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AHS APOCALYPSE: Sidney & Spencer’s Fallout (Episode 8: Sojourn)

AHS APOCALYPSE: Sidney & Spencer’s Fallout (Episode 8: Sojourn) 73

Eight weeks into their residence within the fallout shelter, Sidney and Spencer are starting to feel beaten. After a wild Halloween party within the shelter, the duo barely have the stamina to deal with the side effects of living within a fallout shelter. The only thing giving them courage, is watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse, until now… Below is their recorded transcript for episode eight. To view last weeks transcript, follow this link now.

What Just Happened

Spencer Williams: Oh hi, welcome back everyone. I do apologize, I didn’t know we were having company today. The fallout shelter is little bit of a mess. I won’t say who, but someone who’s name rhymes with Bidney, threw a pretty wild Halloween party. Oh god, my hea.. Oh hey Sidney….

Sidney, stumbles out of room into common bunker space

Sidney Stokes: Alien, Jaws, Cloverfield. All brilliant for many reasons but all horrifying because, in them, you saw very little of the monster. The fear was all in your head, which is a scarier place than a movie can ever be. Fear of the unknown will always be people’s greatest fear. In this episode they took what made this season mysterious and scary and gave you too much back story and shattered the AHS atmosphere with goofy dialogue and had the audacity to make a Sandra Bernhard set seem weird, out-of-place, and, as a result, not funny. Less of Michael was more cause he haunted the show even when he wasn’t there. Now we got so much and it turns out to be lame. Just a way to make cheap commentary on Silicon Valley. This did nothing for the story that couldn’t have been done better considering the talent on the show and the way they have been telling the story so far.

Spencer stares in terror at Sidney

AHS APOCALYPSE: Sidney & Spencer’s Fallout (Episode 8: Sojourn) 74

Sidney to his TV the whole episode.

Sojourn, In Summation

SS: Michael thinks his dad forsakes him. Finds Satanists that help him back to his path. He goes to a tech company where they help him make robot Miss Mead. She comes back online. The episode ends.

I just saved you an hour. You’re welcome.

There was no excuse for this level of laziness and stupidity, considering the season so far, and this close to the end. Hopefully they get back on track next week. I’d hate for this season to crash-land.

Sidney takes entire water pitcher back to room. Slams door

Spencer cracks open La Croix and takes a nervous sip 

SW: Sorry everyone, Sidney hasn’t had anything more than an ice cube for 8 weeks now. What more do I need to say. I did not love this episode and honestly I wish it never happened. It felt awkward and scary to watch. Like giving the keys of your car to someone who doesn’t have a license. This episode was a lot of TMI. What did I learn from this episode? Well the Anti-Christ visits a Satanic Church and meets some nerdy friends who help him bring the end of the world. That was quite easy to guess. I did enjoy seeing Sarah Paulson bring back Miss Venable but I don’t think we needed a whole episode dedicated to getting this back story. I thought Sandra Bernhard brought a few funny moments but again, it did not deserve it’s own episode. This whole episode could have been cut down to five minutes. With only what… two more episodes left? We cannot be wasting episodes when we have so much more ground to cover.

AHS APOCALYPSE: Sidney & Spencer’s Fallout (Episode 8: Sojourn) 75

Sidney comes back out, joint in mouth

SS: This could have been about building Mead and Michael’s relationship up and showing why she mattered to him above all past making him pancakes. All of it…dumb!

Sidney takes Spencer’s La Croix and goes back to room

SW: This episode was not good. Luckily, this season had an excellent track record so all can be forgiven, as long as next week’s episode steps it all the way up. Alright everyone, get out of my shelter before I go all sorts Baby Jane Hudson. Don’t worry about Sidney he will be fine in about a few h… wait there are no snacks in the kitchen. Dear god, he is going to freak out… We are going to need a bigger boat.


The duo now must now head back to their lonely bunks within the fallout shelter. Don’t worry they will be return next week, assuming Sidney finds his snacks. Thank you for joining Sidney and Spencer for Episode 8 of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Enjoy a preview of next week’s episode below.

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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