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    Panda Reacts to the Avengers: End Game Trailer!

    Chiffon Dior: Well hi kids! If you’re reading this, it means you’re part of the 50% that survived the Decimation. The good news however is that our friendly neighborhood Crunk Panda is here alive and well! The bad news is…..Sidney……survived too. But the good news is, he’s on assignment so its just me and Panda here to break down the Avengers 4 teaser trailer. Good evening my Panda-rific friend!

    Crunk Panda: Good evening, and it started as a good morning. Coming off the incredible high of Captain Marvel, I was quickly deflated seconds after hitting play on this one.

    This trailer was rather bleak, wasn’t it? I’m guessing this reaction piece is going to be more like group therapy? Is that why you asked me to join you for this?

    Wait, this isn’t my normal meeting? Oh, my…since you are here though. It was bleak but I think it was needed. The end of Infinity War just, it’s one of those rare moments I’ll probably always remember how I felt and where I was. It was that powerful for me. I know there are plenty of us out there who have been running our own scenarios and playing homage to the What If series. It’s nice to start seeing some glimpses, and it’s also so important to show these weak moments for such strong characters.

    Well let’s start at the top. Tony Stark recording a message for Pepper Potts, saying how he is adrift in space with no food and water and oxygen is running out soon. Still better than Spirit Airlines though, am I right? Is this thing on?

    You really couldn’t beat the view though, and once the voices start getting more frequent, it’s probably not that bad.

    Do you have any idea what ship he was on?

    My theory? It’s part of a larger vessel. He’s a professor essentially, just one component of a former and mighty USS Minnow.

    Do I get to be Ginger? She had the best wardrobe ever packed for a three hour cruise!

    Wow, can’t even let the ginger be ginger. That’s okay. I’ll be Mary Ann, again (as always).

    Well I’m a ginger too sometimes! points at the ginger wig in my closet

    I’m going to allow it, in honor of Pepper. Or maybe remembrance.

    So they we get the Marvel Studios logo turning to ash which was just cruel I thought. Although if it had been the DC logo, maybe it would have fit better?

    Soon as I saw it I honestly laughed. I was so impressed by the audacity, but, they were letting us know it’s going to hurt. Here’s an instant reminder of the demise of insert favorite character (s) here.

    So then we get some shots of Farmville Thanos as Cap and Black Widow go over what happened. Seems like there isn’t the time jump here people had speculated about.

    I like how Thanos has earned all the cosmic cows he needed to complete the limited time Thanos Scarecrow (+1000xp). Just living his best life, and never worrying about a wither. I’m kind of glad we haven’t jumped, at least not fully. I could see some jumping around in timelines, and we still have a lot of ground to cover and ends to tie up. It’s interesting the handling of this so far. They could have gone a lot of directions, and the more I think about it the more questions I have.

    Nary a crow to be found

    So then we get a shot of mopey Thor in a hoodie followed by the first big thing I wanted to discuss. We get a shot of Nebula on what looks to be a ship of some kind, followed by a shot of what I assume was her blue hand touching someone’s shoulder, seemingly a prone someone. Since they were the only two left on Titan, we can maybe assume they’re together?

    I liked the shot of Thor. He really showed his humanity. Hemsworth is just so good and even in this glimpse it shows. He looks like a man aged by war. It would make sense for Nebula to be with him. That scene also makes me wonder about the lapse of time. It’s clearly not a direct continuation, at least it doesn’t seem that way, there has to have been some time to start to recoil, going back to Stark we know there seems to have been at least a few days that have gone. God it’s just starting my “but what about…” questions like it left me.

    Then we get to the shot of Green Arrow…..I mean Hawkeye….I mean….you’re our resident expert. Can you explain what Natasha and the audience saw?

    Ronin, fka Hawkeye kills another funny guy asking “oh, so kind of like Ronan?” As he awkwardly challenged him to a dance off

    I’m mad I’ve gone almost my entire life not giving a shit about Hawkeye and then in like seven seconds, Clint makes me mark out. Okay, no, listen…spoiler alert. Kind of, skip down if you don’t want to know. This is Ronin. I’m not going to spoil much further, you can google the rest and I’d advise it if you want to know why I got excited. Long story short. Clint, he was just minding his business trying to enjoy family time. Then here comes Thanos, and now, I’m guessing Clint is a man left with literally nothing else to lose and if done properly as it seems to be so far, we will see a much different version of Clint than seen before.

    So he’s not running a samurai delicatessen then?

    Well, it would make sense for him if he were. Enough markup he could stay fed and you just need a day job. No one can run around revenge murdering all day and night. It’s just not sustainable, in my opinion.

    Well if KISS could rock and roll all night and party every day….

    They said they wanted to, not that they could. Clint knew this. If nothing else he understand sustainability.

    This is why we pay you the big bucks. So then we get to Cap and Widow again talking about so plan to fix things as Cap looks at his old picture of Peggy Carter…..because apparently the trailer wasn’t painful enough.

    Want to kick our dog while you’re here too Marvel?

    Oh it is ridiculous. Hey let’s just punch you some more, then kick you while you’re down.At the same time as a dude that’s had probably more than my share of losses in metaphoric and literal ways, we need it. I’m a firm believer that when need those lows to get those amazing wins. They have been slowly building us up to tear us down, and what this shows me too is hope. They want us to hurt, get angry again and feel like we are fighting alongside with them so hopefully, and just maybe we find a way to get some restoration to how things were, as it closes with the title of End Game, we know this is it. All or nothing.

    That is pretty deep dude. I feel like I should start the slow clap.

    I’ve been basically obsessed to be honest. laughs

    Do you think the fact the logo at the end is created by all the slivers of ash coming back together gives us some semblance of hope?

    There is definitely a semblance of hope. Strange already let us know there is a positive outcome, and Cap and I think the others seem to know that just their existence alone means there is a chance to at least prevent things, and again, who knows what all they know at the point where they seem to be making plans.

    So that brings us to the ageless one himself, Paul Rudd. His scene was the only thing keeping me from chugging bleach after this trailer. Plus it gives us the biggest question of all……is Luis okay? Well, I mean that and how did Scott Lang escape the Quantum Realm I guess. Thoughts?

    Truth serum….

    Luis is the most important thing here. Paul Rudd, one of the best to ever come from right here, in Kansas City (cheapest of pops)…he provided some much needed comic relief. In the events of Ant-Man and the follow-up, we see some very important pieces to all of this. Scott has seen some things, and we still have quite a few amazing brain trusts out there who can likely help figure out some of that renowned Pym technology. In 2019, Paul Rudd gives the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe hope. Wait, what? That really happened.

    Well, it looks like we have just about reached the end here my dear, at least until the next trailer. Before we wrap this up, would you like to take a moment to say a few words for the man who helped make this all possible that we just lost recently, the one and only Stan Lee?

    “With great power comes great responsibility.”

    You know, it hurt a lot. I’ve been a fan for a long time, like many of us were. As a young airman I would often sign my emails with “Excelsior” in the signature block. A few years ago he came to Planet Comicon, Kansas City’s largest comic convention. Obviously he was a major draw. I was going through a lot around that time and the convention was kind of a little get away. Here I am wandering the floor in all my Ghostbusters gear, and admittedly I generally have a little more access than they average, I get to about twenty feet where Stan was and I just made myself stop. I set my proton pack on the ground and just watched him sign, seeing this nearly endless line of people all smiling and just waiting for their moment, however brief with him. It was amazing. Thank you Stan, for everything.

    And on that note, we’re going to sign off here. Thank you having me as your guest here on Panda Reacts. Any final words before we start mixing up some Ecto Cooler Mimosas?

    Real quick, each year I turn into Ghostbuster Santa and do a toy drive for our local children’s hospital, Children’s Mercy. We are winding down our annual campaign and we still need help! If you’d like to chip in, please check out for more info, and as always…MAKE MINE MARVEL!

    Watch as Tony basically boops his own nose

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