DEATH IS COOOOOOOOOOMING….and not just cause this ended with the Army of the Dead arriving. 

Tonight seemed like it was about giving the giving the characters, that we have come to love, a final moment of peace but really it wasn’t for them. Tonight was giving one final moment of happiness but not to the characters, because after what is shaping up to be a bloodbath, tonight was about giving US one more moment of joy that we might not feel for a while.

Tonight was also about tying up loose ends and they start right off with Jamie answering for his crimes before the Queen…except this queen is immune to his charm cause she has no interest in getting down with inces….err…well more not that later. Dany starts doing the Dany intimidation thing, while we were on this subject:

The entire series people have ragged on Jamie, calling him “Kingslayer” as a negative. Aerys Targaryen was about to kill THOUSANDS….was Jamie supposed to just…LET that happen? No….so Westeros needs to stop acting like Aerys deserved to keep living. Besides, Jamie Lannister has done way worse things to garner the ire of the people…which is all recounted before they let him stay because it’s brought up with the good he’s done. Jamie truly has had one of the most interesting character journeys of anyone. I truly believe that he should not die next week. I feel his death will be tied with Cersei’s. I think he’ll be the one to kill her or die alongside her.

The other Lannister was also a major discussion point…kinda. Not so much Tyrion per se, but his brain and his use to Dany. Jorah being the odd key defender. Jorah will most likely die saving Dany but it could be die saving Tyrion as a means to help her.

Sansa, who is turning you a full on LEWK this week, has become Ned Stark…except a better, wiser, and smarter version of him. Her scene with Dany cemented that while underscoring the revelation of Jon’s parentage. Sansa did what Jon wouldn’t. Sansa would not stand down the way Jon did. She’s a Stark, Jon is not. I truly hope they do not kill Sansa next week. I can’t see a way it would make sense other than for the sake of devastation. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell, if Winterfell is to be rebuilt, she is the Stark to do it. Bran isn’t a Stark anymore and Arya doesn’t seem the type to stay put. Without Sansa Winterfell will be forever fallen.

We got a little closure, of sorts, to Bran and Jamie. I thought the scene, short though it was, was beautiful. Bran didn’t forgive Jamie but he couldn’t, he isn’t Bran. He used the logic of why Jamie was kept alive but added a twisted bit of logic: If Jamie hadn’t pushed Bran out he wouldn’t have been able to become a better person that came up North alone to fight for the living. I started to think of what is Bran’s ultimate purpose here. I wondered that if he’s tied to the Night King, and considering how much emphasis was put on Tyrion’s brain and his days of who he was long passed, what if Bran dies to help kill the Night King and Tyrion becomes the 3 Eyed Raven? In either event Bran’s journey I believe is coming to an end but how and why has yet to be seen, as he says to Jamie, “What makes you think there will be an after?”

The rest of this episode was bringing people together to give us some time with characters that we might not have after next week.

-The scene with the survivors of the Wall was wonderful it gave the Wall story, which was so important at the beginning of this show, a final moment. 

-The group around the fireplace was such a great reflection of things that had happen and gave characters, once at odds, a moment where they could become allies. Brienne achieves a dream in becoming a knight….which leads me to believe….ugh….I don’t wanna even type it but watching Buffy has prepared me for this. I could also see a situation where Brienne dies for Jamie. Brienne is similar to Ned in that her honor can cloud her judgment. This was a fitting moment for their storyline in any event. Jamie gave her the armor to protect her, the sword so she could fight, this was the last thing Jamie could give her…or is there one more thing?

-Ayra finally got Gendry and made Robert’s line about uniting his son with Ned’s daughter come true in a way neither fathers could have fathomed. Speaking of Ayra, I really don’t like how they’ve dealt with her and the Hound up until this point when finally, the Hound said, “I fought for you didn’t I?” I think with that Arya understood, in the Hound’s own way, he cared for her and that his time with her changed him as she was the closest thing to him having humanity. 

-Lastly, in what was the worst possible time to say a damn thing, Jon told Dany the truth and she took it in exactly the only way Dany could. I get that it was supposed to be dramatic television, but right before they all have this fight, why did he think that was smart? Why the actual FUCK would he think that was the time? I guess we shall see. If nothing else it was a reminder that whatever happens after next week, the world we know is truly gone.

The major moment of importance was the one in the War Room. We are seeing all of these people, that were enemies at one point, around the same table united. This was the payoff to all those who wanted to truly unite the realm. This is what it looks like. This has been what the series always been leading to and everything after next week will be the epilogue.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, in summation:  

“Dany still thinks her dad didn’t deserve to die and it SHOWS. Jamie did a lot of bad bad things. Arya needs a king size Sprite cause her thirst is LARGE. Pod has become a tasty looking snack. The seamstress of Winterfell is working the most overtime. Gilly is probably the best mother on this show. People don’t realize it’s not Bran…to be fair….he’s kinda vague about it. Winterfell citizens are kinda racist. Arya’s the jealous type. It’s more shocking to watch Arya get some than it is to watch her kill someone when she was 11. Lyanna has NO time Jorah’s shit either. Did we ever land on what Sam would be doing in this fight? This show is totally gonna make us watch Grey Worm watch Missandei die. Jon telling Dany this revelation before the most important war ever proves he still knows nothing.”

This wasn’t an episode of Game of Thrones, it was a goodbye, the unsettling thing is that we don’t know to who. I fully expect around Tuesday I’ll start crying in advance…ice cream is holding off the tears until then. 

Keep geek.