For whatever reason, this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race focused on… farms? Who knows, but at least we got some Alyssa Edwards screen time. Here’s all that went down on the latest episode of your favorite TV show!

The episode opened up with a warning for the eliminated Scarlet Envy to not watch the beginning from Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo since Ra’Jah O’Hara went straight into dragging her while reading her exit message! The shade. Clearly, Ra’Jah was starting to crack under the pressure, especially after Scarlet named her on the runway as who should have gone home last week. Like Nina West said, she’s become her own ~saboteur~. RuPaul and Alfred Hitchcock would be so proud of how that word as spread amongst the community since Drag Race’s iconic use of the term ‘inner saboteur’.

It was a new day in the workroom and Yvie Oddly was still on crutches. Silky Nutmeg Ganache asked who the queens get compared to from past seasons and I loved Yvie’s answer, Naomi Smalls until they see her drag. Amazing. RuPaul entered the room not too long after, sharing that the queens would be doing boob-ography in a sack race. The queens had way too much fun getting their boobs together. The slow motion shots of the fake boobs bouncing everywhere was footage I could have gone without, but I did enjoy watching some of them lose boobs in the process. Nina West and Shuga Cain were the winners but I’m not completely convinced they didn’t win just because of the puns Ru got to make with their names. Nina Breast and Shuga Tits were too good to pass up.

So this week, the queens had to make a look out of… organic produce? Okay, werrrk! It’s been eleven seasons, girl, they’re running low on ideas! Good news is the queen’s got fed a healthy meal. I mean, they should have been constructing outfits out them, but of course they were eating it. Plastique Tiara felt pressure to prove herself in the design challenge, while A’Keria struggled to work with the alternative materials. Yvie is the queen of making outfits out of alternative materials, so she was feeling confident. She also lended some help to Vanjie who has left the judges desperate to see a new soulitte from her.

Ru did her typical sweep of the workroom while the girls were working. For whatever reason, she asked Brooke Lynn Hytes who she thought should go home, right there in the middle of the workroom. She said Ra’Jah and that was that. No further discussion, interesting. Meanwhile, Ra’Jah was very confident going into this challenge, mentioning that she is known for designing all her own outfits. Plastique got to open up to Ru about her issues with portraying herself because of her upbringing. She really broke down feeling like she has caused her family unhappiness. I loved how Nina gave her high praise in her confessional, unlike SOME people’s reaction *eyeball emoji*. Ru continued grilling the queens, asking who should go home. Silky said Yvie because she is hurt, but there was some clear shade behind that. Yvie dished it right back, saying Silky should go home because she doesn’t listen critiques. We got some real drama here, girls!

After all that shade, Ru announced that the girls would be meeting a mystery guest on the main stage to go over their runway presentation. I’m not sure what going over their runway presentation means, I’m just thrilled we got Alyssa Edwards time, and who better to teach them how to bring it to the runway. We learned that Alyssa got her tubes tied after Laganja Estranja but decided to have one more and then came Plastique. Yes, Plastique is her daughter, but no favoritism! My favorite character on the runway was Vanjie. Her personality is just so good, though Alyssa did say it looked like she was running from the cops; and after that episode of Untucked, maybe she was. I loved watching Plastique’s personality shine through, as well! Y’all  thought they were just going to have some fun on the runway? No way, Alyssa was there to teach them a little country jig on the mainstage.

It was elimination day and the queens were back in the workroom finishing up their looks for the runway. A’Keria had some issues with organic dye and had to scrap her entire outfit. She made something quick, working with what she had. Ra’Jah also changed her idea since apparently Plastique stole all her material. Yvie’s ankle was better. Like Nina said, the only sick she is, is sickening!

RuPaul was joined on the mainstage this week by Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Amber Valletta, and Kandi Burruss as the queens showed off their produce inspired looks. First came their pumpkin pie performance directed by Alyssa Edwards. It was pure camp, of course. RuPaul had a great time yelling yeehaw, so I guess that’s all that matters. Then came the runway, category is: farm to runway. The judges’ insane dad puns rivaled those of our HBIC Chiffon Dior! Some looks who stood out to me this week were Yvie, Brooke, and Plastique!

It was time for the judges critiques. Shuga, Silky, and Vanjie were all safe this week. Yvie, Brooke, and Plastique all got very high praise. Not just for their looks, but also for their personalities in country dance. Ra’Jah, Nina, and A’Keria weren’t so lucky. Ra’Jah got their very obvious hardest critiques. Her outfit was falling apart. It was no surprise Ra’Jah and A’Keria were going to be in the bottom two, while Plastique took home the win!

Ra’Jah and A’Keria faced off to Strut by Sheena Easton. I thought A’Keria really sold it. When she started playing whatever air instrument that was supposed to be, I lost it. Then, Ra’Jah lost her wig, and you knew it was a clear A’Keria victory. Ra’Jah has lost her title as the lip synch assassin.

Also here is a quick recap of Untucked:

Join me next week as the girls play the Snatch Game AT SEA. I can’t wait to see how that turns out!