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    Pose: Butterfly/Cocoon

    This week’s episode of Pose kicked off with Angel Avangelista in the finals of the fresh face modeling contest she entered. The women asking her questions seemed to rush through them, but Angel’s genuine personality came through and she gave sincere answers. After all that, she hit the ball. She looked so gorgeous and of course got tens across the board. 

    Back at home, sweet Papi and Angel were having a photoshoot when the phone rang. She didn’t advance in the contest. She snapped at Blanca for encouraging her to follow her dreams. She was clearly shaken by the rejection. She and Papi ended up taking a walk through the park. He tells her modeling is her destiny and as a response she gave us what we’ve been waiting for. AN ANGEL AND PAPI KISS! Papi said he knew she was the one since he first saw her. My heart!!

    On a less wholesome note, Elektra was back in her dominatrix role. She upcharged a client $300 for using poppers in her presence. She then went in the break room while she waited for everything to kick in where she made tea and filed her nails. When she went back in the room, he had overdosed and was choking on his own vomit. Not knowing where else to turn, she went to see Blanca about what happened. She didn’t call the police or an ambulance, she just fled out of fear. She ran out of Blanca’s house when she tried to call the cops and Blanca ran after her… to the strip club. She was there to ask Candy for help but she pretty much reinforced her worst fear. She would go to jail. Candy had a point, the police will always side with the white cis male over the trans woman of color.

    Miss Peppermint made a guest appearance on the show! She joined Blanca, Candy, and Elektra to talk about the predicament she was in. Turns out, she, as a sex worker, got assualted by a john. He was able to convince the police that she was robbing him. She ended up in jail where she faced even more abuse. It was a heartbreaking thing to hear about because it’s reality. Trans women of color are being murdered at an alarming rate and the system is never in their favor, just as Peppermint said. Please, support the T in LGBT. 

    Candy was somehow able to get Elektra hooked up with a fixer. Well, this lady hated Candy. She wasn’t going to help until Elektra pulled out the money. Well, the three of them, the new iconic trio, put the man in a giant suitcase. Turns out, Candy knew him. His name was Paul and apparently he was violent with women at her strip club. So I think he had it coming, right?

    Back at the Haus of Evangelista, Angel returns home to find Papi moping around. She’s been ignoring him since their kiss and his feelings are hurt because he thinks she kissed him just because she was sad. Turns out, she was just scared to ruin what they have as a family. He was adamant that he should have a chance. She agreed to go out with him and everything was right in the world.

    Meanwhile, the fixer came up with a plan to wrap the dead guy in, and I quote, “a beautiful little cocoon. Elektra asked if they could pray over the body first. I mean, that’s a kind gesture? Right? Anyway, we get this insane sequence of them wrapping this dead guy in a cocoon. 

    On a completely opposite note, Angel was called back to the modeling agency. A client working with Ford Models felt he was missing something on his shoot and she thought Angel would be the perfect solution. Of course, she took the job and headed straight to the shoot. On location, she looked perfect and really shined. The problem was, the shoot went into the time of her date with Papi. She was forced to stand him up.

    Back at home, Angel is filling the family in on her shoot. Papi walks in the door mid excitement. He tells Blanca he picked up an extra shift instead of telling the truth. Damon and Blanca leave the room and the two get to talk. Angel clues him in and he is really sweet to her. He did confront her on the pain he felt. He said he wouldn’t let her apologize for doing what she needed to do, though. He is the sweetest. When he went off about how she is his dream and he will always protect her and one day she’ll realize it! Man, I lost it. What a gem he is.

    Again, less wholesome, Blanca meets up with Elektra about that one thing, the dead guy. It was all over the papers that he was an executive, so Blanca thinks she did what she had to do. Elektra opens up about the nightmares she has and the fears she has. The scene ended with a moment of sisterhood between Blanca and Elektra. It was really great to watch them come together. 

    The episode ended with the big reveal of Angel’s photoshoot in on a makeup display in the drugstore. At least it ended on a positive moment, right?
    What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Do you want Angel and Papi to be a thing as much as I do? Are you living for the Paris Is Burning/ Dorian Corey dead body in a truck in her closet moment? Sound off in the comments below!

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