I got to chat with LoveConnie about her new show Connie-Wood. Connie-Wood is a super fun web series on WOWPresents Plus (Subscribe now here!) . We talked about her journey to get her show, what it was like having a guest spot on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and her time spent in sketch comedy!

For new fans who may not be familiar with you, you have a very unique style! How did you create your drag character?

The character has been around for awhile through a gay sketch comedy group called  The Nellie Olsens, named after the mean Little House on the Prairie . The group was non-PC, bratty, and somewhat intellectual. I started as an actor in musical theatre and had no characters. The only character I could come up with Connie, a ramshackle beauty contestant from the south. Which is what I was, a gay man from the South. I’m also a fitness professional, I taught aerobics at the first Equinox, so Connie has points from that. That was the selling point to get me on an episode of Drag Race.

Your new show “Connie-Wood” debuted this week on WOWPresents Plus. How did you get involved with World of Wonder on this project?

They reached out to me two years ago when they were starting the subscription network. Putting stuff on the web is a foreign language for me, a grandma who loves 70s films and 80’s music. I want to bring old school into the 21st century. My live shows revolve around music with no speaking. Not even really lip syncing, more dance and mime comedy, developed with sketch group. I did an aerobic routine with the group as effeminate guys in spandex turning dancing and movement into a comedy routine. Comedy comes from commenting on the irony of the pop song dancing too or the beefy hair six foot guy in Nomi Malone lingerie and selling it. Women really respond to the exploitive parts because Connie always comes out on top.

WOW wanted us to do something together but I didn’t know what to do. I don’t write words, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to do a talk show. WOW was persistent to do something. I found myself unemployed and decided to jump in with WOW. It has evolved as we’ve gone along. The most fun thing about it is it reminds me of early John Waters’ gorilla filmmaking. I would be stupid to turn down lights, cameras, and green screens. They’re making me the most beautiful i’ve ever looked. The editors are great, working what I do live into the show to make it unique. I started crying when I saw the first episode. It’s true to who I am as a person. I haven’t gotten one negative comment. People respond to Connie’s energy well.

What can fans expect to see this season on Connie Wood?

Well, in the second episode as we left off, she’s going to audition to be an aerobics instructor. You have to find other things to do to support your audition habit in hollywood! There’s a lot of fantasies involved, no matter how much Connie’s dreams get pulled and prodded at, she is very hopeful always. If she sees something she may be good at, she’s going to get it. She always rises, but the reality is, I don’t know if the world is ready for Connie. Gay actors are always put into the hairdresser roles or other stereotypes. That truth is in there, not obviously, but there’s so much of a real person in there. Getting the truth out there. These stories are told in Connie-Wood. She’ll even have to do some phone sex on the side! Every experience anyone in Hollywood coming up has. Exploit it!

Also going to break in slasher movie elements. Bits of halloween and when a stranger calls in there. Not to give anything away!

What was your favorite part of working on the show?

It’s so stressful and kind of crazy, my favorite part would be grabbing the camera, filming, and make it up on the spot, then shuffle it together and have it be beautiful and make sense and make people laugh. The character is so fun too!

Thank you for so much for your time and best of luck with the show. We’re all excited for it here at WERRRK.com. In the meantime, where can fans keep up with you on the internet?

I love Instagram and I have a fan page on Facebook! For an old woman, I am on Instagram a lot!

You can catch Connie-Wood on WOWPresents Plus! I promise you’ll want to check this show out, it’s a lot of fun!

Photos courtesy of World of Wonder.