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What The Walking Dead: Evolution 17


What The Walking Dead: Evolution

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 18 Oh wow, we did it friends! We made it to the mid-season finale. The good news is, we only lost four main characters so far. Not bad! The bad news is, Negan escapes and we have been introduced to a brand new threat. Let’s not waste anymore tears and break this down, shall we?

If you missed last week’s recap, due yourself a favor and follow this link now to catch up.

 Henry Goes to College

One of the main stories of this episode had to do with Carol’s adopted son, Henry. Henry is now at The Hilltop so that he can apprentice a  blacksmith. Honestly, I don’t know why the producers decided to highlight Henry’s story-line, especially right now. What is the point? We see Henry deal with his obvious crush on Enid, which ends in heartbreak. Then Henry falls into peer pressure and passes around a couple of brewskis with Tobin, PJ, Squee and Donkey Dong Doug all while playing ring toss on a Walker. Of course this Hilltop college party gets too wild and after just one day in his new home, Henry is in jail. So like, what is the point of all of this? I honestly don’t have the answers so someone please let me know. All I know is that Carol needs to beat some sense into that boy!

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 19

Yeah We’ve Got Bad Blood

Throughout the past six years that we missed during the time jump, something happened between all of the colonies. This is most evident in the relationship between Michonne and Carol. There is so much tension! Carol is obviously trying to open up because she is perfect but Michonne is really holding back. I want to know what the hell happened! Before I start blaming Michonne due to an uncontrollable bias towards Carol, I’ll just let this play out. Kids, play nice damn it!

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 20

The Great Escape of Negan

Ah, Father Gabriel. Once again, Gabriel seems to be having issues with locks. After a selfish rage regarding the news that’s his new girlfriend Rosita was hurt (but is 100% okay) in the field, Father Gabriel storms out of Negan’s cell. Negan is distracted by the fact that Gabriel is tasked with picking up his shit. But in the middle of the night, Negan hits the cell door with a tennis ball and realizes it was left ajar. Wow, Gabriel forgot to fully close and lock the cell! Oh my … I just don’t even have words for this character anymore.

So, Negan ditches of course with a huge smile on his face. What’s next for Negan? I’m not really sure. I am pretty positive he will go find Lucille. After that, who really knows? Revenge would be a hard task but I’m sure not for him. I kind of hope Negan will end up being one of our heroes but I won’t hold my breath. It would just be cool to see Negan fight off the Whisperers off side by side with Michonne and Daryl. But as I type this out, that seems very unlikely.

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 21

Oh Jesus

Whelp, for the main portion of this episode we were focused on the treacherous rescue of Eugene. Can you believe how many hours of this show has been spent rescuing Eugene? I’m just saying! Anyways, Jesus leads a search party out after Eugene only to notice that the Walkers are acting a bit funny… The trio finally found Eugene and he is pretty shook, saying these aren’t your regular Walkers. Then just like that, the place is swarming with Walkers. So the group tries to escape and Daryl tries to divert the herd. Daryl pops off a firecracker to divert the herd but notices that a Walker steps up and pushes the crowd another direction. Umm, what the fuck? So Daryl is panicked and he chases after them.

Meanwhile in the creepiest graveyard of all places, Jesus and Aaron are trying to get Eugene over this fence but it’s clearly not working. The team then starts to fight off the Walkers until luckily Michonne and our two new characters, Magna and Yumiko show up. Can I just say real quick that I LOVE Magna and Yumiko. They are total bad-asses and I just want more and more screen time for them. Nadia Hilker and Eleanor Matsuura were perfect additions to this show. Anyways, The crew tries to escape this fence while Jesus fights off the Walkers. Jesus pulls out his best ninja moves and kicks some serious ass. Then this creepy Walkers comes up, and Jesus goes for the kill. But the Walker ducks under his sword, and stabs Jesus….

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 22

Everyone has the same reaction, just screams and large eyes. Suddenly a whole group of Walkers are fighting back but our team quickly dispatches of them. Daryl gets down and looks at that Walker and realizes he has a mask on, sewn in the back of the head. It’s not a Walker at all, but another person. My friends, welcome to The Whisperers plot line. I just want to say that I am so upset about Jesus being killed off. There was so much potential for this character and the show kind of wasted him in my opinion. They even gave him this new leadership role while Maggie is gone which was a great start. I am afraid there was so much character left unexplored, especially with this beautifully gay relationship in the works between Jesus and Aaron. We were robbed, and so was Thomas Payne.

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 23

In Summation

I did not sign up for this “Henry Goes to College” Hallmark movie. I don’t care who you are, if you make Carol cry I will fight you. Oh look, day one at UC Hilltop campus and Henry is already in jail. At this rate, Henry will be on The Supreme Court of the United States in no time. Henry likes beer and Tobin, PJ, Squee and Donkey Dong Doug could all vouch for him! How many characters need to die in order for Eugene to live? Whoever decided to put the literally and metaphorically blind Father Gabriel in charge of Negan is clearly in the wrong here. Well I hope everyone treated Negan nicely in jail because he is out now and it’s going to be pee-pee pants city here in a minute. No joke, these Whisperers are scary as hell. I’m not ready. Clearly Thomas Payne was about as over his character misuse as we were. Jesus will be sorely missed… Please let February come faster!!!

What The Walking Dead: Evolution 24

Okay so that mid-season finale was intense. I honestly cannot wait until February. I really feel like this show is getting back to its roots in horror and that is so exciting to me. Well, I will miss you all but don’t worry, The Walking Dead will return February 10th, followed by What the Walking Dead recap series hosted at! It’s been fun! Until then, be sure to keep your wits about you. There is no way of telling if that zombie is actually a zombie. Enjoy a preview of whats to come below!

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What The Walking Dead: Evolution 25

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