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    Racing With Haley: Snatch Game of Love

    Our favorite episode of every season was back this week, but with a twist! The queens played the Snatch Game of Love, a spin on the celebrity impersonation game we know and love. It was a lot of fun, here’s how it all went down.

    First of all, the queens walked into the workroom and saw the note left by Farrah Moan. She signed it with xoxo, so Valentina read it aloud, saying hugs and kisses, which really confused Monet X. Change. It was pretty brilliant. The queens then sat down to address the elimination. Monet too chose Farrah to go home. They basically just talked about how Farrah had a chance to redeem herself but couldn’t, while also mentioning in various confessionals that they are not fans of Gia Gunn, a storyline we would see unfold more than once this episode.

    RuPaul entered the workroom and announced the twist to Snatch Game this week. The queens have to stay in character while trying to woo the snatchelors. We then saw the characters begin to come out. Naomi Smalls felt more comfortable going into Snatch Game this time and chose to portray Wendy Williams. Monet, who won Snatch Game on her season, chose Whitney Huston and in the workroom, her performance looked a little questionable. Latrice Royale reminded us of the drama that unfolded on season four. The moment we were all waiting for, though, was Trinity Taylor and Gia Gunn reveling they both had planned to do Caitlyn Jenner and Gia didn’t bring a backup. Yikes! Then, Monique Heart happily brought us to commercial.

    Turns out, Gia was able to change her character to Cardi B’s nail tech? With that being said, the Snatch Game of Love kicked off. They went four at a time, starting with Monet as Whitney Houston, Naomi as Wendy Williams,

    Trinity as Caitlyn Jenner, and Valentina as Eartha Kitt. The first Snatchelor was Olympian Gus Kenworthy. Trinity and Naomi had hilarious performances, while Valentina and Monet struggled. In the end, Gus picked Trinity as his winner.

    Next came Monique as Tiffany Hadish, Manila Luzon as Barbra Streisand, Gia as Jenny Bui, and Latrice as Della Reese, attempting to steal Keiynan Lonsdale’s heart. The romper room behavior from season four was back. Gia Gunn was putting herself in every conversation. Latrice was clearly upset, struggling to stay in character through her irritation. Manila saved the day with her performance, being chosen by the snatchelor.

    It was elimination day and the queens were pretty confident Gia Gunn was going to be in the bottom. Manila and Latrice made it clear that Gia had messed with their performances. All the girls seemed pretty dead set on eliminating Gia. While the queens got ready to hit the runway, Latrice talked about her upcoming wedding, making us all emotional. Congrats, Latrice! We are all so happy for you. A fellow married man, Manila, talked about how she had to date girls in high school, which somehow led Monet to talk about the existence of aliens. Wow, I love this show. You really can’t make this stuff up.

    On the main stage, RuPaul gave us an exclusive look at her LEGS. Joining her legs on the judge’s panel was Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, and contestants Gus and Keiynan. The category on the runway was boots the house down! Some highlights for me on the runway were Naomi and Manila. They were both works of art. It was time for the judges’ critiques and  Monet and Monique found themselves safe. Naomi, Trinity, and Manila got high praise for both their performances and their runway looks. While Valentina, Latrice, and Gia weren’t so lucky. They all got some negative critiques. Manila and Trinity were the top, while Valentina and Gia fell into the bottom two. Naomi and Latrice were safe.

    The ladies went backstage to deliberate, while the judges watched Gus and Keiynan wrestle. Trinity pulled Manila over instantly, wondering if she would eliminate the stronger competitor. Trinity knew Gia had to go and thought it would be the wrong move to send Valentina home. The elimination process would be completely flipped on its head if the queens started eliminating the strongest competitor rather than who got the worse critiques. Gia opened up to Manila about her struggle with being a trans woman on the show. Manila cried along with her, giving the illusion that she may save her after this heart to heart. Meanwhile, Trinity filled Valentina in on Manila’s possible strategy switch. Manila’s meeting with Valentina turned into an alliance plea. Manila wanted reassurance that Valentina would save her if she was in the bottom. Here comes the drama!

    It was time for the queens to lipsynch for their legacy to How Will I Know by Whitney Houston. Both Trinity and Manila’s outfit changes were SO good. Their performances were both so fun. It was maybe the most entertaining lipsynch this season has seen yet. Ultimately, Manila won! She chose to give Gia the chop (chop, chop, chop, you know that song, right?).

    Next week the queens are acting out RuPaul’s Judge Judy fantasy in a courtroom drama challenge. Though the drama between the queens looks far more intense. Feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on tonight’s episode or your predictions for next week!  

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