WERRRK.com's 25 Favorite Drag Queen Names 3

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to drag queens, sometimes it’s a clever pun! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite witty drag queen names but there are no doubt more out there that we missed so be sure to let us know your favorite drag queen names in the comment section! (Editor’s note: We didn’t include any Drag Race queen names on this list because we all know them by this point and wanted to share some amazing queens you might not yet know. Be sure to follow them on Instagram!)


Kay Bye: Salt Lake City

You have to love a drag name that channels millennial text slang!

Piper M’Shay: Phoenix

You know a drag name is good when it brings back memories of middle school art class.

Rhuma Hazzet: Sydney

Rumor has it that the land down under has a ton of amazing drag queen names and Rhuma Hazzet is definitely one of them!


Nicole Onoscopi: New York

I won’t lie. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to work the old “Rectum? Damn near killed him” bit into this description.

Katya Kokov: Perth

With a name like that, we were afraid to not include Katya Kokov on this list!

Evah Destruction: Atlanta

Given the current administration, this name is a lot more ominous.


Kizha Carr: New York

The worst part of a breakup is if your ex is crazy and keys ya car! (Editor’s note: I did not get this amazing name until I heard said out loud over a microphone and now its one of my absolute favorites)

Iris Spectre: Philadelphia

It’s important to have proper respect for a queen with a clever name!

Hedda Lettuce: New York

If there is something we love more than a witty drag name, it’s a legend with a witty drag name!

Lucy Stoole: Chicago

If you don’t love this drag name, you might need more fiber in your diet!

Violet S’Arbleu: Houston

This drag name is a poetic masterpiece!

Sutton Lee Seymour: New York

You deserve to get fed to Audrey II if you don’t get this amazing drag name!

Carnie Asada: San Francisco

The only thing we don’t love about this drag name is that guac is extra.


Gilda Wabbit: Kentucky

What’s up Doc? Elmer Fudd is the key to figuring out this queen’s name!

Cake Moss: Los Angeles

Taking the name of a supermodel from the golden age of supermodels and combining it with baked goods? That’s a winner in our book!

Malibu Stacey: Melbourne

While not a pun name, as die-hard Simpsons fans, we totally approve of this reference. Now does she come with a new hat?

Juicy Liu: New York

The cleverness of this name should be Elementary to us all!

Barbra Seville: Phoenix

You don’t need to be an opera fan to appreciate this drag name!

Eileen Bothways: London

Whichever way you lean, this is a great drag name!

Carmen Geddit: Sydney

All this name is missing is someone ringing the dinner bell!

Sigourney Beaver: Chicago

If you don’t get this name, maybe the Keymaster can explain it to you!

Mia E Z’Lay: Connecticut

While as professional “journalists” we can’t approve of the grammar, we totally relate to the sentiment girl!


Luma Nati: Melbourne

We’re hesitant to even mention this drag name because we don’t want to draw the ire of the new world order.

Izzy Uncut: New York

Well this name is always an important question before a Grindr hookup!

Astala Vista: Philadelphia

Arguably the greatest Arnold Swarzenegger inspired drag name of all time!


So what is your favorite drag name? Let us know in the comments below!