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Pose: Revelations

After the end of last week’s heart wrenching episode, this week opened up with Pray guiding Ricky through life with HIV. He got him set up on all the vitamins he would need to keep his levels up. They ate Chinese food and watched a movie and Pray let him stay the night so he didn’t have to see Elektra and all her boyfriends. Ricky then made his way into Prays bed and announced he has a thing for him. The two then have sex. Good for them I guess?

Last we saw Angel and Papi, Angel was struggling at her photoshoot and was met with her abuser as her photographer. Somehow, the shoot went okay, or that’s what she says. The couple had a cute little moment looking over her photos. Papi then took Angel to an apartment for her to see in a fancier neighborhood. She considered taking the offer and getting a place of her own.

Pray met the council at the diner in an incredible yellow hat and cane. After several buckets of shade were thrown in his direction, he finally announced to his friends that he had taken a lover. It was really cute when the group said never feel sorry for sharing your happiness and then dragged him when they found out it was Ricky. That’s how my friends are so I felt very seen by this interaction.

Back at the Evangelista household, Damon and Ricky were prepping a wonderful dinner of pizza rolls. In a turn of events, Damon decided he was ready to take Ricky back. Ricky then told him that he had tested positive for HIV. Damon was obviously upset. He thought Ricky didn’t sleep with anyone else. Now, Damon needs to get tested. This scene killed me!

The family went to see Damon’s dance performance for his graduation. He did a beautiful job. Blanca had a really special moment with his teacher. Blanca got the credit she greatly deserved for pushing Damon towards success. Back at the house, Damon gave a speech and Angel was heckling him the whole time. The two started to go at it, Angel was giving him a hard time about what his future would be like as a dancer. Damon then exposed that she was doing coke. Blanca was mad about the accusations, but little did everyone know he was telling the truth. Suddenly, everyone in the family was fighting with Damon. He then told everyone about Ricky’s status AND that he slept with Pray! The drama! 

Then, there was a ball scene. Papi took home a trophy. Blanca, Angel, and Papi talked at the bar and it was clear Blanca had some doubts that maybe Damon wasn’t lying about Angel’s drug use. Damon approached the family in the middle of this conversation. Damon was obviously upset when Blanca said she believed Angel. All of this went down while femme and butch queen vogue were the categories in the background. Damon left the argument to hit the floor and stole a trophy. All while Blanca cheered him on. Even at their worst, they’re still a family.

After his performance, a scout looking for dancers approached Damon. He desperately needed something good and I hope this works out for him. Meanwhile, Pray approached Blanca saying she has different rules for different people. He was upset she let Angel stay in the house while using and let Ricky and Damon sleep together but was angry at him for doing the same with Ricky. Pray cried that he never meant to hurt anyone, especially Blanca. Back at his place, Pray was joined by Ricky. He was very drunk and Ricky tried to tell him to stop drinking. This lead to a breakdown about his problems with Blanca. Ricky was there for him and even got his drunk self into bed. Pray was worried Ricky would leave him, but when he woke up the next morning, Ricky was right there with breakfast waiting for him. Maybe this odd couple will work out!

Angel and Blanca met up for lunch. Blanca tried to pretend like everything was going well, but Angel called her out on all the drama, especially for being hard on Pray and not on her. She admitted that she did do drugs and made the choice herself. She knew she needed to be kicked out for breaking the rules, but Blanca couldn’t do it. She told her all about her own place she was getting in the village. 

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Pose: Revelations 76

When Blanca returned home, she found Damon was cleaning his room up. She told him that she knew the truth and apologized for not believing him. He then had to tell her he was going on tour in Europe and would be gone for at least a year. Blanca realized she would have an empty nest. 

Damon and Angel made up before he left, and we watched as Blanca sent him on his way. The episode ended with Blanca eating dinner alone at an empty table. Didn’t like that!!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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