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    Dragula: Episode 2 Recap

    This week’s episode of Dragula opened up with a man getting his throat slit by the Boulet Brothers, so you knew it was going to be a good one. Soon after, the monsters re-entered the workroom and put their bets on who went home. Just about everyone thought Maxi Glamour went home. When she walked in, everyone was surprised. Maxi dished that Violencia! Didn’t even take the challenge. It was the first time a contestant opted out of the extermination challenge. Her fellow contestants were pretty disappointed. 

    The monsters were informed that this week’s challenge was vampire themed. It wasn’t only a look they had to create, though. They also had to put on their own ‘grotesque burlesque’, which I was living for. Louisanna Purchase was very excited about this week’s challenge. After landing in the bottom last week, she was ready to impress. Same with Maxi, who has a lot of burlesque experience. Meanwhile, St. Lucia was nervous about the idea of a burlesque challenge. 

    The monsters had to design their own fan for their floorshow performance. A shirtless man delivered them, prompting the quote of the week. Yovska said, “shirtless men. We don’t have this in Canada.” Shortly after, Hollow Eve mentioned they were using real bugs for their look, so, two different moods. The drama while everyone was getting ready seemed a little force so I’m just going to ignore it.

    Time for the floorshow! This week was judged by actress Bonnie Aarons and legend Amanda Lepore. I loved just about everyone’s looks this week. Each look was so unique. It was great. But, before the judging, the Boulet Brothers made it clear they felt disrespected by Violencia’s failure to take the challenge. I don’t think anyone will be following in her footsteps moving forward.

    Maxi, Evah Destruction, Priscilla Chambers, and Dollya Black were safe this week. Landon Cider got the highest praises. His look happened to be my favorite as well, so I was excited to see him get the win. Louisianna and Hallow Eve also got some much deserved positive critiques. St. Lucia and Yovska got the most negative critiques, while Maddelynn Hatter got high praise for her look and performance but failed to incorporate the fan. Without the fan, she fell into the bottom. Maddelynn’s strong performance saved her, leaving St. Lucia and Yovska up for extermination.

    For this week’s challenge, they had to consume cow blood, flesh, and various other parts as dinner. As someone who hasn’t consumed an animal in thirteen years, I had to skip this. So, sorry for the lack of description. In the end, it was St. Lucia who was killed off. 

    What did you all think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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