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The Interview

The Interview: Andora Te’tee (Miss Gay America 2019)

The Interview

Well hello there Andora! Its an honor to be talking to the current reigning Miss Gay America! Am I supposed to curtsy in your presence? I don’t know the protocol!

Absolutely, I’m royalty darling! *Laughs*

Well I shall give you my best Wendy Darling curtsy your majesty! But in all seriousness, we’re a couple of days away from your stepdown at the 2020 Miss Gay America Pageant. How has this year been for you?

Thank you so much for chatting with me today! This year was a dream. I’ve wanted to become Miss Gay America for twenty years and everyday I wake up proud to represent American drag. I try to push myself too make myself better throughout this year as a person and a queen. I hope to inspire more queens to reach for their goal of becoming Miss Gay America.

The Miss Gay America pageant was one of the first things that really got me interested in drag and Catia Lee Love was and remains my all time favorite MGA. What was it about the system that attracted you and did you have a favorite MGA before you began competing?

WELL first of all since you’re talking to me you’re supposed to say that I’m your favorite MGA! I’m from Baltimore Maryland and Miss Gay Maryland was the title all the queens wanted. That is where I meet my drag mother Sabrina White, who was on her quest to become MGA and I got to witness her success in 2002. Catia was the first MGA that I witnessed being crowned in Washington DC twenty years ago. From that day I knew that’s what I wanted, that crown.

Of course I meant former Miss Gay Americas obviously! I know that persistence is a trait that is needed to which in this system as rarely does a queen come in out of nowhere to claim the crown. How long to did you compete before you became the symbol of excellence?

I won on my fourth time competing for MGA, It takes time to perfect this craft. You are judged in five categories and the person that takes home the crown is the person that is the most well rounded. Though it is rare, someone could definitely capture the crown on their first try. This year we have quite a few first timers that would make fantastic Miss Gay Americas!

You punched your ticket to MGA last year by winning the Miss Gay America New York prelim which is a relatively new pageant. For years, New York wasn’t the biggest stronghold for pageantry. What do you think has changed and can you talk a little bit about the NY prelim?

The thing about New York City is its so large but there is space for all types of good entertainment. It just hast to be done correctly. Thomas John took over Miss Gay New York America and wanted it done right from advertising to entertainment. The people came, saw and liked! Last year was extremely successful and next year will be even more so.

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The Interview: Andora Te'tee (Miss Gay America 2019) 8

How did you get your start in female impersonation?

I was under twenty one and my friend Stacy Maxwell, that I work with, told me that he could put me in drag and then I would be able to get into the bar. I thought I was the most beautiful thing on two legs. I was not! *Laughs* I felt like a million bucks. The people at work also gave me my drag name. It’s a mix of my Grandmothers’ names, Anna and Dolores.

That’s so lovely! Did you ever imagine back then that you would go as far as you have?

I was always a big dreamer. Even to this day I have many more dreams to fulfill and I’m excited for the future. Being Miss Gay America is something that I will always cherish.

What is your best advice for someone competing in the system for the first time or even is just thinking of trying to compete?

If you have the drive you can be anything. Trust yourself first! If you are proud of what you’re going to put on the stage, that’s all that maters. I have not always been the winner and you can’t expect to be, but every experience I have gotten along the way has been a learning experience. I have built so many amazing friendships and lasting memories through drag and pageantry.

So what do you have planned for your step down on the 5th? Can you give the WERRRK. com universe a sneak peek of what is to come?

The theme of the pageant is Beyond the Stars. I have asked the girls competing to make futuristic space Couture for their creative fashion portion of the pageant. Fashion has always been an interest of mine and I create and build all of my own costuming. I won Miss Gay America doing quick change and I will be doing it again for my give up. So you can expect a lot of fashion and gayness!

I would expect nothing less! So you do have some ideas on where you go from here after you time as Miss Gay America is over? Do you have any new goals in mind?

Well, I would love to be on TV. I consider myself to be a very crafty queen. Maybe the drag queen Martha Stewart teaching people how to be fabulous. Who knows but I will make it happen!

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The Interview: Andora Te'tee (Miss Gay America 2019) 8

Well until that happens, in the meantime, where can people keep up with you on social media and where can they get tickets to see you and all the amazing competitors at Miss Gay America this year?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook! You can get your tickets at

Thank you so much for your time Andora and congratulations on a fabulous year! Do you have any final words of wisdom to leave our reader with?

Thank you so much Chiffon for helping us keep the art of female and personation a life And I just want to tell female impersonators everywhere that you don’t have to wait for a call from RuPaul to be a successful working drag queen in the United States. Try pageantry and support your local queens.

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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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