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Dragula: Reunion

The Boulet Brothers are leaving us hanging in regard to who will win Dragula season three. Instead of crowning the next super monster this week, they gave us some drama. The family was back together for a reunion. It was a doozy!

The last supper brought back each competitor and gave them a chance to talk about their experience on the show. The opening scene took us down memory lane. The first episode highlights reminded us that Landon Cider had to eat live spiders on the first day. Everyone made fun of Maddelynn Hatter for being old. Violencia had to answer to the fact that she bailed on the sky diving extermination challenge. The Boulets straight-up confronted her on why she even applied for the show if she couldn’t face her fear. Maxi Glamour, who was also up for extermination that episode, was proud she took the leap of faith (literally). 

Then came a montage of every emotional moment. So, that was a lot. Maddelynn addressed her meltdown before a past extermination challenge. She explained her feelings well. I could understand her point of view better after hearing her explain it. Yovska shared that she felt out of place on the show. They also showed all of her reads, which was fun. 

Evah Destruction got to open up about her childhood more. I’m sure you all recall that heart-wrenching moment she had shared about her experience in a troubled teen facility. During the reunion, we learned even more about the pain she endured and still continues to process. I hope this process has given her some peace and she continues to grow through her pain. She is incredible!

Hollow Eve took the floor next to address their experience on the show. Everyone applauded their montage. Hollow was an important voice on the show. They fought for feminist ideals in an arena that is typically male-driven. As they mentioned, their art has saved their life, so it was great to see it showcased for a large audience. There was an issue, however. Hollow struggled to get a conversation going with the other contestants after they spoke. It may have caused a bit of a riff during the competition, but it seems like that all have passed.

We then got to see a montage of all those insane extermination challenges. Louisianna Purchase knew she was going to pass out during the stapling challenge but did it anyway. She was praised for her commitment to the challenge. Maddelynn was crowned the queen of exterminations since she was apart of a whole lot of them. She did say, however, that her Dragula tattoo will be removed. Tragic!

Dollya Black and Maddelynn had a rough patch during the competition. Since they are drag family members, they came into the show with some baggage. They did patch things up and seem to be doing well. While we’re talking about her, can we please address Dollya’s horned pregnancy look? I died. It was so good.

Priscilla Chambers opened up about her sobriety. It was inspiring to hear how the show saved her life. Dollya also found herself involved in some drama with Priscilla, but both of them have patched things up as well. Nothing but love between these two, it seems!

Lousianna, who reached the top four, shared how disappointed she was in herself. She felt like a failure, but her fellow contestants quickly told her that was not the case. The Boulets spoke on how she was the heartbeat of the show. She was there for everyone through every up and down. What a gift she was to the show! Oh, and Priscilla is her new drag daughter! That happened on the show! Could this season get any cuter? I know cute is not the point of this show, but man, these contestants are so endearing. I can’t help but love them,

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Dragula: Reunion 4

 Landon seemed to avoid confrontation all season. He opened up that he doesn’t put energy into negative situations. He only makes the exception for putting ignorant people into their place, which I respect. Landon was incredible all season. He gave drag kings a platform they haven’t had before. I loved his impact on the show.

Dollya, Priscila, and Landon sit in the top three. All three of them are confident that they are going to win and I believe any of them could! The Boulets asked the entire cast who they think should win the competition. Violencia! mentioned how much it would mean to the community if Landon won as a drag king. Evah gave her vote to Priscilla because of how much she has grown over the competition. Louisianna gave a heartfelt vote to her new drag daughter but also reminded her that she owes her $100 if she wins. The final three got to respond to the votes and Landon said he doesn’t want to win as a token but is confident he will win because of his art. Dollya wanted to represent her family on the show again. She made everything she wore on the show. No one voted for her, which doesn’t seem fair. She is insanely talented. It’s anybody’s game!

Who do you think will win season three of Dragula? Sound off in the comments below! I’m sad to see this season come to a close! It’s been so good.

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One small brushfire away from completing the Serial Killer Triad, Haley is a hell-raising college student and sports journalist. Calling the suburbs of the gayest city in America home, she's sure to bring it to you every ball.

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