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Drag Queens

WOW Quickies: Follow Me (Episode 2: Aja)

Ayo sis! I’m back again with another recap of WOW Present’s docuseries Follow Me! This episode features a queen who stole our hearts on both Season 9 and All Stars 3, Aja! This episode showed us what Aja does on the day of a gig!

The episode opened up with Aja early to rise, at noon. She started her day off getting her eye poked by her boyfriend Ty’s hair. Being a drag queen is hard. She went to wake up her drag daughter, ( 2017 Drag Horizon Award winner)  Kandy Muse, who looked like a rich person apparently. Ty revealed that Aja is a terrible morning person and that her morning ritual is nonexistent. The three get ready for some afternoon shopping and coffee.

Kandy Muse revealed just how she met Aja and the story is very promising. Though Aja has no memory of this, Kandy said they met on a gay chat room on AOL. They went on a lovely fifteen-minute date in which Kandy thought Aja was very weird and left to go block her on both AIM and MySpace. Years later when Kandy went to a gay bar for the first time, she saw Aja perform and they reconnected. The rest is history, Aja is now Kandy’s drag mom and roommate!

WOW Quickies: Follow Me (Episode 2: Aja) 77

On their shopping and coffee adventure, Aja states that she needs four shots of espresso in her latte as if she doesn’t already have more energy than everyone in the world combined. She ends up spending over $400 on makeup, a reminder that drag is not cheap. Make sure you tip your queens! In the Uber, Aja tells a great story about how Mick Jagger came to see she and Milk perform in Chicago. They had to delay the show to get his security in the building, but obviously, it was worth it.

Back at their Air BNB, Aja and Kandy start getting ready for their show that night at Micky’s in West Hollywood. Kandy was very nervous because Micky’s is THE club to perform at in WeHo. Aja opened up about how she got into drag during a bad spell of anxiety. She is adopted and raised by a mom who put so much into working that Aja spent a lot of time alone. She turned to the streets and made a lot of mistakes, but she grew from them. After getting in drag, Aja finds out it’s raining. Her response, “I’m gagged”, which also happens to be my reaction every time it rains because I live in California.

At the gig, Aja and Kandy perform alongside fellow Drag Race girls Porkchop, Madam Laqueer, and Mariah Balenciaga. I love this series because you get to see great clips of their performances. Even Farrah Moan made an appearance to see her friend perform. Aja brought the whole Haus of Aja out on stage, saying it’s important not just to promote yourself but also your family.

Aja seems to make me love her more and more as time goes on. She is a strong person who came from adversity and transformed her life. I hope she is as proud of herself as we all are of her. She is so talented, giving, and absolutely hilarious. I truly loved watching this episode.

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WOW Quickies: Follow Me (Episode 2: Aja) 78

Make sure you check out Follow Me on WOW Presents Plus! I’ll be back with another episode recap next week!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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