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Words an interview based documentary film, produced and directed by AJ Mattioli, explores the cause and effect of the labels we give ourselves and the labels imposed upon us by society. Following an array of actors, comedians, drag personas and public figures, who discuss their journeys within the labels that have been created for them, and how they have chosen to embrace or discard these labels, the film explores how the language we use to define and be defined effect the way the world sees us, and vice versa.

“The current language we have in place cannot come close to defining who I am.” (Rain Dove, Words 2018)

The cast of interviewees includes such notable names as: Drag Race Season 9 winner, Bob the Drag Queen, Drag Race alum and trans activist, Carmen Carrera, Drag Race alum, Miss Fame, New York’s Live Singing Broadway Bombshell, Sutton Lee Seymour and model Rain Dove.

The film covers a wide variety of identity related topics, the fluidity of sexuality and gender, the ownership and claiming of words, the personal use of words in your own language and how words can affect different people in different ways, are just a few of the themes discussed throughout the course of the documentary.

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What struck me the most watching this was how every person who spoke had a different story to tell and a different view of the world, journeys far, far different from my own, and yet I found myself relating to each and every one. From advocating the use of positive and inclusive speech, to the idea that every person has the right and ability to make their own rules, it struck me just how much what we say can have an impact, not just on who we say it to, but on ourselves.

“I use a lot of words. I think words are important, they hold a lot of weight and value, so I like to try to use self-esteem building words.” (Miss Fame, Words 2018)

Running about an hour and 20 minutes, Words is raw, real and relatable. It creates a discussion that hasn’t been had enough in our society, and I would definitely recommend taking the time to watch, and to listen. It is available now on Amazon Prime