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    Westwords with Spencer: Vanishing Point

    Hey there friends! Welcome back for another edition of “Westwords with Spencer”! I am sure you have heard of it because it’s the only Westworld recap that matters. This weeks episode was a mess of emotions. We dove pretty deep into William’s tragic back story and how it has shaped Westworld. Then we had to take breather with the very cranky Dolores and Teddy. Let’s do this!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

    Our story begins right where we left off last week. Unfortunately, William is in bad shape from his last gun-fight. Emily is trying her best not to freak-out on her father and just get help from the park security. William then decides to ask the question we are all wondering, “What the hell are you doing here!”. It turns out, Emily just wants her father to bring himself back into reality. In ways, she blames herself for her mothers suicide but she also wonders if her father perhaps had a hand in the blame as well.  This conversation basically just opens the flood gates of William’s heart, mind, and soul. Through a collection of flashbacks, we watch William as he lives out a long loveless marriage. Due to William’s deep connection to Westworld, his wife Juliet becomes a serious alcoholic and it is really weighing on the family. After a long night of having to babysit his drunk wife, William heads to the bar and runs into the shady queen herself, Robert Ford. Ford speaks in confusing riddles as always and gives William a mysterious looking card. By the time the family gets home, Juliet goes into a drunken rage and questions the reality of William’s existence. This reoccurring theme that William is less of a human than the Hosts he pays for seems to come up several times in this episode.

    William has a serious truth-telling moment with a ‘sleeping’ Juliet about his truth in belonging more to Westworld than the real world. Once Williams walks out of the room, Juliet finds that mysterious looking card and places it on William’s cool looking Westworld iPad. Instantly a collection of disturbing images appear from William’s past in Westworld, including William dragging Dolores into a barn. These images are basically the breaking point for Juliet, leading her to commit suicide in the bathtub. Without warning, William begins to question Emily’s existence and accuses her of being a Host. Emily was completely over it at this point and of course denied. Finally the rescue team shows up to evacuate the two. Next thing you know, William gets a hold of one of the guards machine gun and lays everyone out. Emily starts to freak out, which almost instantly pushes William to kill Emily. William was convinced that Emily was a host, but as he got closer he noticed that mysterious bio card from his past in Emily’s hand. The same card that led to his wife to commit suicide… Emily was indeed, Emily.

    This episode really explains what William’s true purpose is in this show. William is really on a path to figure out all of the “Whys” in his life. What is the point of Westworld? Why does William feel like he belongs here? Literally every question you have about this show, William is already trying to figure out. Apparently William had a huge hand in this shady side-project that will come to light during the season finale.  I guess we will find out more next week.

    I’ll Be Back…

    Hale has conducted some tests on Maeve to learn what makes her so powerful. Once the Delos team has a good idea on what powers Maeve, they use that same coding to resurrect Clementine. This time, Clementine has risen as the new Terminator. Beware Westworld, Clementine is coming for you. Guys, I am so excited for this story-line. I f***ing love Clementine and I am so here for the potential of her going on another Terminator spree.

    The Last Ride

    Teddy and Dolores run into a Ghost Nation group. The Ghost Nation demand Dolores turns back and away from the direction of the mysterious door to another world. Dolores is not having it and she commands Teddy to kill everyone. Without hesitation, Teddy begins to massacre anything and everything that even gives Dolores a frown. Finally there is one person left alive, and Teddy begins to fire his weapon but stopped himself. It appears a piece of the old Teddy still lives within him. Teddy lets the man go and meets up with Dolores to continue their journey. The couple arrives at a beat up shelter. Teddy then decides her needs to have a moment and talk about the good ole days. As Teddy confesses his undying love, he begins to make a realization. Teddy has always stayed true to himself. He fights for what he believes in and loves the way he wants to love. Dolores took that all away from him when she rearranged his personality. Therefore Teddy has come to understand that the only way to continue to love Dolores the way he wanted to love is by killing himself. In a split second, Teddy grabs his gun and ends his life.

    This episode was a roller-coaster. So uh… next Sunday is the season finale. I am not ready and for a couple of reasons. First of all, something is going to go down next episode. Maeve is going to be pissed. Dolores is going to be pissed. Clementine is going to be pissed. All of the Hosts are in bad moods and I don’t see how this could turn out good. Secondly, I am not ready for the season finale because I don’t want it to end! Seriously, this season was amazing and I just don’t want to picture life without Westworld again… UGH! Come back next week and we will break down the season finale together! Bring your tissues! As always, enjoy a preview of next weeks episode below.

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