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Dragula: Episode 3 Recap

The monsters were back after St. Lucia’s elimination. Yovska returned from consuming a lot of cow’s blood. Priscilla Chambers mourned the loss of her favorite eye candy, St. Lucia. She also had some drama with Maxi Glamour. It seemed like everyone was disappointed with the concept and quality of her look again.

Then that terrible noise sounded and the competitors went to the main stage to learn what this week’s challenge was. I was very excited about this theme. The monsters had to turn into rockstars and form a band. The Boulet Brothers put the bands together. Evah Destruction would be the lead singer with support from Dollya Black, Maxi, and Priscilla. Maddelynn Hatter lead the second band featuring Landon Cider, Hallow Eve, Louisianna Purchase, and Yovska. Who played what instrument, the outfits, and even the lighting fell into the contestants hands.

Back in the work room, Dollya confronted Maxi on the issues they had in the past. Evah made it clear they had to squash the beef before moving forward. Evah wanted to call the band ‘Slag’ and have everyone serve traditional female drag. Maxi wanted to wear her signature blue face but Evan vetoed that one. The group then started playing instruments which was terrifying. Maxi’s bass strap fell off within seconds. So, that’s a good start.

Meanwhile, team Maddelynn went for a witch theme. They called their band ‘Koven’ and were ready to perform a ritual on stage. Hallow opened up to her team about how it bothered her that Dollya was talking about them and other people in the competition. Dollya walked in and heard it all go down. So, here comes the drama. Dollya and Hallow hashed it out, but Dollya was upset that Maddelynn thought she was talking about her. With them being family, she made it clear she wouldn’t talk badly about her. 

As Koven practiced their gig, Maddelynn and Hallow began to butt heads. They didn’t get to rehearse much. They mostly went over taking needles out of Hallow’s face. Maddelynn was planning on licking blood off their face. Sounds good.

As everyone was preparing for the floor show, Dollya and Maddelynn had a heart to heart. Maddelynn wasn’t happy to hear information that should stay within the family was spreading around the competition. It was taken out of context, but I think they figured it all out. A happy family once more!

Everyone getting into rock inspired looks made me SO happy. Everyone’s spikes and big hair made me excited. Landon made a hat himself from foam, which was cool. Then, the noise went over the speakers. The floor show was about to start.

The Monsters of Rock Show kicked off with help from Peaches Christ and Henry Rollins on the judges panel. Before performing, they walked the runway. I loved Louisianna, Evah, and Landon’s looks! Landon was giving me full ‘guitarist of my mom’s favorite bands’ vibes. Sorry if that’s not relatable. Hallow and Yovska’s looks fell short for me. I didn’t see much of a rock aesthetic to them.

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Dragula: Episode 3 Recap 76

It was time for the bands to perform. The show opened up with a blood ritual from Koven, while Evah bust through a large banner with the band’s name on it. As far as front woman went, I thought Evah gave a better performance. There was some intense drama between Hallow and Maddelynn, who pulled the needle a little early. Hallow then broke character and stormed off stage. They had to redo the whole performance. Yikes!

After that, it was clear team Slag was going to get the better critiques. The judges were all thrilled with their performance as a group. Koven, on the other hand, were not so lucky. Hallow took the blame for breaking character. The judges thought their performance was messy from the beginning. Slag were the winners, of course. Evah was given a much deserved win for the week. 

Koven got individual critiques. Yovska and Hallow’s looks fell short for the judges. Louisianna, Landon, and Maddelynn got positive feedback for their looks, though. Louisianna and Landon were safe, while Maddelynn, Yovska, and Hallow were all up for extermination. This extermination challenge was incredible. The three of them had to get tattoos, all chosen by the other contestants up for elimination. 

Hallow and Yovska both broke down after the performance. Hallow felt guilty while Yovska struggled to figure out what the judges want from her. Louisianna was there to comfort everyone like she does every week. We love the Dragula mother! 

The tattoo challenge was hilarious. Everyone ended up with previous Dragula contestant themed tattoos. All three of them were great sports about it.  In the end, though, it was Yovska who was killed off. 

What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Dragula: Episode 3 Recap 76
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