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    Racing With Haley: LalapaRUza

    Hey kitty girls! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars was back this week and we could not have asked for a more fun episode. The queens still in the competition were reunited with the girls who were eliminated prior. That means Latrice Royale, Gia Gunn, Farrah Moan, and Jasmine Masters joined the likes of Manila Luzon, Monét X. Change, Naomi Smalls, Monique Heart, Trinity Taylor, and Valentina. It was a wild episode from the jump!

    The queens all reunited on the infamous ‘what lipstick is in your bra? Let’s chat about it and get upset with each other’ couches. Latrice had a chance to tell Monique how she felt about her elimination, saying she felt she was eliminated simply because she was up against Monique’s friend, Monet. Monique, of course, said that wasn’t the case, but we all know everyone viewed Latrice as a threat. Okay, fine, I am biased towards Latrice. Whatever. Anyway, Manila and Monet both went on to reveal the lipstick in their bras and the victim was Valentina. It was pretty obvious she struggled in the challenge, but in typical Valentina fashion, she was so in love with her performance she was shocked and confused to find herself selected by both Manila and Monet to sashay away.

    It didn’t matter whose lipstick was selected, though. Everyone was safe and the challenge this week was to shake that all up. The eliminated queens had the chance to lipsynch against a contestant still in the competition. If the eliminated queen won, she would be back in the competition and the current queen would have to sashay away. If the queen still in the competition won, she got to stay and the eliminated queen would remain out of the competition. If the eliminated queens swept the lipsynchs, next week the workroom could be a completely different atmosphere. Except for Manila and Monet, since they won the challenge last week, they had immunity this week. What a good week to have security in the competition, right?

    It got even shadier when RuPaul announced the eliminated queens would get to hand-select the queen they would face in the lipsynch. Since Latrice went home most recently, she got to pick who she would lipsynch against first and the rest of the queens would follow in that order. The tension in the workroom was absolutely there. The queens still in the competition were incredibly nervous, but no one would actually admit it. Except for Naomi, who made it clear she was shaking in her boots. Latrice made it clear she had planned to select Monique to face in the battle for her life. Wouldn’t you love to send home who sent you home AND take their place in the competition?! Farrah Moan made the same decision, making it obvious she would be selecting Valentina to lipsynch for her spot back in the competition against. The two of them had a moment while they were getting ready. Farrah asked if Valentina actually felt she was the worst in the episode she sent her home on. Valentina very confidently said yes. Farrah responded… calmly? There was no real drama to be had. What this episode really missed was more Jasmine Masters soundbites. GIVE US MORE JUSH CONTENT!

    On the mainstage, it was a family affair. The judges’ panel was stacked with all of our favorite judges; RuPaul, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and Ross Matthews. This mainstage sequence had everything! RuPaul’s legs, Michelle Visage in eye to torso green (her most favorite color!), and the award-winning combination of Carson and Ross. The queens did a quick runway walk first. Trinity came out in a long cloak, hiding her outfit for the lipsynch. Farrah looked like a beautiful parrot. Naomi Smalls wore barely anything at all, but it was my favorite look. RuPaul called Manila Luzon ‘Manila Lasagna’ because of her pasta themed attire. It was overall a joyful experience for me.

    It was time for the queens to face off in the ultimate lipsync battle. Having been eliminated first, Jasmine got to choose who she wanted to perform against last, meaning she got whoever the other queens didn’t want. On top of getting selected a queen to compete against, she had to perform first! Trinity was who she went head-to-head against to Ru’s song Peanut Butter’. Both queens seemed to lack lyric memorization. As much as I love Jasmine, and by love I mean I would die for her, it was pretty clear Trinity would be staying. Farrah faced her selection next. She and Valentina performed to Kitty Girl. Valentina came out energetic and hot right out of the gate. Though Farrah found her groove towards the end of the number, giving us every pop star floor move, Valentina kept her spot.

    Next came Gia Gunn, who selected to face Naomi Smalls. Naomi was nervous because Gia is apart of the Haus of Edwards, only one of the most iconic hauses in Drag Race herstory, especially when it came to dancing. They were selected to lipsynch to Adrenaline and Naomi absolutely killed it. Both Naomi and Gia had long, gorgeous, flowing hair; but Naomi brought the high fashion and sex appeal we look for in her drag to the lipsynch. She got to keep her spot.

    It was now the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and by we I mean myself. Latrice and Monique faced off the Sissy That Walk for one of the most fun lipsynchs to grace the mainstage. Both queens had a wig reveal that housed a second wig underneath. They were both on point with knowing the words and bringing the energy we love seeing from their performances. Latrice dropped into a split and proceeded to headbang on the floor. Like, what more could you want? It was definitely a close decision to be made. Who would Ru pick? Latrice AND Monique of course. Double shantay you stay this week!

    And just like that, Latrice is back in the competition, Monique gets to keep her spot regardless, and no one else went home! This episode was surely a roller coaster, but like, a really fun roller coaster at Disneyland. Next week I’ll be back to fill you in on a brand new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars where the queens will be creating their own nightclub? All I could really tell from that preview at the end of this week’s episode was Valentina painting walls and I truly can’t wait to see how those turn out. Also, be sure to check back on Thursday as the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11 cast is announced! What an exciting week for drag it’s been!

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