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Drag Queens

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 100


Can you guys believe season ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race has come to a close? Tonight’s grand finale was a wild ride. There were all your favorite drag queens, a Miss Vanjie moment, and some butterflies. Here is how the finale shaped up.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 101

The episode kicked off with a surprising twist, all of the season one queens! It was awesome seeing queens like Ongina, Akasha, Jade Sotomyer, Nine Flowers, and the rest of the cast who haven’t been on our tv’s in so long! After the season one intro, the season ten queens made their entrance. Everyone looked SO beautiful. I was a huge fan of Monique Heart‘s brown cow look, stunning!

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 102

RuPaul spoke with each of the top four contestants. Up first was Aquaria.  She has never been in the bottom two! When asked who would be the hardest to take down, she said Asia O’Hara because she’s such a fierce competitor. Aquaria’s parents were in the audience and it was so awesome to see such supportive parents. Aquaria is just one big Drag Race stan who made it all the way and I love that about her.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 103

Asia O’Hara was up next. Her drag daughter and boyfriend were in the audience, where Asia announced their wedding, to her boyfriend’s surprise as well. For some reason olympian, Gus Kentworthy asked a fan question which was about if she had been catfished? I don’t know, kinda weird. Ru went on to make us all cry by asking Asia what she would say to her deceased parents. She loves to make us cry, doesn’t she? Asia also got an apology for that slap in the face from Ru herself. She was given her chance to slap her back, but she didn’t take it, unfortunately.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 104

Then came Eureka O’Hara’s turn, and you know she loves to talk. She’s here to remind us that the camera adds 54 pounds. Eureka said that if she won the money, she would pay off her mom’s debts and give her family a new start at life, which was so sweet. Also, who knew Eureka had a twin sister?! Amazing. When asked who she would shag, marry, kill, Eureka said she’d shag Asia, marry Kameron Michaels, and kill Aquaria. Eureka ended off her one-on-one with Ru with a very sweet message about loving each other.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 105

The silent but deadly Kameron Michaels was the final queen to sit down with Ru. She survived four lipsynchs, which may be a new record. Her friend Ryan and mother were in the audience supporting her. Shout out to her mom for sharing clothes with her. She also got the sweetest video message from her grandma. I can’t say enough how much I love these family moments. Drag Race really does bring families together.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 106

After Ru sat down with each girl, we got a WONDERFUL montage of the last decade of Drag Race. It was truly amazing to look back on everything that has happened since season one. After that, the queens of season one and ten took the stage to lipsynch against each other to a montage of RuPaul’s greatest hits. It was super cute.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 107

The moment we’ve all been waiting for! The first lipsynch! I truly couldn’t get enough of Carson Kressley’s butch intro for the lipsynch. Kameron was selected by the spinning wheel and chose to face Asia, meaning Aquaria and Eureka would lipsynch against each other. Asia got to randomly select the song and chose Nasty by Janet Jackson. Fresh out the gate Kameron brought the energy. If you have a Twitter, I’m sure you heard all about Asia’s failed butterfly reveal. That was truly painful to watch. The reaction of the queens in the audience to the butterflies was amazing. In the end, Kameron advanced.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 108

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 109

Then it was Aquaria and Eureka’s time to shine. They faced off to If by Janet Jackson. Aquaria came ready to slay with a Miss Vanjie fan. Eureka snatched her own wig to reveal another wig underneath, she also had multiple outfits reveals. I thought it was a bit much, but what do I know. I thought Aquaria really brought the energy and my eyes were always on her. Aquaria got her double save and we had ourselves a top three after all these years!

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 110

Following the first round of lipsynchs, OG Miss Congeniality Nina Flowers came out to help crown the newest Miss Congeniality. Turns out the online vote was tampered with, so the season ten queens got to vote on who it should be. I actually loved this, since the queens got to experience each other first hand. It very rightfully so went to Monet X. Change. Her lovable personality made her seem like the only option in my eyes!

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 111

Then came an appearance from our current reigning queen, Sasha Velour! Can we talk about how incredible she looked?

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 112

Here it is kids, our three-way (ew, Michelle) lipsynch! They would be competing to Bang Bang by Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and Jessie J. All three queens fought hard, putting everything into their performance. It was really impressive, honestly. It was time to crown a winner. Dramatic pause.

Racing With Haley: Grand Finale 113

Our new crowned queen is Aquaria! Condragulations, queen! What did you all think of the grand finale? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you for letting me break down the show for you every week, Y’all are the best! Until next season!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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