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Dragula: The Finale

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Dragula season three has a winner! Before the winner was crowned, the Boulet Brothers were joined by the past two winners, Vander Von Odd and Biqtch Puddin for a casual blood ritual. All in a day’s work, right?

Back in the workroom, the top three reminisced on their experiences. Landon Cider and Priscilla Chambers opened up to Dollya Black about how they took her less seriously in the competition because she was so focused on bringing the title back to her drag family. As the competition went on, however, they realized she was for real and she started to want to win for herself. Dollya was confident that Landon would be in the top three while Priscilla dawned herself the underdog. Everyone had a great conversation about the importance of Landon bringing drag kings to the masses. Dollya made a great point that drag is portrayed in the mainstream as a cookie-cutter image. Dragula gives different styles of drag a platform. 

Was anyone else kind of sad when the competitors were summoned to the mainstage for the last time? This season was so much fun. I looked forward to it every week. The Boulet Brothers were not going to let us down with the finale episode, though! For the final floor show, the competitors had to make three looks showcasing the principles of Dragula: drag, filth, and horror. They also had to tell a story with their looks and performance. 

As the monsters began to prep, they talked about the last supper. Dollya was a bit hurt that the two competitors she was closest to, Maddelynn Hatter and Evah Destruction didn’t think she would win. She didn’t let it get to her, though. She isn’t here for validation. Then came planning their looks. Dollya was going for a witchy vibe, Landon’s looks included inspiration from past challenges AND a scary tin man for the horror category and Priscilla found inspiration from her addiction for her final look.

We got a really heartfelt moment from Landon. He found drag after losing his mom to breast cancer and then being diagnosed with cancer himself. Landon’s story is so inspiring! Priscilla as well, who claims that drag is her addiction now. It’s amazing to see her grow from addiction to Dragula finalist. Dollya fought hard for her drag family and in the end fought for herself. She experienced a lot of personal growth this season. I really love all three of these drag artists. 

The final day in the workroom was here! Priscilla ended up changing her horror look after issues with her props. Dollya experienced a shrink in one of her dresses. Landon also had trouble with the fitting of his costume. No one had it easy going into the final floorshow but all three pulled through. As they got ready, Landon opened up that he battled cancer again before coming to the show. He wasn’t sure how much of his tongue he was going to lose, so he pre-recorded videos in case he couldn’t talk again to his friends and family alike. Thankfully, he now has a clean bill of health. 

Time for one last floor show! But before, they showed everyone’s audition tapes, which was really cool. Then came the looks. First was glamour. Dollya looked gorgeous in a black gown, Landon had a really cool rihenstoned look, and Priscilla’s gown had traces of pills and their bottles to showcase how she overcame her addiction. I thought everyone’s looks were great. Then came the filth category. Priscilla said her look was inspired by her mom, Landon’s look was a terribly gross man with a sex doll, so I think the assignment was achieved. Dollya’s look was inspired by a filthy witch and she killed a baby, so that’s cool. Last came horror. Priscilla’s look was moth man inspired. Dollya had a skin suit which was truly terrifying. Landon was a murderous version of the tin man who ate a heart on stage. Everyone’s looks were so strong!

Finally, guys, we have a winner! The Boulet’s crowned the first-ever drag king winner! Landon Cider took the much-deserved win! I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Landon perform countless times over the last several years here in Los Angeles. He is a true star and a force to be reckoned with. The Boulets’ got it right, that’s for sure!

What did you all think of this season of Dragula? Let us know in the comments below! I loved recapping every week for you all. It was a great season!

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Dragula: The Finale 4
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