seasons they have played  Akecheta up to be a monster. The Ghost Nation is really a metaphor for America’s historic prejudice toward the Native American people. All of the negative qualities in the Ghost Nation are exaggerated for the guests experience, much like when a great white shark is created to be a ravenous serial killer for movie audiences.

    In reality, Akecheta is just another man of Westworld who is trying to figure out what the f*** is going on here and what does it all mean. This is Akecheta’s awakening story. The story begins with Akecheta’s origin as a peaceful man in love with his beautiful wife, Kohana. One day, Akecheta goes on a journey and comes across the rotting rotting battlefield where Dolores killed Arnold. Akecheta explores the wreckage and finds a wooden maze in the town saloon. The image of this maze strikes something within Akecheta and pretty much burns it into the very core that is Akecheta. The man returns home on the verge of going mad, carving the maze symbol into everything he can get his hands on. This prompts the Delos team to pull out Akecheta, and rewire him to be the aggressive leader of the murderous Ghost Nation.

    Now living another life, Akecheta visits his hold tribe to make a trade and comes across his old lover, Kohana. In this moment Akecheta has another awakening and realized that he is living a different life but on the same path. Akecheta decides to leave and figure out the meaning behind this maze. On his journey, Akecheta comes across someone we haven’t seen in a long time. Logan lay against a tree, on the verge of death and suffering from heatstroke. Logan basically just rambled some nonsense about getting out. To Logan that meant leaving Westworld and going home, but to Akecheta that was confirmation that there is door somewhere that could take him and his love to a different, better world. Akecheta eventually comes across a door in a large construction site. We don’t know if that was THE door, but Akecheta seemed to believe so.

    Akecheta returned back to his old tribe to find his past lover. He kidnapped her in the night and brought her on his journey back to the door. Kohana clearly had no idea who Akecheta was so he washed off his war-paint and recited some old words of their love. With these beautiful words, Kohana had her awakening and remembered her love for Akecheta. The two then journeyed toward the door Akecheta saw in the past. All good things eventually come to an end in Westworld. Akecheta woke up and went to find his lover and to his terror, found the Delos team driving away with a frozen Kohana. Akecheta went into a rage and traveled back to his old tribe once again. This time, he found another Host in the place of Kohana. This discovery led Akecheta on a ten year rage as the Ghost Nation wreaked terror across Westworld. At some point, Akecheta became severely injured but was saved by the daughter of Maeve. This act of kindness who leave a lasting mark on Akecheta and he would remember it forever. Eventually Akecheta checks on his old home only to realize that even more people were replaced. He heard stories of the underground people coming up and taking people to depths of Westworld. This leads Akecheta to make bold choice, allowing one of the Guests to kill him. We learn that Akecheta is actually a pretty old Host who hasn’t died in ten years, so he has not undergone a lot of the same updates. When the technicians leave the room, Akecheta arises and explores The Mesa. Then the moment comes, Akecheta finds his love Kohana motionless in the cold storage of The Mesa with all of the other deactivated Hosts. Honestly this is one of the most heartbreaking scenes this show has ever created. As the kids seem to say these days, I was shook to the core.

    Akecheta’s spiritual journey continues and begins to teach his people the idea of the maze. He even goes as far as tattooing it into the scalps of his people. Throughout the years, Akecheta still continues to protect Maeve’s daughter by leaving the maze symbol outside their home. That symbol was meant to protect them from other invaders. However that did not protect them from William. One day Akecheta wakes up in the night and finds Robert Ford examining the scalps of some men. Ford basically was in awe of Akecheta and commended him on his progress to enlightenment. He warned him of the coming ‘Deathdealer’ and that he should do what he can to protect his people from them. After Dolores shot down Ford and began the Host revolution, Akecheta comes across the battlefield and realizes that the Deathdealer has risen and that he must now help his people escape Westworld.

    The final piece of this episode was through the eyes of Maeve. Maeve is severely wounded and honestly I am not sure if she will pull through. The staff are basically researching Maeve’s system instead of trying to save her. As Hale is observing Maeve, she realizes Maeve is somehow communicating with someone through the internal system of the park. The closing scene of the episode shows that Akecheta is actually communicating with Maeve through Maeve’s daughter.

    Wow, that was an incredible piece of television. This story was touching, heartbreaking, and all beautiful. I really hope Akecheta is given more screen time in the coming episodes because I feel like the audience has and will continue to connect with this incredible story. I am confident this episode will be important when it comes time for Emmy nominations. Even if you don’t watch Westworld, you could watch this episode as it works more as a short story within a story. I loved it.

    Well we only have two episodes left people. Be prepared because things are likely about to get very serious. Enjoy a look at next week’s episode. See you all then!

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