A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 1

Ahhh! The 2018 Emmys are here! Wow I am so excited. Welcome all to our annual Emmys edition of “A Haute Second with Spencer“. I am your host, Spencer… Today I am going to break down for you all of my favorite looks we saw come across the Emmys GOLD carpet! But first, did you guys love the show! I just want to say I am so happy. Pretty much everyone I wanted to win, won. Game of Thrones, Westworld, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Netflix’s Queer Eye, American Crime Story, and Saturday Night Live all took home some awards and that is just how I wanted it. I can go on forever and fan-out over each person who took home an award, so let’s just talk some fashion shall we?

Angela Sarafyan wearing Christian Siriano

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 2

Bring yourselves back online! Our dear Clementine of Westworld, Angela Sarafyan, graced the golden carpet last night in a breathtaking Christian Siriano gown. When she stepped in front of the cameras, she literally froze all of my motor functions. All Westworld references aside, Angela looked stunning. I cannot get over how gorgeous this gown is. Easily one of my favorite looks of the night. Angela, please marry me.

Emilia Clarke wearing Dior

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 3

The Emmys carpet was once again graced by the Mother of Dragons, Emilia Clarke. Emilia was wearing a simple yet busy Dior gown. Though this is not my favorite Emilia look, I do really love this gown. The embroidery on the dress is spectacular and I loved the transparent illusion she was giving in the bodice. If I were to edit this in anyway, I would figure out a way how to make the bodice strapless so she could show off her shoulders. The tank top look she is giving me isn’t my favorite. All in all, she looks drop dead gorgeous and I am just being picky. I love you Mhysa.

Heidi Klum wearing Zac Posen

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 4

I feel like no carpet would be complete without an appearance by Heidi Klum! As always, the now former Project Runway judge is giving a classic, gorgeous look! Usually I am not a huge fan of the drape directly in the center of the skirt, but leave it to Heidi to completely sell it. I love this color on her and the beautiful but simple necklace she paired with the dress. This is one of my favorite Heidi Klum looks for sure.

Issa Rae wearing Vera Wang

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 5

YES! Issa Rae looks so good! I absolutely love that light blue color on her as it just very soothing. The neckline on this ensemble is fierce and I love the flowing ice blue train behind her. Winter is coming everyone! My one thing with this though is the hem on the pants. Either they need to be more fitted, or they need to more flared. Aside from that one detail, Issa Rae looks stunning.

Judith Light wearing Christian Siriano

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 6

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you the iconic Judith Light. Can we just talk about this iconic pose though? This whole look is honestly just too flawless, I honestly just can’t handle it alone. As I was crying over this look I found an article with a collection of all of Judith Light’s iconic carpet moments and you should definitely take a quick gander, then come back to me so we can continue. Damn girl! Christian Siriano is killing it tonight with these looks!

Jenifer Lewis wearing Nike

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 7

Just when you thought Jenifer Lewis couldn’t get any more perfect, she did just that! This diva took to the carpet wearing a head-to-toe Nike look! I LOVE THIS. When asked about her look, Jenifer told CNN that she is “wearing Nike to tell them how proud of them [she is] for supporting Colin Kaepernick and his protest against police brutality and racial injustice“. Honestly I just want to thank Jenifer for this. In my opinion, I really feel like the Emmys lacked a sense of political charge. At the very least, I was hoping for a “get out and vote” type vibe but really there was not much especially compared to last year. Jenifer Lewis in my opinion took a brave stand above everyone else and she looked fabulous doing it!

Leslie Jones wearing Christian Siriano

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 8

I am struggling to come up with words for this suit… Leslie Jones ROCKED it! I mean come on, that suit is stunning! That color is to die for and it looks so good on her. A year ago on this very day, I declared Leslie Jones as Best Dressed of the 2017 Emmys Red Carpet and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took that title once more. This look is fire. Once again, Christian Siriano is killing it! Just as a side note, I feel Leslie deserved that award tonight and I really hope that next year is finally the time the Television Academy recognizes her for her performances on Saturday Night Live.

Penelope Cruz wearing Chanel

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 9

Wow, what an angel! Penelope Cruz is absolutely glowing in this white Chanel gown. I love this gown so much and I just itching to grab my sketchbook and put this down on paper. I love the feathery textile combined with the iridescent white in the skirt. Paired with that beautiful necklace, this whole ensemble is a huge win. Unfortunately, Penelope did not win her individual award for her part as Donatella Versace in American Crime Story. I was really bummed about that though I was thrilled to see the show recognized with an overall award. Penelope was exceptional in that role and I believe she deserves all of the awards!

Sandra Oh wearing Ralph & Russo

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 10

Oh my gosh, I love this look on Sandra Oh! That crimson red looks so beautiful on her. I love the neckline of course and that textile. It sort of looks like a velvet but also has a iridescent glow to it. This look also appears to be super comfy which I am sure many of the others are pretty jealous of. I love it!

Sarah Paulson wearing Oscar De La Renta

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 11

All hail the queen, Sarah Paulson. Wow! I just don’t think it’s possible for Sarah to ever disappoint me on the gold carpet. She is just honestly just way too good at this. I love the shape of the bodice and once again, the feathers! I love the texture of these black feathers because it feels like there is a creeping shadow trailing her skirt. She is giving me Wilhelmina Venable realness , Queen of the Apocalypse vibes right now. Oh I just love this! For sure one of my favorite looks. As president of the Pasadena chapter of the Sarah Paulson fan club, I would like to officially say, Yasss queen you killed it!

Thandie Newton wearing Brandon Maxwell

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 12

Ah! I am so freaking proud of Thandie Newton right now! This was one win I was honestly shocked by but I so incredibly happy! I am such a huge fan of Thandie’s, especially in her portrayal of Maeve Millay in Westworld! She deserves all of the happiness and awards! As far as the gold red carpet goes, she is already a freaking winner! Look at this pink dress! This dress was made by one of my favorite designers, Brandon Maxwell and it’s an exceptional piece. I love that shoulder train. Thandie just looks incredible and I am smiling so hard for her!

The Judges of RuPaul’s Drag Race

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 13

First off, the judges of RuPaul’s Drag Race look incredible! Michelle Visage’s dress is so fetch, I can’t even take it! On a more serious note, I just wanted to say how incredibly happy and proud I am for these people and this show overall. As someone who has watched this show since the very beginning, I am just so proud to see how this journey has unfolded. RuPaul’s Drag Race has changed the world we live in for the better and I can say wholeheartedly that I owe a big part of what I do today to these incredible people and I am forever grateful. This show has given so many people around the world that inspiration to just be who they are love without consequence and I really feel like that is something that deserves recognition. Congratulations RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Ross Mathews, Carson Kressley, every single queen to star on the show, every queen striving to appear on the show, the crew, and of course the fans who helped make this show what it is today!

Wow that was an amazing carpet! Phew, I guess I need to pick my favorite looks of the night. Honestly this is a pretty hard choice. However, I think my top three has to be….

Angela Sarafyan, Leslie Jones, and Sarah Paulson

A Haute Second with Spencer: The Emmys 2018 14

These looks were just breathtaking and were the winners without a doubt in my mind. They killed that gold carpet! Everyone give them a round of virtual applause! If I had to pick one, I would say Angela Sarafyan stole my heart. This carpet was hers, she was the best dressed in my view.

Now, it is your turn to vote for your favorite! Vote in the poll below and let me know who your pick for best dressed would be! Thank you all for reading and I can’t wait to chat with you. Enjoy your week, and I’ll see you all on Thursday for my weekly American Horror Story recap with Sidney Stokes, American Horror Story APOCALYPSE: Sidney & Spencer’s Fallout!