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Drag Queens

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 97

All your favorite queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 were reunited to hash out all the drama and tea from the season. Man, this reunion was INTENSE. Let’s jump into it.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 98

Of course, the episode kicked off with America’s sweetheart, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (Check out here new song here!)The montage of Vanjie moments was everything and more. Miz Cracker said it best, “Vanjie is the gay aloha!” We all know the first contestant to leave the show often goes forgotten, but Vanessa has made her mark on the competition with her incredible personality. Hey RuPaul, get this queen back on our TV’s STAT!

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 99

Things really heated up when the queens and Ru reflected on the past confrontations, mostly those that were centered around The Vixen. First, the drama between Cracker and Aquaria was brought up. The Vixen said she was made to believe Cracker faked her way to Drag Race from Aquaria and Monet X. Change. Monet was upset she was brought into it since she and Cracker work closely together in New York City. Ru asked if she brought this up because she was trying to throw Cracker and Aquaria off their game. She basically explained she wanted to bring it to the forefront. At the end of the day, Cracker and Aquaria hashed it out. They didn’t “Vixen” it out, but they did make sure to put an end to it so it didn’t become a major storyline.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 100

Next came the feud between Eureka O’Hara and The Vixen. I love how Vixen lip-synched along to her infamous outburst at Eureka. Eureka mentioned that she felt left out with some girls on the show and got upset and defensive. Vixen said she stands by what she said, while Eureka did stand by the direction she took the argument. I think it should be noted that Eureka did poke at Vixen. Everyone is quick to point the finger at Vixen which seems unfair. Her quote “everyone is telling me how I should react, not how she should act” which is how this whole confrontation went down. Vixen left the stage when it seemed like everyone was blaming every fight on her. Asia O’Hara got emotional when she said it seemed like Vixen was reaching out for help. Asia has a big heart and I really appreciated her reaching out when everyone else seemed to place blame on Vixen.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 101

The mood did not pick up from there, Ru had a wonderful but heartbreaking conversation with Dusty Ray Bottoms about her past with conversion therapy and struggles with her family. It was heartbreaking to hear that while her family has since apologized, they still don’t view her as an equal human. She wishes her family was there for her the way her chosen family is.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 102

Monique Heart also had a very emotional moment over faith and family. The seriously fruity Monique struggles with her relationship with her mother. Her mother is a fifth-generation minister, so you can see where she can relate to Dusty’s story. She tried to pray to find her authentic self but she didn’t find it until she found drag. Her mom wasn’t very happy with her drag, but the pain Monique endured has made her an inspiration and an incredible role model to young gays everywhere. We love you, Monique.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 103

Blair St. Claire also had a beautiful moment. After experiencing her sexual assault, she would drink in excess to numb the pain. Since returning from Drag Race, she has gotten sober. The show has given her so much love from fans and her fellow contestants that has allowed her to grow spiritually. Monet touched on being the highest form of gay, a drag queen. Her mom is still a bit sensitive about the whole drag thing, but she has come around a lot, even if she won’t watch the show. I also can’t get enough of the fact that Monet sings in a choir in full drag every Wednesday. Also confirmed that the whole X Change family wear strictly pussycat wigs.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 104

The queens moved on from the heartfelt moments and went on to toot and boot their outfits from the runway. Monet’s sponge dress was the talk of the town. She even had the dress with her and Ru gave it a toot… for nerve if nothing else.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 105

Okay, enough of the fun stuff. Back to all the drama. Cracker confronted Asia on how much her feelings were hurt by her comment during the evil twin runway when she said she wasn’t a star. Cracker opened up about how she felt like she was never the star in NYC and she came to Drag Race to be a star. Asia apologized, and Cracker accepted it and they moved on!

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 106

Then, RuPaul gave the queens a chance to ask the final four some questions. Mayhem Miller confronted Asia and Aquaria on why they said her drag didn’t have a wow factor. Aquaria rephrased what she meant, saying she was a big fan of her work and just thought she didn’t bring everything to the competition. Then came Monique, asking Kameron Michaels how she can pop off online but is very quiet and calm in person. Kameron mentioned her quiet personality wasn’t a strategy, she was intimidated. She wasn’t working as a full-time drag queen at the time while everyone else was. She felt inferior and was doubting herself. She said that now she is much more like how she is on social media. Dusty said she felt like Kameron is cold and won’t talk to people, making it seem like she doesn’t care.

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 107

Ru then gave the girls a chance to read each other. The library was open. Kalorie Karbdashian read Vanessa asking what it was like to have a catchphrase last longer on the show than she did, while Mayhem read Eureka with a brilliant take on her name and her ability to never stop talking. Monet thinks that Yuhua Hamasaki fighting the English language was more interesting than any Vixen fight, while Dusty WENT OFF reading everyone!

Racing With Haley: Queens Reunited 108

Ru then wrapped up the reunion by asking who each queen thought she take home the crown. Mayhem and Dusty were team Aquaria, Kalorie, Yuhua, Cracker, and Vanessa are team Eureka, and Monique, Blair, and Monet rep team Asia. Which team are you on? Sound off in the comments below! See ya at the finale!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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