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    Pose: Worth It

    FX’s hit show Pose was back this week after the news that the show was already picked up for a third season! So, if you can’t get enough of the killer ball scenes, like the opening act of this episode, there’s more to come! This week the hauses prepared for the Eros ball, themed after the god of love.

    Elektra left the ball for her dominatrix gig, as one does. She made a fat stack and said she’s never felt bad for a man, which is a huge mood. The episode bounced to some more wholesome content after a commercial break. Angel helped mother Blanca prepare to get her own store front. She fixed her makeup and her wardrobe and sent her shopping. She ended up meeting with a racist homophobe. Her opinion of gentrification was almost as ugly as her makeup, but Blanca got the spot.

    The wholesome content ended shortly when the family had to attend another funeral. Nurse Judy confronted Blanca about how she wasn’t taking the medication for her AIDS diagnosis. It broke my heart when she said she felt she deserved the disease.

    Elektra had her first family dinner in her new haus. They served Slim Fast and popcorn and of course she wasn’t having it! It’s not about the food but the sisterhood, they say as each sister pulls hot sauce out of their bag and shakes it onto their popcorn. This scene really spoke to me. Then, it stopped speaking to me. Elektra blamed her downfall on getting her surgeries. I’m just glad she turned it into her rise to making a new haus, rather than regret over transitioning. Also, hey Jiggly Caliente!

    It was time for a ball. Haus of Evanglista’s Papi and Angel went all out with a Romeo and Juliet presentation. In the middle of a Cinderella number, the lights go out. Pray jumped to the same conclusion I did, someone forgot to pay the light bill! Nope, it was just Elektra making an entrance, literally, with her new haus. It turned into a full on brawl. Candy somehow had a hammer, again? Anyway, the moral of the story is Elektra’s Haus of Wintour are here, and their fierce.

    Ricky and Damon had a bump in their relationship during this week’s episode. It started out all cute and loving and ended in a brawl after rumors of cheating popped up at the ball. They then revealed that they had sex without a condom in front of Blanca, which of course set her off. With the amount of funerals they attend because of HIV/AIDS deaths, it really shook her up.

    The landlord who rented out the space to Blanca evicted her after her son outed her as trans. It’s terrible but still relevant today. Pray encourages her to fight the landlady and get the respect she deserves. Blanca continued to work on her shop after consulting a lawyer. Watching her chew out that terrible white woman really made me happy. She did that! Go off sis!

    It was family dinner night again. The table was much smaller without Elektra and her minions. Blanca decided to give a tutorial on how to use a condom. Everyone was making jokes, but Angel wasn’t having it. She understood the real risk they had by having unsafe sex. Blanca gave an emotional message about how her quest to feel loved lead her down a dangerous path. She opened up about her AIDS diagnosis with the family. Everyone gave her so much love. I lost it when Papi said how brave he thought she was and how he was going to look after her and make sure nothing happens to her through tears. It lead Ricky to get tested and thankfully he was negative. Now, Ricky and Damon needed to work on their trust.

    Eros ball kicked off with the category ‘high fashion in feathers’. Haus of Evangelista served, as always, but couldn’t get past an eight on the board. Candy hit the floor with angel wings made out of… foam? I guess she misunderstood the assignment. Haus of Wintour walked in their first category and were sickening, of course. They really did not come to play. Pray gave mother Blanca a shoutout for her fight to keep her business alive at the ball, which was SO cute. Meanwhile at the ball, Damon broke up with Ricky. He said he didn’t love himself anymore and needed to work on getting back to a positive place. It was so sad to watch.

    Nurse Judy and Blanca got together to start talking about her health. Blanca decided to start taking the medication. Judy was confident it would help save her life. She took the first dose in front of her and Judy offered her much needed support.

    Meanwhile, Blanca’s business opened its doors and she got her first customer! Angel showed off some of her poses to Papi, which was so cute. Ricky moved out of the Haus of Evangelista home. This allowed Damon to focus on himself. Elektra moved into a beautiful new place. The episode ended with a toast to family at the dinner table. Wow, another emotional episode in the books! Let us know how you felt about this week’s episode in the comments below!

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