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    What The Walking Dead: The Storm

    Hello friends! Season 9 has officially come to a close, and I am so sad to see it go! I have to say, this season was by far one of the best. Angela Kang really took The Walking Dead to new heights with these sixteen episodes and has really rekindled the fire that has brought fans back year after year. Whew, okay let’s talk about this episode and the season as a whole shall we? Follow this link for a recap of last week’s episode, “The Calm Before”.

    Winter Has Come

    Damn! Now that is a storm. This episode of The Walking Dead finally answered one of my burning questions I have pondered for many years… What the hell happens when it snows during a zombie apocalypse? I am here to tell you that the result is really quite spectacular. The visual effects team had a field day with this episode! There were Walkers crawling out of the thick layers of snow with a slight nod to the Night of the Living Dead. Walkers were literally frozen solid which generated some pretty awesome kills. It’s episodes like this that almost make the zombie apocalypse seem fun. All in all, this episode was visually incredible. The cast and crew deserve so many props. Costume designer Elaine Montalvo knows how to throw down a trendy winter wardrobe.

    In terms of the plot, there wasn’t too much there. Basically, it’s snowing cats and dogs outside and our groups seek shelter within Hilltop and Alexandria. Along the way, things get pretty chilly. Lydia begs Carol to end her life, which Carol decides is a opportunity she can pass up at this time. Ezekiel and Carol’s relationship is on the rocks after the death of Henry. I would be lying if I said I was disappointed because this clears the way for my dude Daryl to swoop in and make this ship a reality. Finally, Negan is let out of his cell to flea with the others and avoid a transition into popsicle life. While journeying with the others, Judith runs off to save Daryl’s dog. Negan runs after Judith and saves her from hypothermia. Negan is coming to the light! Finally, we find out out Alpha and Beta are somewhere warmer. We end on a view of Beta punishing Alpha for… well I am not really sure.

    That’s A Wrap!

    Season 9 of The Walking Dead was amazing! So much happened, I am still blown away. To put this into perspective, the beginning of the season opened with Rick trying to bring the multiple colonies together to build a bridge. This was the same season! I will admit, I do miss Rick Grimes. How could you not? But Angela Kang was able to propel this show to new heights. I am very excited to see how this show continues to play out. The show has its groove back!

    Another season down. Season 10 is set to begin filming any moment now. Hurry up! Thank you all for reading “What The Walking Dead”. I really enjoyed this season and I am very much looking forward to the next. I wish I could feel sad, but Game of Thrones is premiering in days so, we will be okay! Always remember to double check for a mask when killing zombies.

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