WERRRK.com has proudly partnered up with the Austin International Drag Festival this year and we have been given the privilege of announcing this year’s headliners first! We are so excited about being a part of this amazing event this year and we cannot wait to bring you all the fabulous drag artists that are going to be headlining this year!

We are very excited to announce that EmmaSis will be headlining the Austin International Drag Festival this year! (Get your tickets here and join us in Austin this fall!)

Congratulations EmmaSis on being named a headliner! How did you get involved with the Austin International Drag Festival and what does this opportunity mean to you? 

I’m an Austin local who has participated in the festival every year since its start. What I truly appreciate about the festival is that it brings together performers who over the last five years have become families and support systems for each other. Some of the people I am closest to I have met through this festival. 

For those people living under a rock, can you tell us a little bit about EmmaSis and your drag?  

My drag is supposed to be a bridge between the “pageant” aesthetic with the more “alternative” aesthetics. I’d like to see a coming together of performers with different perspectives and try to portray that with my drag. 

We can’t wait to see what you’re planning on bringing to the stage in Austin! Can you give the WERRRK .com universe a little tease of what’s to come this fall in Texas?

 I’d like to say I’m amping it up this year. I’m bringing a new style to EmmaSis that people haven’t seen before.