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    Dragula: Meet The Monsters

    I’m so excited for the brand new season of the Boulet Brothers‘ hit show, Dragula. Now on their third season, this fun and freaky competition show has a powerful cast. Be sure to watch episode one on August 27th, streaming on Amazon Prime to see more of these monsters!

    Dollya Black

    Does that last name ring a bell? If you’re a fan of Dragula, it should. Dollya is the daughter of former contestant Victoria Elizabeth Black. The Haus of Black is a powerful and witchy bunch, so I’m excited to see how she fares this season!

    Evah Destruction

    Evah is no stranger to television. She appeared on America’s Got Talent not too long ago. Her Twitter following will be the first to hype up her looks and performance ability. She is definitely one to keep your eyes on this season!

    Hallow Eve

    With a name like that, they’re destined for a spot on Dragula. A producer, designer, and performer, all you need is a quick glance at their instagram to see how talented they are in all of those fields. They will definitely be a fun one to watch on the main stage!

    Landon Cider

    I must admit, I’m a little biased towards Landon Cider. I’ve been spoiled and have seen the Los Angeles drag king perform several times. The way he transforms himself into various characters is incredible. Landon is the first king to compete on the show, which seems like a lot of pressure, but he’s definitely capable of living up to it. You guys are in for a treat with him! (Check out Paige’s interview with Landon here!)

    Louisianna Purchase

    Louisianna is an Austin, Texas queen who has a lot of hometown love. She’s won the Austin Chronicle’s Best Drag Performer award the last three years! She’s a great combination of spooky and old Hollywood glam!

    Maddelynn Hatter

    Maddelynn Hatter is a favorite (Check out Chiffon’s interview with her here!) and we couldn’t be more excited to see her on the show! Maddelynn isn’t only a drag performer, but also a photographer, winning our Drag Photographer of the Year award in 2015. This versatile queen can truly do it all, and her unique looks make her a real contender!

    Maxi Glamour

    Maxi knows a thing or two about the freaky side of drag. She is a co-producer with The Devils Cabaret, a show that features burlesque, drag, and all things sideshow. She is a true artist, which shows in her incredible ability to paint her face. I can’t wait to see what she brings to the show!

    St. Lucia

    This glamour monster encourages you to worship her and after scrolling through her Instagram I’ve found a new deity. The Atlanta based queen serves a variety of looks that I’m looking forward to seeing on the show!

    Priscilla Chambers

    Priscilla Chambers is a self-proclaimed ‘Hellbilly’, which sounds promising if you ask me. She’s got a ton of looks up her sleeve, ranging from full glam to hillbilly monster. She’s a proud trans woman, adding more diversity to the cast!

    Violencia Exclamation Point

    Violencia can do it all. Her Instagram showcases spooky and campy looks, as well as bright and fun ones. She has a lot of personality, making her one to watch this season.


    Toronto’s cryptid is clearly the spookiest queen on the roster. Her wonderfully crafted looks are both terrifying and beautiful. Her Instagram will give you nightmares but like, in a good way?

    Who are you most excited to watch this season? Let us know in the comments below! It’s going to be a fun one! And be sure to check out my recaps of the upcoming season right here on!

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