I can’t believe another season of our favorite show, RuPaul’s Drag Race has come and gone. This season was full of twists, turns, and LOTS of drama. The time has finally come to crown a winner!

But before all that, we got to see the eliminated queens hit the runway one more time. Some standouts for me were Plastique Tiara, Nina West, and OF COURSE Shuga Cain. That reveal? She looked stunning. The best look on the runway, in my opinion.

RuPaul joined all the eliminated queens on the stage in a wonderful lime green dress I’m sure Michelle Visage was thrilled about. She talked about the great success this show run by queer people has become such a success. The impact Drag Race has is inspiring. I’m thankful a show like this exists. Okay, done with the sappy crap, let’s bring the shade back.

I loved how each of the final four got to make a video montage talking about their experience on the show and throughout their drag career. A’Keria Davenport’s was first and it was so cute. She hit the runway with Ru in the most beautiful feathered outfit. We then got to see her mom and granny, who are ADORABLE. Granny had no problem accepting her drag queen grandson, she knew it before A’Keria did! I love getting to see the queens family or chosen family every finale.

In between interviewing the final four, RuPaul narrated a wonderful tribute to Stonewall. It was a beautiful reminder to use our voices in each election cycle. Please remember to vote in your local and national election to secure the LGBT rights the revolutionists from the past secured for us.

Didn’t I say I wanted shade? All I’ve gotten were more emotional moments! Anyway, Brooke Lynn Hytes was up next. Her video featured Tiffany Pollard, for which I was thankful. Watching her dance on Hollywood Blvd with a stranger proved she really did put some ‘stank’ on her drag. She joined Ru on the stage in a beautiful white eleganza look. Brooke Lynn’s mom was in the audience and she is just as adorable as she was on video backstage during untucked. Before they cut to commercial, we got a rudemption performance of ‘oppalance, you owe everything” by Mercedes Iman Diamond and Kahanna Montrese and Ru’s laugh throughout said it all.

Maybe the most emotional moment of the night, we got a in memoriam reel for Michelle’s boobs, who we lost this year. RIP, you will be missed. Okay, back to the final four. Silky Nutmeg Ganache had a lot to say in her video, but that’s her brand. TS Madison made a cameo in her video and again, I was thankful. She looked gorgeous in a black beaded gown. Her mom and older brother were in the audience supporting her. Her brother was a hoot. Her mom explained Silky’s drag to her own mother as ‘the best of both worlds’ which is SO cute.

After Silky’s time on the stage with Ru, Christine and the Queens performed a cover of Sissy That Walk with several queens from the past seasons walking the runway. Raja looked incredible, because of course she did. All that mattered to me,though, was that Jasmine Masters on the stage. Give that woman her own show already!

You know what this episode was missing? Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo. Thankfully, they gave her a microphone and sent her to the streets. Everyone she surveyed were definitely not told to say they were devastated, they were definitely, genuinely devastated. I mean, even a dog signed the petition to get her face on that lip sync wheel, so you know it’s legit.

Once Vanjie walked backwards off the stage, we got Yvie Oddly’s video montage. She won us all over being the weirdo and her video showcased exactly why. Her dad being in a motorcycle club and making them watch Drag Race was the best thing I ever heard. The whole building started chanting Yvie once her segment with Ru ended. That was definitely my favorite interview with the final four.

Finally, the top four were all together on the stage ready to lip sync for the crown. Remember, a wheel is spun, a pair of queens face off, followed by the two who weren’t selected in the first round. The winners of each round move on to the final round and one of them gets crowned the winner! Silky was selected first and she chose to go against Brooke Lynn, which was a weird move I thought. That left Yvie and A’Keria for round two.

Brooke Lynn got to choose the box that contained the song and picked box 96 which contained Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child. This season really nailed it with lip sync songs! Silky came out a little too strong, instantly doing a wig and outfit reveal. Brooke Lynn quickly upped her with a SHOE REVEAL! Can you believe?! Scarlet Envy’s reaction to Brooke Lynn’s jump splits captured my exact emotion. Of course Ru made us wait until after commercials to announce Brooke Lynn took round one. Bye, Silky!

A’Keria and Yvie were assigned SOS by Rihanna. Again, another amazing lip sync song. This matchup was more neck-to-neck. A’Keria killed it with her classic style, while Yvie gave us all the camp we could have wanted. Yvie ended up coming out on top and faced Brooke Lynn in the final round.

Before the final lip sync, All Stars winner and season 10 Miss Congeniality Monét X Change announced this year’s winner. Nina West took home the trophy, much deserved of course. She really showed what it meant to be congenial. After the miss congeniality crowning, the reigning queen Aquaria took the stage in the most gorgeous phoenix inspired outfit.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for FINALLY happened. Brooke Lynn and Yvie faced off to Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory. Another perfect song! Let’s first talk about these outfits. Brooke Lynn’s cape that advertised there would be a reveal paired with Yvie’s look that showed off every angel of her face were incredible. These two were pitted against each other for the only double shantay, so this one was stiff competition. To me, it was a toss up. They were both fantastic.

Allow me to introduce you to our new reigning queen, Yvie Oddly! A very well deserved win and one of the most fun contestants to watch in Drag Race herstory! From all of us at WERRRK.com, condragulations Yvie!

Let us know your thoughts on the season in the comments below! I’ll see you in one week when Ru announces the next All Stars!