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Dragula: Episode One Recap

Dragula is back and this time with a budget! The new season is packed with scripted acting scenes to go with the competition. This week’s episode opened up with the Boulet Brothers murdering a few guys in an ambulance because why not! Your move Drag Race!

The queens competing were introduced to the show as the Boulet Brothers stood on stage looking gorgeous. I loved seeing everyone’s opening looks. Dollya Black had my favorite look, but everyone brought it to the first meeting. The first challenge came quickly and was purely based on luck. Each monster had to grab a compact and open it. Whatever was inside sealed their fate. If they got a spider, it was bad news. Landon Cider got the spider and had to consume live spiders to stay. Meanwhile, Maddelynn Hatter got a seven night vacation. You win some, you lose some. Landon ate the spiders, because of course he did. 

For the first challenge, they had to make themselves into supervillains for the first floor show. Everyone made their way into work room, everyone went around the table and introduced themselves. We learned Maddelynn is Victoria Elizabeth Black’s drag mom, making her Dollya’s grandmother. We love a family tree! Hallows Eve had staples in their face that Madelynn removed. Everyone started throwing shade, too. I really enjoyed the conversation about using the word ‘fishy’. I wish they would have kept it going.

Everyone began to draw up their looks for the floor show. I loved Priscilla Chambers idea to do a look based off the world’s biggest supervillain, Donald Trump’s America! As everyone began to get in drag, St. Lucia shared she only had a $500 budget for the show and also that at fourteen years old she used to tattoo herself in the mirror. Both of these facts I respected. She and Priscilla had a cute little relationship forming when suddenly the alarm sounded. The floor show was starting but no one was in drag! Oh wait, that was just a bit. Everyone was actually in drag during the floor show.

The floor show was judged by comic artist Phil Jimenez and cosplay supervillain Phi Phi O’Hara. Hollow Eve, Landon Cider, St. Luicia, Maddelynn Hatter, and Yovska were all safe. During the critiques, Evah Destruction, Priscilla Chambers, and Dollya got the highest marks, while Maxi Glamour, Violencia and Louisianna Purchase weren’t so lucky. Louisianna would live to see another day, while Maxi and Violencia had to fight for their lives. 

Backstage, Violencia wasn’t going to do the challenge. Louisianna gave her the pep talk of all pep talks to get her head in the game. In her defense, they did have to jump out of a plane. It was a really interesting experience watching them get half out of drag to sky dive. Violence exited the plane before jumping, while Maxi stuck it out and jumped. 

Later that night, Violencia was exterminated. Sans meat dress. Who are you all rooting for this season? Leave your thoughts on episode one in the comments below!

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Dragula: Episode One Recap 76

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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