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Pose: Life’s a Beach

After last week’s emotional episode, a beach vacation was much needed. But first, more bad news. Blanca’s nail salon burnt down. I think it was pretty clear the landlord had something to do with it.  Blanca lost everything. This blow was even bigger after all of her children moved out of the apartment. Everything she knew had changed.

Elektra was also going through business woes. Apparently, her clientele decreases over the summer. Somehow, sweat and latex don’t exactly go together. She joined Blanca, Angel, and Lulu at Blanca’s house. They ate popsicles and discussed the struggle Blanca faced with the lack of salon and children in the home. Elektra has an air conditioning unit, but they couldn’t go there because, well, the mummy in the closet smells bad. Anyway, their woes were transformed when Elektra remembered her client from earlier has a beach house they can go to. Time for a girls trip!

The girls embarked for the beach from Elektra’s house. After a few “what’s that smell?”s, they were ready to go. Angel’s beach look was incredible, while Blanca looked a bit basic. She opened up about the fear of being clocked or dealing with the comments from other people. So, being the good daughter she is, Angel gave her a beach makeover. Can we talk about how that car singalong scene? It was everything until Elektra nearly killed them all with her driving. Turns out, she doesn’t have a license. 

The beach house they stayed at was gorgeous. The garage though, was off limits. Turns out, Elektra’s client who owned the house was paying her to keep him in a cage in the garage. He liked to be isolated. That was his kink and I’m not here to kink shame. If anyone wants to let me stay at your beach house in a similar situation feel free to DM me on Twitter. 

At the water, Elektra was confident she was going to ge eaten by a shark, Lulu just got her edges laid so she certainly couldn’t ge in, and Angel was afraid of water and never learned how to swim. This was Blanca’s first time at the beach, though, and she convinced Angel to join her at the shore. They had a cute heart-to-heart about Angel’s drug use. Angel wanted to get back in her good graces so she and Papi could return home. Blanca made it clear she wanted them to stay in their own place so they could have children one day. It was very cute.

Things got grim when Angel came running up the beach calling for a life guard. Blanca had gone out too far and needed CPR. She was okay, thankfully, but the whole ordeal with scary. That is until the hot life guard seemed to take a liking to her. Maybe her near death experience was a good thing.

The white guy had no alcohol in his house so the girls hit the town. They were pretty nervous to step out, but they needed a drink. They definitely caught the eyes of the other people dining. Elektra treated them to a nice dinner and it was so cute to watch the four of them bond. After several Long Island ice teas, the girls were approached by a white woman who was upset with the noise, when in reality she was upset they were transgender. The best part of this encounter was Elektra dragging her to death. It was incredible!

Before all this happened, Blanca left the table to use the restroom. In the hallway,she stumbled across none other than the life guard! He was clearly into her. His name is Adrian and he wanted to take her for a walk on the beach. She accepted, against Elektra’s wishes. They were worried for her safety. They wanted her to meet with him during the day, but when she followed her heart, the ladies helped her out by giving her all kinds of things to protect herself. Including but not limited to a knife and brass knuckles.

Adrian seemed nice enough. He was going to attend medical school after watching his mother die of cancer and noticing all the doctors were white. He was accepting of who she is and kissed her on the beach, this time for real and not because she had water in her lungs.

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Pose: Life's a Beach 4

Blanca returned to the beach house in the morning and was all smiles. The girls were worried sick about her, pacing the halls. They stayed up all night waiting for her to return. Thankfully, when she told them the whole story they were happy for her. Blanca needed something good and everyone supported her. They exchanged numbers but she had no expectations. The girls trip came to a close and this time Elektra’s client survived, by the way.

As they returned home, Blanca asked Angel if she would stay the night with her. As Angel went to call Papi to tell him she wouldn’t be home, they discovered Adrian had called! He left a cute voicemail and the episode ended with them talking on the phone. I am so happy Blanca got some redemption after a few heartbreaks! 

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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