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The Pandalorian: Panda Recaps Disney+’s “The Mandalorian” Ep 2

We ended our first episode with the shocking and out of nowhere appearance of Baby Yoda.

I waited days before I said a word about that sweet little 50 year old baby. I’ll tangent about Baby Yoda in the end, but what a cliffhanger.

Also, I will forever refer to Baby Yoda as Baby Yoda.

The 2nd episode kicks off with a funky futuristic spaghetti western sound as The Mandalorian strolls through that rocky valley while Baby Yoda is floating along taking in literally everything.

It’s not long after the “awwwws” begin over seeing Baby Yoda that the mood quickly changes, Mando’s walking around minding his business. Just looking like a proud young dad taking his Baby Yoda our for an after dinner stroll, and what happens?
Ugh, these two just show up and decide they need to catch Mando’s hands.

Baby Yoda watches closely and seems to understand that he now has a protector.

After dispatching these two, and one that got dangerously close to my sweet little angel Baby Yoda…even without facial expressions, our Mando seems to emote that he knows that now everyone is coming for this child as he sees a tracker on the ground.

These weren’t just random dudes swooping in, they were there for that bounty.

My guess, the same cats that hired Mando are spreading some more upfront money out to increase their odds, they don’t care who gets The Child, they just want The Child. I’m sure there are a few other players too, a lot of noise over 50 years for no one else to be curious.

Long story short, shit just got real.

To this point there is no real backstory to Baby Yoda, but they make several points in filming to start giving us all the most adorable glimpses into “The Child”, as the episode is so aptly titled.

Continuing on, the next day doesn’t start well. As they near The Mandalorian’s ship, it’s obvious Jawas are completely stripping it out.
Mando instantly goes into battle mode. He’s livid, and rightfully so. He pursues as the Jawas flee in a kind of throwback stagecoach or train robbery type scene.

As The Mandalorian pursues, we get more of an idea of what he his physically capable of, but also he shows us a continued pattern of being a bit more impulsive than deliberate. that impulse keeps kicking his ass.
I’m saying he’s a little hot headed. (Baby Yoda is watching this too!) The Jawas successfully evade as a result of that impulsiveness and either underestimating his opponent or overestimating his own abilities.

The Mandalorian reunites with Kuiil (Mr. “I Have Spoken”, aka Nick Nolte).
In a bit of comic relief, the camera cuts to Baby Yoda just being a goofy 50 year old toddler. After some conversation Kuiil offers to take the Mandalorian to the Jawas to trade for his parts.

Basically, he gets sent on a side mission to get his parts back, but gives the most American line possible in this episode when he says “weapons are part of my religion”.

During this side mission, there is a creature that’s getting the upper hand on our Mando, but, a strange force comes into play…and Baby Yoda finally goes down for a nap.

As a parent, Mando is going to have to learn to nap when Baby Yoda naps.

I am underselling that scene extremely hard, you really need to watch it. A lot happens in this scene and after a few viewings I like it more each time. It’s important.

The Mandalorian ultimately completes the side mission, and at first I thought the payoff for that whole scene after he returned was really ridiculous, even gross…then I realized, the payoff was the actual fight prior. So good.

After getting his parts back and reuniting again with Kuiil, there is a montage where the ship is repaired. Kuiil refuses any reward or payment and thanks The Mandalorian for returning peace to his valley. He peaces out as only he can.

Mando fires up the engines, Baby Yoda dreams about frog legs (probably) and we all wait anxiously for the next episode!

Coming to a close around ten minutes lighter than the first episode, this one flies by but I learned a lot without many words being said. The episode requires more than one viewing.

As for Baby Yoda. Listen. The Child has thus far only been really referred to as “The Child” in writing from what I’ve seen. So far no one knows what or who Baby Yoda is exactly but there shouldn’t be any issue with someone using “Baby Yoda” or “Yiddle” or “Yodi” or whatever else.

Let people have things. Baby Yoda is pure joy and love at this point. In a world that’s missing a lot of both of those things, we really shouldn’t become divisive over a nickname we assign. ‘Nuff said.

Until we meet again, The Pandalorian is going to make some repairs and work on some montages, let me know what you thought and what you call Baby Yoda!

(P.S. I think Baby Yoda is a clone and is indeed literally Baby Yoda to be honest.)

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