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Can you guys believe this is the last episode before the finale?! Life’s not fair! This may be the wildest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars yet! This week our girls had to star in a movie about the sex lives of New York City singles. It was a lot, so let’s get into it!

The queens returned to the workroom after an incredibly shocking elimination. Manila Luzon is gone and to quote Monique Heart, “the choppery”. Naomi Smalls sent her home and felt guilty that she sent her home the first time she fell into the bottom two. Trinity Taylor had a big problem with it and felt she should have made it to the end with the track record she had. Trinity thought this was the first unfair elimination and called Naomi out for being shady. Monét X. Change, the self-proclaimed ‘shady bitch from Brooklyn’, revealed that she too had Manila’s lipstick in her bra as well! Because Manila was going to send Monet home to save her friend in Latrice Royale, she had to go. I appreciate the shade here, I must admit.

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 2

It was a new day in the workroom and the first thing we must do is praise Naomi for her Superstar reference. Okay, now that we got that out of the way, it’s the top five! For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens had to make a mockumentary. Basically, they were doing a Sex and the City spin-off. Naomi, the Sex and the City superfan, got to distribute the roles. Naomi chose the role of SJP, the biggest in the script. Monet and Trinity both wanted the Kim part, but ultimately it came down to the official sorting method, rock, paper, scissors. Trinity won the role of Kim. Monet ended up with Kristen, the sensitive and pretty girl. Monique had KJo and Latrice got Cynthia. Monique decided to give her character a… twitch? Interesting.

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 3

ACTION! The queens worked with Ross Matthews to record their mockumentary. Naomi had a hard time getting her lines down and Ross kept asking her to tone down her performance. No one really seemed to have their lines down. Trinity’s lines were completely jumbled and she couldn’t get the voice for Kim down. Monet was definitely much more fit for the role. Monique walked in and changed the vibe with her great injury and lack of twitch. Also, she snatched her own wig. To quote Monet, she’s suffering from chronic wig loss. This was a mess!

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 4

It was elimination day and it was time for the queens to get into drag for my favorite runway theme ever, kitty cat couture. Everyone felt confident in their performances, for some reason. When asked if Monet thought she could have done a better job playing Kim than Trinity, which I think was a fair assessment. It was time for the age-old conversation about the elimination process. Trinity was again adamant she would judge by the report card, while Latrice said she will pick someone she thought would properly carry on the legacy to move forward, not the whole capitalistic and selfish aspect of selling merch and making music videos. I have nothing but love and respect for Latrice.

On the runway, Ru was joined by Ross Matthews, the star who turned down the lead in Sex and the Titty, Michelle Visage, designer Jason Wu, and the real star of Sex and the Titty, Felicity Huffman. The queens hit the runway in cat inspired couture, cature if you would. I’m sorry, I will leave now.

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 5

The mocumentary debut and it was, well, interesting. Trinity was actually pretty decent in her role as Kim, though the voice wasn’t there. I didn’t think anyone did too awful, but no one really stood out positively either. Also, they turned into clowns at the end? For the Met Gala and there were pies involved? I don’t know how any of this happened.

It was time for the judges’ critiques. Trinity got high praise for both her look on the runway and her performance in the video. Everyone thought she stood out with her performance. Michelle thought Monet looked like a mouse instead of a cat and they thought she didn’t pop as much with her character. Jason is Latrice’s biggest fan but thought her dress was a little understated. Ross gave her high praise for her performance. Michelle and Jason loved Naomi’s look but thought her character lacked likeability. Monique got high praise for her look AND performance. She had a great night. Trinity and Monique were the last two top All Stars of the week! Those who were not in the top were in the bottom, making the decision that much harder!

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 6

Back in the workroom, the bottom queens plead their case to the top queens. Trinity made it clear the entire season she planned to play by the rules with elimination but dropped a hint that she may have sent home Monet. Both Naomi and Monet made the case for Latrice to go home. Monique also hinted at sending home Monet. Was everyone about to break the rules?! There was also drama between the three bottom queens over who should go home. This episode was a lot, kitty girls.

Racing With Haley: Sex and the Kitty Girl 7

It was the moment of truth. Trinity and Monique hit the mainstage to lipsynch for their legacy to When I think of You by Janet Jackson. Both wore big skirts that came off for a reveal. This lipsynch was great, it was high energy and so fun. The judges were cracking up, which is always a good sign. Ultimately, Trinity won and had to decide who would be left out of the top four. We said farewell to one of my all-time favorite queens AGAIN! Latrice, you are the ultimate All Star!

So, whose team are you on? Are you Team Trinity? Team Monet? Team Naomi? Or Team Monique? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite on Twitter and Instagram using their hashtag!

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