Last week, Amazon uploaded Dragula late. This week, they uploaded it… last week? I have no idea anymore. Anyway, the monsters were back after Maxi Glamour’s extermination. Dollya Black saved herself with the key last week and everyone kind of assumed Maxi was exterminated. Their assumptions were confirmed when Maddelynn Hatter walked through the door. 

The alarm sounded and the competitors were sent to the main stage where they learned the challenge was trash queen couture challenge. Everyone had to construct an outfit out of trash, use only construction paper and markers as makeup, and then be interviewed red carpet style in their filth. Wow, sounds chaotic. I’m in!

As everyone began to prep their looks, Priscilla Chambers opened up about how she’s been called a trash queen at home and not in a positive light. She made a drug addicted, trash queen character because she struggled with addiction and it kept her away from the actual lifestyle. After relapsing, she lost everything. Now, she’s ready to reclaim the title as trash queen with a positive spin. She and Maddelynn connected over their addictions and bouts of homelessness. While Priscilla was opening up about her struggles with Maddelynn, Hollow Eve laughed at the wrong time and it impacted the moment. Priscilla rebounded when she taught everyone how contour with marker. I loved watching everyone help each other paint with Sharpies.

Everyone put their own twist on the challenge. I loved Hollow’s outfit inspired by how society treats women, making her outfit completely out of tampons and panty liners. Louisianna Purchase put a toxic waste theme to her outfit, and Landon Cider’s look was going to have a darker feel to it. 

In the midst of constructing their outfits, Priscilla took Maddelynn and Evah Destruction into the bathroom and broke down about feeling like her story wasn’t heard. Hollow went to apologize, but overheard Maddelynn talking about her. The next day, Priscilla hashed out how she felt to everyone. She and Hollow had a heart-to-heart and everyone was back to normal! 

This week, the floor show was judged by Dragula season two winner Biqtch Puddin’ and horror legend Felissa Rose. I thought everyone’s looks this week were great, but Priscilla and Dollya looked the most ~trash queen~ to me. Disasterina then interviewed everyone about their looks. I loved Landon’s plug about saving the earth. Hollow made great points, but their interview was long and winded. Dollya’s rant about how rats live their filth and then didn’t know what prolific meant was my favorite part. 

It was time for the judges critiques. The Boulet Brothers made it clear that it was the toughest deliberation of all three seasons! In the end, Maddelynn was the only safe queen this week. Louisianna, Dollya, and Priscilla got the highest praise. Landon chose to crawl since it worked with the theme of his outfit, but it caused them to miss some of the details until later. They really enjoyed his look once they saw the whole of it. As for Hollow, they liked their concept but felt the outfit looked a bit unfinished. They took the critique a bit personally and went off a bit on stage. Thankfully, this show is the perfect environment for something like this. The Boulets and the rest of the cast were understanding of the points they made. Evah fell flat for the first time. Everyone felt her look was a bit too simple and were confused by her interview. She opened up that she struggles with getting tongue tied during interview situations. She basically just played it safe this week, which is fine, but not when the competition is this stiff! In the end, Priscilla got the much deserved win, while Hollow and Evah fell into the bottom two.

This week, everyone but Priscilla participated in the extermination challenge! Everyone would have to blow a roach into their opponents mouth through a tube. I have no idea, y’all. So here’s how this worked, the safe queens were paired together, as were the bottom two. It was actually hilarious to watch. Louisianna sent the roach into Dollya’s mouth, Landon to Maddelynn’s, and Evah to Hollow’s. In the end, Hollow was exterminated.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!