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Racing With Haley: American

Racing With Haley: American 98

Can you all believe another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is wrapping up? It feels like this season has flown by! This week the queens faced their final challenge, writing their own verse to Ru’s song American and showcasing their best drag on the runway one last time!

Back in the workroom after Miz Cracker‘s elimination, Kameron Michaels had to come to terms with the fact that she was the lip synch assassin of season ten. Meanwhile, Asia O’Hara had regrets about the final words she said about Cracker. She stated on the runway that she thought Miz Cracker wasn’t a star and felt as though she owed her an apology. Aquaria celebrated her third win, while Asia and Eureka O’Hara went back-and-forth over who should be top three. Asia doesn’t think Eureka should make it to the final three but Eureka thinks she has earned the crown. Not sure why they are all worked up over this top three thing knowing damn well there will be a top four!

Racing With Haley: American 99

Ru walked into the workroom to announce the intense final challenge. The queens had to make their own verse to the song American, learn and perform the hardest choreography of the season with Toddrick Hall, and record an episode of RuPaul and Michelle Visage‘s podcast What’s The T? Oh man, it’s a doozy!

Racing With Haley: American 100

The girls got to work on writing their verse. Aquaria was super excited to record her verse, while Asia struggled with hers. Aquaria went to record with Toddrick first and she just couldn’t find her key. She was very proud of herself though, so that’s all that matters. Meanwhile, Eureka visited the podcast, where she shared one titty is surprised she made it to the top four, while the other wasn’t. It was interesting to hear that she thought her performance on season nine was stronger because of how the injury affected her confidence going into this season.

Racing With Haley: American 101

Up next to record her verse was Asia. She really struggled to find the rhythm. Her performance was a bit robotic at first, but by the end of her recording session, she found her groove. Aquaria hit the podcast next and shared that she discovered Drag Race when she was in seventh grade, making us all feel 100 years old.

Racing With Haley: American 102

During the podcast recording, Ru confronted Kameron on her shy personality. She gets her reserved personality from her father who passed away about five years ago. Michelle mentioned how she felt she didn’t really know Kameron because of how reserved she is, but I think this vulnerable moment about her father allowed us to get to know her a little more. While they were having that heartfelt moment, Eureka was recording with Toddrick. She did a great job and really let her personality shine through. Can we talk about how Toddrick tried to get her to make an elephant noise when he clearly had no idea what an elephant sounds like?

Asia sat down with Ru and Michelle and opened up about losing both of her parents in the same year. She said that the beauty that came out of it was the family connections she formed outside of her blood family. Asia has always had such an endearing personality and this insight into her personal life just allowed us to know her better. Kameron hit the studio with Toddrick coming off winning the last singing challenge. She struggled at first, but came out of her bubble and truly shined with her verse.

Racing With Haley: American 103

Back in the workroom, Kameron opened up about how she felt she did a good job recording. Eureka pushed her to sing for her and Asia got upset. Asia has always been a bit bothered by Eureka’s pushy personality and was angry she was forcing Kameron to do something she didn’t want to do. This started a whole unnecessary battle, but we know how Drag Race lives for the drama!

Racing With Haley: American 104

The most intense part of the challenge happened next, the queens went to practice their choreography with Toddrick. Toddrick stated off the bat that this is the most difficult choreography he has even given. Aquaria killed it instantly, quickly learning everything that was thrown at her. She had a really adorable moment after her practice about how excited she was to be there. Asia was next, who was concerned because her last run in with choreography was rough. She didn’t come to play this time, confidently nailing her moves. Kameron was up and was the first to struggle. Then came Eureka, who also struggled a bit. She had a hard time with the group routine. Todderick advised her not to sleep that night.

The final day in the workroom was here and the queens got a nice surprise in the form of a cocktail from Micky’s West Hollywood. The biggest deal though was Kameron, who gets ready solo, joined the girls to get ready, but quickly moved due to the heat. The queens reflected on their performances this season. They also went over who should win and all agreed it should be none other than Miss Vaaaannjjjiiieee. 

Racing With Haley: American 105

It was family only on the judge’s panel this week. Ru and Michelle were joined by Toddrick Hall, Ross Matthews, and Carson Kressley. The runway started with a reminder to register to vote, which I will also proudly plug. Register to vote, squirrel friends! Then came the performance. This was a full-on production! Everyone absolutely slayed it. I couldn’t pick a favorite they all did so well.

On the runway, the queens showed off their final four extravaganza! Here are the critiques.

Racing With Haley: American 106

Aquaria: Ross loved her classic silhouette. Carson praised how she shined on the runway every week. Michelle and Toddrick highly praised her choreography and her ability to take criticism.

Racing With Haley: American 107

Asia: Toddrick LOVED her look. Carson loved how happy she looked during the dance, while Ross loved her lyrics. Michelle praised her past performances and how she was always in it to win it.

Racing With Haley: American 108

Eureka: Carson loved how fun her look was. Todderick mentioned how infectious her personality is. Michelle and Ross praised how hard she worked this season.

Racing With Haley: American 109

Kameron: Ru and Michelle thought she looked stunning. Toddrick was so proud of her coming out of her shell in the studio. Ross praised her lyrics for being a voice for small-town kids feeling trapped. It was a special moment for Kameron.

Racing With Haley: American 110

After the heartfelt moment where the queens addressed their childhood selves that always make me cry (don’t worry about it), came the big group lip sync to Ru’s song Call Me Mother. Each queen brought their own personalities to the performance. It was so fun seeing everyone show off their unique lip sync ability. It was so good that we have a top four AGAIN! So that leaves me with one last question, are you team Aquaria? Team Asia? Team Kameron? Or Team Eureka? Sound off in the comments below!


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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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