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Dragula: Episode 7 Racap

After last week’s shocking extermination (see what I did there?), the monsters returned to the competition without Maddelynn Hatter. Everyone was starting to feel the effects of the competition. Evah Destruction felt stressed about her place in the competition, while Landon Cider began to feel drained. Priscilla Chambers returned from the extermination challenge still in pain from the shocks. This show is not for the weak!

On the main stage, the Boulet Brothers announced the challenge would be a sideshow look including a freakshow talent! They would also have to style a wig from official wig sponsor Arda Wigs to go with their look. C’mon circus couture! This one is going to be fun.

Prep began. Evah opened up about how she has never styled a wig before. But more importantly, drama went down. Dollya Black caught some heat from the other competitors. Priscilla went in on her first, but it seemed like the general consensus was that she had been a bit bratty all season. Why can’t we all be friends?

Anyway, back to the challenge. For the freak show, Landon is planning on eating glass, while Evah was going to tap dance. It seems that everyone was planning to do some crazy acts and she was flying under the radar. As for the looks, Landon was going for a mystery man look, Priscilla is going for a pinhead vibe, and Dollya had… super breasts? It inspired me, honestly. Evah was clearly in her own head. It was sad to see her so defeated before the floor show even began.

Here comes the floor show. This week’s guest judges were Dragula season one winner Vander Von Odd and Face Off star Cig Neutron. This week, I really enjoyed Landon and Dollya’s looks. They really screamed circus to me. Dollya and Landon got the highest praise, while Priscilla, Evah, and Louisianna weren’t so lucky. Dollya got the win, Landon was safe, and the other three faced extermination. Before letting the other contestants know this, they asked each person who should go home. Landon said Priscilla and Priscilla said Dollya. Dollya and Evah were questioned about their struggles and personality in the competition. Louisianna got off easy and got asked who should win the challenge, in which she said herself. What a weird event sequence.

It was time for the extermination challenge. Priscilla, Evah, and Louisianna had to staple as many dollars on their body as they could. Louisianna was very shaken up by this challenge. She was someone who provided emotional support to so many contestants when they were in her place, so I’m sure it was hard to find herself in this situation. Evah came out nearly naked, ready to cover her whole body in dollars. Louisianna ended up passing out, but it was Evah whose time on the show came to an end. I’m heartbroken to see her go. She was one of my personal favorites!

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Do you agree with the extermination? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dragula: Episode 7 Racap 74
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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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