RuPaul’s Drag Race is back this week after that landmark double elimination! Yvie Oddly and Brooke Lynn Hytes were both very thankful to have been saved after they bombed Snatch Game. Meanwhile, Silky Nutmeg Ganache celebrated her win, but everyone agreed the pressure was on. Well, except Silky, who doesn’t plan on making any changes moving forward. Shuga Cain was shocked that Silky had no plans to adapt and adjust to impress the judges. But the real issue was Brooke Lynn’s titty getting stuck on her actual chest.

It was a new day in the workroom and A’Keria Davenport kicked it off by showing us all Silky’s boobs. Thank you, A’Keria. No ‘oooh girl’ again this week, RuPaul entered the workroom with a bunch of glasses which meant one thing, THE LIBRARY WAS OPEN! Nina West had to explain her first read but recovered, while I was just proud Plastique Tiara knew the name of a football team. As expected, Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo just yelled and hit no punchlines but I laughed anyway. Yvie may have been my favorite, but Brooke Lynn also made me laugh. That joke about kissing Vanjie just to make her shut up, so good. A’Kiera and Shuga were also pretty funny. Silky… No comment. Brooke Lynn ended up taking home the reading challenge win.

For this week’s maxi challenge, the girls will be doing improv in a new TV show, Los Angeles Drag Patrol or L.A.D.P. Brooke got to assign pairs, taking Nina for herself. Vanjie and Plastique, A’Keria and Yvie, and Silky and Shuga were paired together. Yvie thought she was trying to rig it in her favor, but I thought she was doing everyone a favor by pairing a loud and funny queen with a quiet and more reserved one. The pairs seemed balanced to me. Ru assigned them all storylines, but they were so ridiculous I couldn’t keep up to write them down. Sorry.

As the queens prepared their characters for the improv performance, Brooke and Nina struggled to decide on who would play which character and switched mid run through. That didn’t seem too promising. RuPaul counseled Vanjie on building up her personality rather than going from zero to 100. Ru and Yvie both emphasized the fact that she needed to bounce back from her horrible Snatch Game performance. Of course, in order to impress on this challenge, YOU HAVE TO MAKE RU LAUGH!

Fortune Feimster and Cheyenne Jackson played the police officers while the queens were the criminals, because of course they were. I liked how the queens who weren’t in the sketch got to watch their castmates from the workroom. Silky and Shuga did okay, nothing too impressive but a few laughs were there. Brooke Lynn fully nude going under the name Stardust Glamazon was truly too much, but failed to give Nina the keyword to come out! My favorite part was when Fortune started laughing while Brooke Lynn and Nina were having their moment. Plastique and Vanjie did the most bizzare performance in full cat costumes. I loved how Vanjie went straight into yelling even though her goal was to ease into her loud personality. Vanjie, never change. Their storyline was all over the place, though. A’Keria and Yvie had a big fighting scene, but the best pat was the car door almost hitting Cheyenne in the face when he was getting out of the car. A’Keria’s personality came out full force and I loved it! Also, Yvie’s dad is Mark Wahlberg and A’Keria is her mother. What an insane challenge.

The runway this week was called ‘facekini’. I was incredibly confused but apparently it was all about serving face with only showing your eyes and lips. Okay, werrrk! Nina was very nervous, while Silky was having the time of her life. She decided to only put on a lip that day and didn’t even have her costume finished while all the other queens were getting in full drag.

As always, Michelle Visage joined Ru on the judges panel, as well as Cheyenne, Fortune, and Natasha Lyonne. First, can we talk about how gorgeous Michelle looked? Okay, back to the show. This runway was unique and I especially loved Nina and Yvie’s looks! Both of them ended up being the safe queens this week. Silky finally got called out for overshadowing in scenes, Shuga then also got read for not standing out. Brooke got the credit she deserved for letting go! Vanjie got read for her silhouette and had another week where she didn’t know what words meant on the runway, one of my favorite things about Vanjie; her honesty. Plastique didn’t have a full facekini, so that was a downfall, but she did get praised for dance moves. Not much else positive for her, unfortunately. A’Keria was given high praise, as she deserved! Silky, Shuga, and Brooke were safe. A’Keria got herself a win, while Vanjie and Plastique were up for elimination.

Vanjie and Plastique faced off to Hood Boy by Fantasia Barrino. This song was definitely more in Vanjie’s wheelhouse. Plastique didn’t go down without a fight, though. Are all lip syncs going to feel lackluster after last week? This one was pretty good, but we were spoiled last week. In the end, it was Plastique who sashayed away. Who else will miss seeing her on the show? I felt like we were just getting to know her.

I’ll see you next week when we watch the queens perform a… magic show? I am incredibly intrigued.