This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was another disappointing one, let’s be honest! It all started with Nina West celebrating her win. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be celebrating long. Anyway, before my own personal feelings get involved too much, let’s recap this episode.

First of all, RuPaul walked in rocking full cowboy fantasy. The min challenge involved the queens slapping each other, which is always welcomed in my book. Nina and Silky Nutmeg Ganache were first up, which was foreshadowing. A’Keria Davenport had the best line to Nina West. You know the one. Brooke Lynn Hytes won the challenge though, and deservingly so. She was hilarious.

It was time for Ru to dish what this week’s challenge was. The girls had to give makeovers to… The eliminated queens! Soju, Scarlet Envy, Plastique Tiara, Ariel Versace, Shuga Cain, and Honey Davenport were the contestants, but they were not to return. Brooke got to pick the pairs, she chose Plastique. Nina had Shuga, Yvie got Scarlet, A’Kiera had Honey, Silky with Soju, Ariel and Vanjie were the last pair. Everyone had a great match that fit with either their look or their personality, except for Silky and Soju. Silky thought she was attempting to take her down with this pairing. Maybe so?

As the queens got together, Ariel revealed her wigs were missing! So all those wigs everyone thought they received as gifts from Ariel turn out to be one big mistake. Very bizzare how that happened. Meanwhile, Yvie had a full concept. The look was more based off a tribe than the dictionary definition of family. Scarlet got to have her moment walking around the workroom in her outfit, her favorite past time. Scarlet is back! Vanjie decided to put Ariel’s look before her own, wanting to rebound from falling in the bottom last week. Soju’s cyst is gone, I think, but her tendonitis is raging! She dropped the bomb that she doesn’t wear heels and walked for the first time in ‘high’ heels TONIGHT. Can you believe?! Vanjie had never been so gagged.

When Ru made her rounds, it was nice to hear the relation between the Davenport family across the country. Honey’s New York background focuses less on pageants, while the Texas Davenports, like A’Keria thrive in the pageant circuit. Ru then would read Brooke Lynn for her choice to pair Soju and Silky together. Everyone was suspicious, but she kept her strategy to herself, if she had one. Ru confronted Silky on her pads and the issues she’s had on the runway. Silky had nothing to say on the subject. Anyone else getting tired of this? We also got to finally hear a little about the Haus of West. Dare I say one of the best, most kind hearted drag family in the world?! I loved her idea of representing the pride flag and the trans pride flag on the runway!

Finally, we got some drama with the eliminated queens. Scarlet dished to Nina and Yvie that she was surprised to see Silky and Vanjie were still in the competition. A’Keria decided she was going to clear the air about everything, starting with Ariel’s wigs. Truth be told, although Plastique and Ariel were close, the wigs were not left for her. Ra’Jah O’Hara apparently took off with the one wig she wanted back. It was apparently all a misunderstanding. When she had the chance to pop off, she backed off. Then came question number two, why was Scarlet surprised Silky and Vanjie were still there? Scarlet owned up to it, told Silky why she feels that way, and Silky popped off, of course. Scarlet saying Silky’s runways are held to a different standard wasn’t wrong. Thankfully, Yvie was there to drive Scarlet’s point home. Nothing got through SIlky’s head, though.

On the mainstage, Ru was joined by Michelle Visage, Ross Matthews, Lena Waithe, and Wanda Sykes. I loved this judges’ panel! Scarlet and Yvie really sold their runway, it was so fun to watch. The laughs! My god. I also loved Ariel and Vanjie doing the ‘Miss Vanjie” backwards walk on the runway. It as a lot of fun. The critiques rolled in and I was surprised Yvie got read a bit for her look. Nina got some negative criticism, though they loved the pride and trans flag coming together on the runway as a statement. A’Keria got nothing but praise, which was deserved as they did look beautiful. Silky got negative critiques for her costumes looking cheap. Soju finally got to reunite with Ross, it was too bad her make up was so bad for it! Silky was full of excuses. I was SO excited for Vanjie, who finally got praise from Michelle! She was proud of her! It was so good Vanjie started crying. Brooke Lynn got high praise as well, which was another emotional moment because it was an ode to her drag mother.

Ru asked the question, who should go home? Yvie, Scarlet, Shuga, Honey, Ariel, Brooke Lynn, and Plastique said Silky, while Nina, A’Kieria, Silky, Soju, and  Vanjie said Yvie. Silky went for the jugular, calling her mean. My heart broke for Yvie when she started crying. At least those who read Silky did so because of her look or her performance in the challenge. That was purely out of resentment.

Back on the mainstage, A’Keria and Vanjie were safe, while Brooke Lynn took home the win. I thought for sure Vanjie had the win! Yvie ended up being safe, though she was in the bottom three. Silky and Nina fell into the bottom two. This was both of their first time lip syncing! They did it to No Scrubs by TLC. What a good song. Neither queen pulled out any stunts. It definitely felt a bit messy. Ru wasn’t impressed either, but of course kept Silky. We bid farewell to a legend and fan favorite here at, Nina West. We will miss her greatly!

Next week we will have a TOP FOUR! This season has flown by! Let us know what you thought of this week’s episode in the comments below!