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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Holi-Slay Spectacular

Who knows why we got this random RuPaul’s Drag Race Christmas special, but we did, and if I had to watch it you have to at least read about it. This episode came equipped with its own theme song remix. Okay, so technically they just added ho ho ho to the normal theme song. The queens competed to become the… queen of Christmas? Honestly, I’m not sure. I think RuPaul just wants us to buy her Christmas album.

It was fun to watch the queens return to the workroom and see it all dressed up in Holiday garb. The queens competing in the holi-slay special were Trixie MattelLatrice RoyaleEureka O’HaraMayhem MillerSonique LoveKim ChiJasmine Masters, and Shangela. Trixie and Latrice’s laughs in one room, what more could we ask for? It was great to see Sonique back in the workroom since we haven’t seen her since season two and props to her for her homage to the Ice Princess from Batman Returns!. Trixie and Mayhem shared a kiss, Jasmine gave us our Jush, and Shangela is back AGAIN.

Then, Ru comes in singing and announces this episode is a musical. Which, knowing these drag queens, seems more like a horror movie than a Christmas special. RuPaul brought the queens a gift right off the bat and it was a bunch of pit crew boys dressed as reindeer. Festive! The queens had to pair up with a pit crew member and dance to Ru’s song Christmas Cookies as a Christmas mini-challenge. Mayhem Miller won RuPaul’s secret recipe for Christmas cookies. Wow, priceless.

For the Christmas maxi-challenge, the queens had to dance and lipsynch to Ru’s song Get to You, choreographed by Toddrick Hall. They also had to make throwback, 80’s style outfits. As well as showcase their festive looks in a holiday ball. While getting ready the queens shared their favorite holiday memories. Sonique shared how she took her mom on an airplane for the first time and Jasmine got Patti LaBelle tickets and then they broke out into a lipsync number in Christmas pajamas? Sure.

The show started with RuPaul lipsynching to a song that just said “hey sis, it’s Christmas” and it spoke to me on a personal level. Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, RuPaul, and Toddrick Hall took their places on the judge’s table. First up, the performance to Ru’s new song Get to You. All the queens looked great in their 80’s looks. The choreography was pretty funny. Kim Chi tried her very best.

The queens then took the stage in their Nondenominational Christmas Extravaganza look. Everyone’s looks were wonderful. Enjoy the runway in the clip below, it was the best part of the special.

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RuPaul's Holi-Slay Spectacular 3

The judges deliberated and every queen got strictly positive feedback. I guess everyone was in the Holiday spirit. Even Michelle had nothing bad to say! The true Christmas miracle. While the judges were deliberating, the queens were backstage singing Christmas carols? It was definitely them singing and playing the instruments, right? Who cares, Latrice took us to church and that’s all we were waiting for anyway.

Back on the main stage, RuPaul decided who was the first ever Christmas Queen. Just kidding, the queens had to lipsynch against each other in pairs. Mayhem and Sonique faced off first and both were great. Jasmine and Shangela hit the stage next to a Big Freedia song, which was PERFECT for Jasmine, even if she was pulling a Valentina with the bag on her head. Eureka and Trixie came next and Trixie pulled a Monet X Change and hit a fake split. Latrice and Kim were the final pair and Latrice said she knew Kim didn’t know the words. I think she was right.

Ru finally made her decision and decided every queen would be crowned Christmas Queen. Congrats to everyone, especially Shangela. She got her title! The prize for the winners, you ask? Michelle and RuPaul lipsynching for their lives! The queens got to sit on the judge’s panel with Ross and Toddrick. It was everything we ever dreamt of and we will just leave it at that.

What did you guys think of the special? Sure, it was really cheesy and legally speaking it might be an infomercial, but it was cute. I’ll see you all back here next week for ALL STARS! The real, juicy stuff. Whose team are you on? Sound off in the comments below! Happy Holi-slay!

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RuPaul's Holi-Slay Spectacular 3
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